12 Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

If you have subscribed, you might know that in the previous post, I was discussing what this guest blogging is and what are the benefits that the blogger can enjoy from guest blogging. And here today, I wanted to extend that topic to the next level about what are the common mistakes the bloggers usually making while guest blogging.

Bypassing guest blogging mistakes
Many online bloggers used to search; what are the guest blogging guidelines to follow? How to write a guest blog? how to get a guest post that drives traffic to the website? How to avoid foolish guest blogging mistakes? What are the things that need to consider to avoid common guest posting for a blog? And so on.

Guest Blogging - in simple words, means, writing the article for a particular niche and publishing it as a guest author on someone else’s but a related website with author permission linking back to your blog. Guest blogging is considered as the most effective ways to target the new audience and to boost the search ranking of the blog website.
Guest blogging serves amazing benefits to the blogger. Guest blogging gives the blog website targeted exposure. It helps the new visitors driven to the published website to know about your existence and your blog site. This is the perfect way of promoting and advertising the products and services worldwide and to enhance the reputation amongst the customers. With guest blogging, you can drive huge traffic to your blog or website. overall, it helps in building trust & relationships with other bloggers and customers as a brand authority. Guest blogging is an effective way to make your own brand name among the competitors. It is the perfect way to carve your niche in the competitive market to increase domain authority. Well, there are some common mistakes the bloggers make. This causes results in zero effects or negative effects of guest blogging.
Many webmasters, online publishers, authors are turning to guest blogging as a means to obtain quality backlinks for their blog website. To achieve targeted results, the webmaster must not only write the top-notch guest post but should submit the same to the related, right & targeted blog that will drive the like-minded audience to your website. It is necessary to be very careful while submitting the blog post to a suitable website. Submitting to unrelated or low-quality blogs will do no good for you. Rather, it may harm your search engine ranking.

Guest blogging can be an excellent way of building your business as a brand. It is one of the powerful ways for building quality backlinks for your blog. Well, this could offer positive results only if it is used properly. Bloggers tend to make several mistakes while doing guest blogging. While doing guest blogging, such mistakes should be avoided or rectified. Thus, it is vital to be very careful while doing guest blogging.
Guest Blogging Mistakes —  what are the guest blogging guidelines to follow? How to write a guest blog? How to avoid foolish guest blogging mistakes? Guest blogging can be an excellent way for building your business as a brand. It is one of the powerful ways for building quality backlinks for your blog. Well, this could offer positive results only if it is used properly. The bloggers tend to make several mistakes while doing guest blogging. While doing guest blogging, such mistakes should be avoided or rectified. Thus, it is vital to be very careful while doing guest blogging.
Guest Blogging Mistakes — what are the guest blogging guidelines to follow? How to write a guest blog? How to avoid foolish guest blogging mistakes? Guest blogging can be an excellent way for building your business as a brand. It is one of the powerful ways for building quality backlinks for your blog. Well, this could offer positive results only if it is used properly. The bloggers tend to make several mistakes while doing guest blogging. While doing guest blogging, such mistakes should be avoided or rectified. Thus, it is vital to be very careful while doing guest blogging.
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12 Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

You must know; guest blogging is one of a major search ranking factors for SEO and necessary strategy for increasing domain authority in a niche.

One thing I don't hesitate to tell you that, I have made lots of mistakes while blogging, and so I've learned that much and still today it's going on. Till now I have submitted many guest posts to other but related sites, some of them are complete failures whereas some of them still able to fetch massive traffic and new followers to my website. So I thought to share most common but deadly guest blogging mistakes I think you must avoid while submitting your contributor content to other blogs.

Here are the common mistakes the webmasters often commit, which needs to be considered while guest blogging so that you can avoid them:

1. Guest blogging without a purpose.

Doubtlessly, guest blogging helps improving search engine ranking.

It is useful to increase the size of your subscriber base, increase website’s authority and rankings.

Guest blogging aimlessly or without any purpose does not offer all the above results. Aimless guest blogging means your posts are unlikely to be properly targeted. First, you have to decide, what benefit you need to achieve. Whether you want increased subscriber base, increased traffic, improved search engine ranking, or Facebook followers.

Avoid writing the guest post without any purpose.

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2. Pitching irrelevant sites.

You might have seen thousands of blogs within your niche. But pitching each and every blog to someone else’s website does harm your blog website reputation.

You should get picky about what to pitch and what not to pitch. It is advisable to target the relevant blogs for guest blogging.

Avoid submitting the same topic (not same post) under same categorized websites.

3. Pitching any and every site.

Again, the common mistake that needs to be avoided is pitching any and every site.

Some bloggers use to pitch their every content to every website. Rather than pitching every single site, it is recommended to pitch the blog post to those that can give you greatest benefits.

You should determine the potential returns that you can gain from publishing a guest post.

Avoid guest blogging spam.

4. Adding poor quality pitches.

It is very necessary to have plagiarism free and grammatical error free posts.

If you pitch the content full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, then this does not gratify well for the blogger.

Ensure that the content you add for the guest blogging should be unique, fresh, interesting and grammatical error free content.

Avoid error contain and copied content while posting as a guest.

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5. Using a generic tone.

This is one more common mistake that the guest bloggers commit, especially the newbie bloggers. They generally attempt to publish thousands of guest posts, that is they use a generic pitch.

The popular sites receive thousands of guest posts publications requirements every week. If you pitch a similar content, the visitors are less likely to give attention to your pitch.

