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With a solid email newsletter strategy, you can run successful digital marketing quickly. The best email marketing campaign ideas work as the most powerful tools in our digital marketing strategy. To create a newsletter that will engage your readers, it’s essential to make sure you include these elements while writing your newsletter. Follow tips on creating ones that draw more interest and engagement. Check out the best email newsletter techniques that bring popularity to you. If you managing a small business, you know a company eNewsletter can help your business develop a strong relationship with your email subscribers. Here I have posted top email marketing tools, tips, and techniques for mastering successful viral email marketing campaigns to help ensure successful digital marketing intended to impress your users and encourage you to reach your business goals fast.. Continue reading...

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As a blogger, you pride yourself on your skills with the written word. You write to educate; you write to entertain; you write because you want people to see what you have to say. You’ve worked hard to build up an audience, but what can you do to keep your number of readers growing? What can you do to keep them coming back for more? You can start with an email newsletter. Check out the tips to run most successful email marketing campaigns that'll drive more traffic and so more sale for your business blog.
Email Marketing
People used to search; What is email marketing and how does it work? What are the best email marketing campaign ideas? What is the best email marketing program? How to make email marketing successful? Tips for email marketing design, b2b email marketing strategy & examples that drives more traffic, quick email marketing tips, and so on.

It's true that social networking sites have been developed & grown fast in the last 10 years, those messages have been replaced with notifications, tweets & updates. But that doesn't mean, on the one side an email is standing hard, and even though, an email is considered a common marketing technique; it is still widely using for professional use. The fact is that the email marketing technology actually does better than both Facebook and Twitter. Nothing is the best alternative to email. This is why, as an entrepreneur, I believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more influential than it is now.

Email marketing is any message/ announcements/ information/ electronic communication letter/ newsletter/ invitations sent to customers with the intention of promoting the commercial purposes of business email advertising, whether such email marketing to make money or to simply encourage responsibility. But in most of the cases, the user is getting frustrated with the offers, & advertisements every time they received. There’re higher chances that the user will mark your newsletter the same as the rest. This is why it’s essential to learn where you are and how to practice working methods that'll drive better results.

Here I have listed top tips for viral email marketing to run better email marketing & help ensure your great email marketing & best email campaign service is intended to impress your users and encourage you reach your business goals. If you managing a small business and thinking about better email marketing to build the trust and maintain the authority amongst the readers and customers; here are some but important tips and tricks you need to consider to run best email campaign service quickly.
Top Email Marketing Tools
Top Email Marketing Tools
And today I want to share the most important tips for mastering the e-marketing i.e. eNewsletter for all kinds of business including bloggers that will help you to drive more organic and targeted traffic. The email marketing or newsletter is the basics but fundamental elements of target marketing and it is the most effective email marketing strategy.

What’s an email newsletter?

In the case of an e-newsletter from a blogger, it’s an email sent out to subscribers of your blog to notify them that new content has been posted or it can be filled with extra content.

Much like your blog, it can include easy access buttons for sharing the content or links to the full blog post, and it’s delivered right to your readers’ inboxes.

Will sending an e-newsletter actually be helpful for my blog?

Absolutely. Most blogs utilize a blog + e-newsletter combo to spread the word. 89% of people check their email at least once per day, and nearly 30% check multiple times per day.

You must put your content upfront and visible for your subscribers to read when they begin their day. And when everyone has email on their phones these days, that’s pretty hard to beat.

You might be thinking that social sharing is all it takes for getting engagement on your blog, but emails actually do this better than both Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention, e-newsletters give you control over your message, and you can choose to drive traffic to wherever you want.

Be the first thing your subscribers see every day.

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Email Marketing: Top 7 Tips Mastering the eNewsletter For Bloggers

If you’re thinking about creating an e-newsletter for your blog, there are a few reasons why it’s a smart step in driving traffic to your blog and building quality relationships with your readers.

