Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed

The utorrent - a torrent software - it is one of the most recommended application nowadays for downloading big size files with resumable capability. It's really annoying if your torrent slowly downloads and takes hours or even days to finish. The less number of seeders and slow internet speed are the basic reasons for slow downloads. How To Speed Up uTorrent Downloads? how to increase downloading speed in uTorrent/BitTorrent? Make utorrent turbo booster to download by using these killer ways to boost torrent speed in Windows. Here we are going to see quick tips on how to download torrent files faster via torrent software. Boosting the downloading speed is not the only intention of this post but to solve one of the utorrent problems where you all readers normally get stuck to download a file and your utorrent downloader is lacking seeders, and you seem to be in waiting for a long time. Follow these steps to maximize torrent speed by tweaking uTorrent settings & optimizing internet connection. Furthermore, learn to add faster torrent trackers to increase the seeders which will improve your downloading speed. Learn to increase uTorrent/BitTorrent downloading speed of the best torrents downloader windows clients.
Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed
Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed
Last time we have seen, Firefox booster - SpeedyFox to make Firefox run faster; and today we are going to see one of the essential tutorials that will help you to get top speed in utorrent by using best uTorrent settings, and I am sure it will work as a utorrent turbo booster.

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Settings to Speed Up uTorrent Download Speed

So here is the hack to overcome these slow speed utorrent problems, the following steps are optimized to provide you best torrent settings that will improve the internet speed.

1. First open utorrent go to Options >> Preferences >> Network

2. Under 'Port used for incoming connections', enter any port number. Usually, it should be above 10000....I am using 24389.

3. Look for 'Randomize port each start' uncheck this option

4. Look for 'Enable UPnP port mapping' uncheck this also.

5. Look for 'Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions'. Uncheck this too…

6. Now go to >> Bandwidth

7. Look for 'Global Maximum upload rate' set the value to 20.

8. Look for 'Global Maximum Number of Connections' and set it to 150. (Don't set this too high may cause speed slowdown)

9. Look 'Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent' and set this to 75.

10. Look for 'Number of upload slots per torrent' and this set to 50.

11. Check this: 'Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%'

12. Now Go to >> Queuing

13. Look for 'Maximum number of active torrents' and set this to 3.

14. Also, set 'Maximum number of active downloads' to 3. This means at once there may be at least 3 files are downloading. (Don't increase more than this)

15. Now go to >> BitTorrnet

16. Check following options:
'Enable DHT Network'
'Enable DHT for new torrents'
'Enable Local Peer Discovery'
'Enable Peer Exchange'

17. Uncheck 'Ask Tracker for scrap information'

That's all you can now check by adding new torrents to your utorrent downloader...

Bottom Line

By this method, you always have broad chances to obtain more availability of any file you are downloading.

Vinayak SP
Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed
4/ 5 stars - "Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed" The utorrent - a torrent software - it is one of the most recommended application nowadays for downl...

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