28 Free Twitter Hacks to Attract Followers & Explode Your Audience FAST!

Among the thousands of social media platforms, Twitter is one of the most popular and finest ways to become popular in a short way. Twitter is nothing but the key to success and the quickest way to make your self-identity online. If you observe, there are a lot of celebrities and most successful people active on Twitter. Twitter is a great place for every blogger to create a digital community for their customers. But how do you become an influencer? How to gain followers on Twitter? How to make your blog popular using Twitter? these and many questions get search by every blogger. I am here to answer all those questions.

Increase Twitter followers
For every blogger, social media marketing has become one of the essential things to make their blog popular. Using social media marketing tools, you not only be able to grab maximum numbers of traffic on your blogs but you able to create a brand image for yourself. Creating a self-image online is a very important thing for every blogger. Ton's of social media marketing platforms are available on the Internet, but one of the best of them is Twitter. Over 22 million tweets are published every day on Twitter, that sounds like a huge number and this is why Twitter is the most popular social network to promote your blogs on this platform. If you want your blog to reach maximum people, then you have a decent number of followers on your Twitter account like Facebook or Instagram.
As I said, you need huge followers on Twitter, so that doesn't mean buying cheap and fake followers to grow your following list quickly. Yes! there are several websites available on the Internet, where you can buy followers on Twitter. I know, it seems like a great idea and quickest method to increase followers on Twitter, instead of working hard to gain organic followers online. When you buy these fake followers from such a website, most of the time these people looks so fake, unworthy and low quality. In the end, you apply the quickest method and buy followers to increase your following list, of course, these followers will not stay with you for a long time. Using such a manipulative method will bounce back to you and your Twitter account can be banned at a point. With fake followers, you can't be able to engage with them by your Tweets for a long time.

If you want to make your blog popular in less time, you need a lot of genuine followers on Twitter, who take an interest to read your blog and retweet's the posts that you share. In this article, I will tell you, top 28 effective tips to get organic and authentic followers free within 2 -3 months. Many of you may think, how does it be possible? I am sure, it is a better way to have fewer followers who are genuine for you, rather than a bunch of fake people who will never engage with you, your tweets and with your content.

Get Your FREE Twitter Followers
Get Your FREE Twitter Followers

28 Effective Tips To Get Free Twitter Followers

For deep understanding and clarity, I divided all those tips into four categories, so you will get to know every point quickly to increase your Twitter followers.
  • A. Twitter profile optimisation
  • B. Follow with check
  • C. Find, spy and crack your competition
  • D. Attracting Followers to Your Twitter profile
  • E. Tools to drive Social Media Followers to Twitter

A. Twitter profile optimisation According to the University of Southern, California reports, there is roughly 4 to 7 percents of Twitter accounts are fake. Some of these accounts are controlled by so-called bots by software instead of humans. Always remember, when there is no information on the profile, that profile is more likely to be fake. So, keep avoiding such understructure Twitter accounts.

If you want to make your Twitter account stand out from all other Twitter accounts then you need to build a profile that looks impressive and appealing. When you put all your efforts to make your Twitter profile optimised, people will be more open to following you. The following things will help you with how can you handle your Twitter account so it will grow quickly and will get more organic followers. So, let's get started.

1. Choose a Good Twitter Username

Make an appropriate and relatable Twitter handle
Make an appropriate and relatable Twitter handle
When you create a Twitter account, it is a must for your Twitter handle to be in an appropriate way. Choosing a username for your Twitter account is essential and the first thing to do, at that time it is a must to think about your whatever your profession or business. There can be several reasons to create your Twitter account, it may for business purposes, for entertainment purposes and more. The following examples will make it up as a good Twitter handle.