Let’s check out the best ways for mastering email marketing that can benefit your business:

1. Keep your readers coming back for more

Your readers want to hear from you and enjoy your content. The fact of the matter is they’re just really likely to forget to go to your blog often enough to catch new content. Many web-surfers will probably catch your blog on a Google search, read what you have to say, and then be on their merry way. So, when you give readers a chance to “subscribe” to your blog, you can then use an e-newsletter that’ll act as a reminder to visit your blog.

You can include short teasers of the post to get the reader interested, then provide a link to the full post and easy ways to share the content straight from the email.

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2. Designing the newsletter body template

Always stay on brand. Let the reader quickly notice from where the email came from by your brand logo or online identity. Also, try to be a clean and simple layout. Layout with an easy-to-follow template is the important element of a viral email marketing.

Moreover, the creative font choice and colors are also equally important factors for effective email marketing designs that will encourage readers to keep reading. Follow & keep the guidelines in your mind for your brand for choosing fonts and color palette for designing a more effective newsletter.

Also, don't forget to make your newsletter mobile-friendly. Most of the users read their emails on the phone. Creating your newsletter to be responsive to various screen sizes will improve interaction and improve user engagement.

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3. Track and target your readers

Tools like GMass allow you to track when a reader clicks on the links you provide in the email, offering you valuable data that’ll help you research how your readers behave when faced with your content.

You can utilize top email marketing tools to build email lists and send out e-newsletters with personalized content to new subscribers, old subscribers, or subscribers who don’t often open your e-newsletter. This information is critical to determining if your e-newsletter is doing what you want it to do, so you want to make it count!

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4. Repurpose your old content to drive traffic

Let’s say you just gained a new subscriber. Obviously, they’ll be joining your email list and will be receiving new content from you just like the rest of your subscribers. The email list building function you can find in tools like GMass provides you with ways to target new subscribers so you can send them their own email as a new reader.

Through repurposing your older content, you can drive traffic to your posts. For example, if you have a particularly popular blog post with a lot of views, you can include that one in the e-newsletter to the new subscriber as a way to showcase your awesome content and get them excited for more.

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5. Boost your social

Even though email accomplishes more than social when it comes to your blog, it’s still super important.

It’s still a great way to share your content to gain more readers and subscribers and helps people find you. And let’s face it, sometimes your subscribers need a helpful reminder to share your content with their own followers. When you couple strong social with an e-newsletter, you’ll become an unstoppable blogging force.

Boost your social to boost your subscribers!

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6. Keep it personal with some extra content

People like email because it gives off a personal feeling; after all, they’re more likely to open an email if it feels more like a one-on-one conversation rather than a speech to a crowd.

Your e-newsletter has the power to do this. 'Maybe something good happened in your life recently?' Maybe you have a new partnership that you want to share with your readers before writing a lengthy post about it? These are the types of things that remind your readers you’re human and want to connect with them personally.

7. Learn what’s the best right from the source

E-newsletters are also a great way to get feedback directly from the people whom you want to impress.

You can utilize e-newsletters to send out surveys, asking your readers to let you know what they want to see from you, either from your blog posts or from your e-newsletter. Use this feedback to build a better e-newsletter that’s personalized for your subscribers.

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What kinds of content do your readers want from you?

You’re only as good as the tools you use. If you’re ready to start a kick-ass e-newsletter for your blog, you’ll need the right tools to make it easy to send hundreds of emails to hundreds of subscribers with the click of a button. If you’re using Gmail to send e-newsletters, you may be unaware that your Google account can be locked for up to 24 hours if you send a certain amount of emails in one day (and that limit is even smaller for other email clients). This can be either a bunch of emails to one person or one email to a bunch of people. Regardless, it’s burdensome because the more your readership grows, the more e-newsletters you’ll be sending out.

Article By GMass - Top Email Marketing Tool
GMass is a unique, intuitive email extension that allows users to send mass email and merge campaigns with awesome features including tracking, scheduling, automatic follow-ups, and more. Most importantly, though, is GMass will allow you to hack GMail’s sending limits, so no matter how large your email list is, you can send your e-newsletters without disruption. Using the right tools is critical to your e-newsletter’s success, and GMass has the right set up to make sending your e-newsletter to your subscribers a breeze.

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