Top 10 Google Search Techniques To Make You PRO in Google Searching

Many of you use Google as search engine by default. Whatever you need, just Google it, and you will find it. The Internet and Google have made our lives easy by providing every detail at our fingertips. Just because of this, our life is way closer to the free education and information. This was not even dreamed of our life, but yet the arrival of the internet in our lives make our lives easier.
Effective Google Searching Techniques
People used to search; What is the Advanced Google Search? How do I do an advanced search on Google? How do I search Google effectively? And so on...

This is the era of advanced technology and the high-speed internet connections which are why we are getting our hands on almost every information. In just a few minutes, you can even learn the recipe of your favorite food or the in-depth thesis on the quantum theory.

With the advanced Google search tips, tricks & techniques and other benefits of the Google, yet there is something which still bothers us. However, this is just because we are not aware of some facts about “how” we can use the search engine to find something which we are looking for. Allow me to give you one example, just write the word “car” in Google and hit Enter. No doubt, you will get thousands of results on your screen which make difficult for you to find out the precise car you are looking for. It doesn’t mean, Google provides the redundant information which sometimes not easy to handle. However, there are some search techniques through which you can get the result that you want from the Google search. If you type ‘BMW X5 Car’ and hit Enter, you will definitely find the exact car you want to see. But how to google something that will make you get best results. These best "web search tips" and tricks not only help you to know about Google search engine but that'll help you find your desired results quickly. In this article, I am going to show you those ten tips through which you will become a pro in Google searching.

Google Searching Tips
Google Searching Tips

In the previous post we saw; 10 Factors, How To Get Your Web Page To The TOP of Google Search Engine | Better SEO but today we are going to see how to get desired results from perfect websites. Let's check out how to become a searching expert.

Top 10 tips to make you pro in Google searching

The power of Google search filters and Google search volume - There are cases you might forget something about the item you are looking for, at that time Google will help you with the suggestions, or there are a couple of ways you can fine-tune your search query. Set the Google as Search Engine and start searching with new tricks described below.

Here's a summary of some of the most helpful Google search tips & tricks, from basic ideas to further techniques that'll help you become pro in searching:

1. Was it “this” or was it “that”

If you are not sure that you precisely know or remember the definition about the item you're searching for and if you are confused with multiple words, then you also face difficulty in finding it on the Google. However, with the exact information of Google searching mechanism, you can still find your desired information.

The Google is working to make its searching like a human beings search their brains. However it is not accurate right now, but still, you will find some similarity. To find the answer to your confusion, just add the word “or” in between the things you are confused. Automatically, Google will clear your confusion by showing the best result.

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2. Multiple results with “~”

The English language is rich with many synonyms of single words. The Google also took it into consideration while making its search result algorithm. Sometimes, when we have to find different things related to a single word, we search it all in different tabs. This is not the way the Google search pros take to find their desired result.

Just add the symbol “~” in between your word and the things you want to find related to it. The Google will not only show you the result of that word, but it will also show the result including the synonym of that word.

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3. Search within the website

You saw something on any website a few days back and now you need it but unfortunately, you forgot what you saw and you only remember the website on which you saw that thing. The option that ordinary searcher would take is to go to that website and try the website’s search option to find his desired thing. Most of the website’s search features are not good enough to give the result you want.

There is another way of doing it too. Open Google, type the website’s URL and then type the article or video you want to find. The Google will only show you the result related to that URL.

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4. Wise use of Asterisk

The asterisk can help you too if you forget any keyword, phrase or number in your search. Google which is a search engine is also working as the reminder who reminds you the things which you have forgotten.

All you have to do is just to use the asterisk “*” in the place of the word, phrase or number that you can’t remember and let the Google do its magic. Google will find the result which you are looking for.

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5. When multiple words are missing

This is something which often happens when you try to search any song or the movie. Using “~” or “*” can only work when you can’t remember one word. But when you don’t remember multiple words, then it becomes quite hard to find what you are looking for.

Don’t worry! Google has the solution for it too which only the pros of Google searching know and now you are also going to know. Whenever something like this happens to you, just add the word “Around” and the quantity of the words which you are missing between the words you remember. The approximate quantity of words will also work there.

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6. When finding something in a timeframe

Whenever we want to find any information in between a certain timeframe, we search like “The UK regime from 1700 to 1800”. And still, we don't get what we look for. The reason is that the Google algorithm of searching your queries is not designed to take the timeframe queries in such manner. The Google count them all as the phrase and show you the result which includes these words.

However, the pros know how to find something from within the timeframe. All you have to do is to add three dots “…” between “from” and “to” of your timeframe and the Google will only show you the information within given timeframe only.

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7. Know "intitle" and "inurl"

These two words are going to save a lot of your efforts for searching. Whenever you need to search any article on the Google, just type “intitle:” and your keyword. Moreover, if you require searching any website and you only remember few of the words from the website’s URL, just type “inurl:” and the words you remember in the Google search bar and you will get what you are looking for.

8. Finding the related website

This will help you when you are in need of too much information regarding one thing. To find the similar websites, type “related:” before the address of the website and enjoy the multiple websites related to the website which you have typed in the Google search bar.

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9. Find the specific phrase

If you want to get precise results, then Google also allows you to get it and the pros are using that trick to get the result. Just use SINGLE or DOUBLE inverted commas before and after your search query and get the precise result like this or .

10. Remove the unnecessary search words

Sometimes, unnecessary words disturb your searching. To save yourself from this, simply add minus symbol “-” before each word you want to subtract from your search.

Article By Arabella Alice - is a Master in Literature from Bradford University and is a professional writer and blogger. He also owns an online academic writing company which provides coursework help writing service for those students who does not have any writing skills.

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