  1. You can choose your full name, so people will recognise you well and quickly.
  2. You can do combination of your first and last name to set it up. For example @JhonFer for the name ofJhon Fernandis.
  3. You can make a combination between your name and your company name. For example, if Jhon has a company named by Bloginsider.com The name will be bloginsider.jhon or jhon.bloginsider, collaborate your name to your company name, as simple as that.
  4. The combination between your name and your education. For example, if Jhon completed his education in the Electronics department the name will look like Jhon.etx.
  5. However, all you need is to think out of the box and handle your Twitter username that defines your niche and your occupation properly.
  6. If you are an online marketing service, you can try for marketing related username and use a combination of that. If there is a fashion blog, you can go for a Glamorous handle for your Twitter account. If you are a tech blogger, go with a tech handle for your Twitter. For more ideas you can use other social media and Google, to make perfect handling for your Twitter account.

2. Write an impressive Twitter bio

Your Twitter Bio is the most important part to make your account more attractive and to recognise who you are. When people come to your profile most of them check your bio section and then decide to follow you or not. A Bio with little or no information about you is likely to get ignored by most of the people on Twitter.

Twitter allow people to write the bio in 140 characters only. You can easily describe yourself with the few words in your bio. So, make sure to cover all the information about you in the bio section.

To know what to write to make your Twitter bio stand out and which points you need to cover, just follow the points given below.
  1. You must include your profession, occupation, niche and strengths in your Bio.
  2. Try to write in a compressive way but make sure it must look professional.
  3. As a blogger, make sure to write some ordinary keywords like Blogger, SEO, Fashion blogger, Android, Tips, Technology, Programmer, guide and so on. That depends upon what kind of blog niche you have.
  4. Use only those keywords which using your profile will get to discover in Twitter search results easily.
  5. Make sure to use #-Tags in front of every keyword.
  6. Twitter allow you to place only one link in the bio section. You can choose the link of your social media accounts, your website or if you have a YouTube channel, you can use your YouTube account link too. But use it wisely and smartly.

3. Make Twitter name and image spam-free

Uploading any faceless images or any quote as a profile picture looks like a fake account. It is important to feel that you are a genuine person and it is not a fake account using your picture. Your company logo or any other faceless image is also not that much appealing for your followers and people who visit your account. If you want to promote and want your business to know everyone online, then you can upload your business or company logo or related images to promote, But as a COVER PHOTO not in the profile section.

People used to choose their nickname or any other short name. Using such a method looks so unworthy and unattractive. Your real name will be more helpful to you to gain more followers.

4. Keep changing your header image

As I said above, if you want to upload an image related to your business or website, you can upload it on a header section. But make sure the picture you upload should look professional and it should promote to your profession, business or your blog Niche. Just compare the header image to a magazine cover, it should look like the magazine. Keep changing your header image frequently to engage with the audience online.

Feature promotions, company product release, trade show, visual effects or even company scalability tells a lot about what happened in the month with your company. So, make sure all these things are included in that header image. So, I suggest you keep it changing monthly. Also, you can save the image file name with important keywords, so that you can't ignore the chances of being found your profile in an image search engine.

5. Location

Since we're talking about the profile optimisation of Twitter, the location also matters a lot. If you running a local business, fill out the location part in your Twitter profile.

Mentioning your location on Twitter is important for Twitter’s algorithm, it can match up your content with other locally based audience prospects.

B. Follow with check There is no difference in following rules between other social media platforms and Twitter. Similar to Facebook or Instagram, if you follow someone, they will get a notification and they are more likely to follow you back and you both will be connected. Likewise, if anybody follows you on Twitter and if you do not follow them back they may unfollow you. But to whom you can follow, that's an important thing to make your genuine following list on your Twitter account.

However, before following anyone on Twitter, it is a must to check their profile and bio section too. You must examine their profile and you will realise whether the person is worth following or not. This process is much better and helps to maintain healthy and organic followers on your Twitter account.

6. Check out their profile in a proper way

A Twitter profile says a lot about that person. Always make sure to check the particular profile, whether it is full-filled or not. Unfilled or understructure account always seems to be fake or the user is not active on Twitter. In such a case, there is no need to follow these kinds of profiles, even if they are following you.

When somebody follows you and if the profile looks well written, just check their bio and you can judge by reading their interest and profession. Check out which things they have an interest or it is just a fake account. Only if the profile seems professional and if you feel that it is worth following them, do follow them back.