It is recommended to personalize your pitch and ensure that your content will be the most liked content by the visitors.

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6. Not targeting right pages hyperlinked to your site.

Most of the newbie bloggers failed to target the desired suitable pages on their own website. Many guest bloggers hyper the link to their root domain which is not the actual page to get the backlink for.

It is vital to ensure that your link is targeted to the best possible page on your blog website.

You must avoid common mistakes of directing the links to the home page of your blog website. The homepage is not at all the right place for landing.

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7. Fail to build posts for the specific audience.

It is again necessary to avoid tagging blog posts to each and every website designed for a variety of readers.

It is recommended to pitch the correct or relevant content so as to target the specific audience. Search for the websites targeting to the audience that you are looking for.

Related and like-niche websites are ideal for guest posting as the audience of such site can easily be magnetized for your blog post content.

Avoid crafting your generic guest posts not targeted to the specific audience.

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8. Assuming the host’s audience as your audience.

This is one major mistake a lot of guest bloggers make. They start assuming that the host’s audience is their own audience. This is a very dangerous mistake to assume the audience of the blog you are writing for already knows you already.

Try to write as a public speaker, directing the new audience about something new.

9. Lack of strategy.

Most of the newbie bloggers do guest posting but have no strategy behind the same.

Doing guest blogging just because it is the new buzz online, is not at all-sufficient.

You need to develop the strategy for your blog website so as to maximize the traffic source, search engine ranking and brand boosting.

You must know for what purpose you are guest blogging whether it is for building the email subscriber list or for driving traffic for your particular product or increasing the domain authority in your niche. You must have a specific strategy while guest posting.

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10. Poor quality bio.

The guest blogging needs to add your bio.

The blog post giving little-bit about you are more liked to be acceptable by the visitors. Newbie bloggers just ignore adding a quality bio to guest blogging.

It is recommended to give your visitors a little insight about yourself and your blog. This will not keep you a stranger for the visitors. It is advised to add some words about yourself in your bio. Be very careful to generate new & quality bio every time per post for the guest blogging without spamming.

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11. Too long guest post.

It is very important to avoid writing a too long guest post.

It is recommended to focus on writing the valuable topic and its related content in guest posts.

No matter if the guest post offer in-depth information, you can make two or more separate blog for offering in-depth research and information. But avoid adjusting whatever in your mind on writing long guest posts, but to write it more focused and worthy guest post.

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12. Not linking back to your website.

SEO is the main purpose of guest posting which is totally ignored by most of the bloggers.

If you are not a ghost author (those who don't expect to have a backlink), many guest authors forget to link the post back to their website.

It is necessary to add links in your guest blogging so as to take the visitors to arrive on your website.

Video: 6 Most Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

6 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes: Guest blogging provides a variety of awesome benefits: it can do wonders for your SEO, be a great way to get exposed to a brand new audience, help you improve your thought leadership, and better establish you as an expert in your industry. As with anything technical there are many mistakes that potential guest bloggers make when strategizing, pitching, and writing guest blog posts. Here are 6 of the top mistakes made by guest bloggers. If you know of other mistakes please post them in a comment. If you would like to trade a guest blog post please visit, https://www.smore.com/tk99k-publish-a-guest-blog for more information, or email me at Eugene@netlz.com And if you enjoy this video please subscribe to this channel for more great marketing videos! 1) Having NO Strategy Guest blogging should be strategic. Before you start trying to ramp up your guest blogging efforts, make sure you come up with a strategy that supports your goals for guest blogging. Your goal may be to get backlinks, or to improve brand visibility or to promote your skills as a writer. Each of these goals will have a different strategy when it comes to writing a great guest blog post. 2) Targeting the Wrong Blogs Once you've chosen your guest blogging strategy, you can then identify the right blogs to target. This will involve a bit of research. For example, if your strategy involves improving your search engine rankings for particular keywords, your strategy should involve creating content around those keywords and targeting blogs that will cover that topic on their blog. 3) Addressing Your Email to "Blog Manager" As a blog manager, receiving an email that is addressed to "blog manager" instead of my actual name shows carelessness and is destined for the trash bin. Do your homework. Check the blog's contact page (if there is one) to determine who the blog manager is, or research published authors to identify appropriate email addresses. 4) Grammatical/Spelling Errors in the Pitch If you can't even craft a professional sounding and grammatically correct pitch about the blog post you want published, why should the blog manager think your blog post will be any better? Spend time on your pitches. Proofread them. 5) Ignoring Guest Blogging Guidelines Blog managers will rarely spend time with guest contributors helping them perfect their posts, so it's the near-flawless contributions that usually make the final cut. If you've gotten the go-ahead from a blog manager to draft a post based on your topic suggestion, make sure you strictly follow any guest blogging guidelines they've published or provided. 6) Provide Quality Posts The articles you write for external blogs should be of the highest quality. You need to both impress the blog manager enough to publish it, and capture the attention of the new audience you're exposed to so they'll want to check out your own website/blog. Make sure the quality of your contribution is on par with the quality of other content on that blog.

Bottom Line

Following the above guest blogging mistakes list will help you increase the chance of guest blogging success. This will also make you sure about your blog with organic traffic generation which is the ultimate targeted purpose behind the guest blogging technique. Keep an eye to avoid blogging mistakes and have powerful and effective guest blogging.

If you have any other strategy for guest blogging please feel free to share via the comment sections shown below. And don't forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE our newsletter for regular updates.

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