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12 Best Ways To Speedup Rooted Android Phone | Top ROOTED Android Apps

Is the warranty for your phone over? Or do you want to use your Android to its maximum potential? Yes, rooting your Android device will ena...

Vinayak SP 8/03/2022

Should I Root My Android or Not?

Are you an Android user? If yes, then I am sure that you must know about Android rooting . A general Android user may not be interested in ...

Vinayak SP 1/07/2022

15 Best Ways, Speed Up Your Android WITHOUT ROOT

Increase Android speed without rooting : The question is; how to make smartphone faster without root/jailbreak? The Android OS is one of th...

Vinayak SP 1/02/2023

12 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Mobile To Improve Mobile Performance

Friends many of you might be taking an Android phone into work & might be completing different types of tasks with the help of your pho...

Vinayak SP 13/10/2021

[FIXED] “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” Solved Android Error

We know Android is on of the best mobile operating systems . New upcoming Android versions are packed up with several impressive & excit...

Vinayak SP 9/02/2022

Greenify: Optimize Android To Run 10x Faster | Auto Android Phone Booster & Battery Saver App [Must]

I always like to find something new and most working Android phone tips and tricks , and eager to share with you, and Greenify is one of the...

Vinayak SP 22/09/2021

10 Fixes “There Was A Problem Parsing The Package” | Android Parse Error Fast

Almost 80% of the users prefer Android system instead of other top mobile operating systems while buying smartphones. Android has become po...

Vinayak SP 14/02/2022

How to Run Banking Apps Successfully on Magisk Rooted Android Device

In rooted Android phones , you will have full access to the system files so Google SafetyNet is broken, and as part of the security concern,...

Vinayak SP 24/09/2022 9

[FIXED] Unknown Error Code During Application Install: “-24” - Android App Installation Problem

Are you stuck & unable to download from Google Play Store in Android? All knows, Android is one of the best mobile OS in the market but...

Vinayak SP 11/02/2022


Know to fix " your device isn't compatible with this version " when you try to install apps from the Google Play store. This &...

Vinayak SP 20/07/2020

Top 11 Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure Without Antivirus App

All the smartphone users, they are now aware of the need for antivirus application and malware detector specially designed for mobile use, ...

Vinayak SP 8/11/2021


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