7. Check the numbers of followers and following

Another important thing is to check out the number of followers and also the following of that person. Even if there are few numbers and a large number of lists, there can be four situations you should know about. Let me explain below.
  1. Many followers and following people:

    These kinds of profiles look genuine, also it is worth following them. Since there are many followers and following numbers on their accounts, there is a possibility that they follow you back. Also, if they tweet and retweet your content, it would reach several people on Twitter.

  2. Too many followers and following only a few people:

    These accounts seem to be an influencer. There are fewer chances that they follow you back. So, in this case, all you need is to make a judgement regarding that person about they are beneficial for you or not. Always remember, not just for a month or a year but you will keep connecting with them for a long time, so think about it and then follow them, it's all up to you.

  3. Negligible followers and following many people:

    The negligible profile looks fake even if they have a lot of followers and following to the people. Even they follow you that doesn't mean or any compulsion that you also follow them back. As usual, you should check their account properly. Because, if they tweet or retweet your content, it will not be worth and the content will not reach too many people.

  4. Negligible followers and following few people:

    These kinds of profiles look to be not active or look all-new on Twitter. Also, they may want to build their followers. If they newly join Twitter then you might consider following them. If the profile looks old dated or expired, just stay away from it, only I can say!

8. Check Twitter followers quickly

If a person has many followers on Twitter, there are chances that he buy fake followers or might use free Twitter follower services. These followers look either fake or low quality.

It is not possible to check every follower from their list, you need not verify each of them. Just take a glance at their follower list. If you can see the followers come with fake names and a lot of spam, surely the person has fake followers. It is better to avoid these Twitter accounts. You can use apps to check their followers instead of checking everyone on the list.

9. Quality and quantity of Tweets

This is another important thing you must check before following them. There are millions of people on Twitter, who post too many irrelevant Tweets and not to be serious at all. Before the following anyone takes an immediate look at their Tweets and posts.

When you find any related information to you then do follow them. Think about does the particular person is serious about the content or come on Twitter to just kill their time.

10. Check out the profile and cover photo

As we all know and heard much time before the first Impression is the last Impression. Similarly, your Twitter account's first impression should feel good when people visit your account for the first time. The profile photo and the cover photo say a lot about who you are and what is your business all about. A professional and a business personality always used to upload a relevant image on their profile and cover photo as well.

Check out the profile photo and cover photo. If you find that person is serious and interested in their work or business by the photo he uploaded, then do follow them otherwise there is no sense to follow them.

C. Find, spy, and crack your competition In millions of active people on Twitter, it is your responsibility to follow the people who are relevant to you and your niche. You have to think about which people you should follow. Here I am going to tell you the suspensive technique to find a relevant Twitter profile to follow them! Let's find out how you can find, spy and steal Twitter accounts to increase your genuine following list.

11. Use the search tool on Twitter

As I told you earlier, Twitter itself is a great way to search for relevant people with keywords. If you are a tech blogger and write about technology. It would be more beneficial to you to follow the same blogger and the people who work the same as you. So, you can search on Twitter for keywords like SEO, Blogger, Blogging, Technology, etc.

Twitter has provided a reliable option to search nearby you. You can filter the search results to display only people nearby you. Also, go further and choose the advanced search options given to refine your search result.

12. Check your competitor's profile and steal their followers

Check your competitor's profile and steal their followers
Check your competitor's profile and steal their followers
This is one of the best and finest ways to increase your follower list relevantly. Use your competitor's profile and steal their followers. If the person is your competitor, of course, they are in the same business as you and their followers as well. So checking their profile and following them is more beneficial and worthwhile for you.

You want to steal your competitor's followers but have no idea how to do it. Let's find out with these two methods given below.
  1. Method 1: Follow your competitor's followers

    This is one of the simple and easy ways to find related followers on Twitter. As I said above, just search on Twitter, who's your competitor, go right on their account, take a look at their followers and do follow them who's "relevantfor your business. Why do I say "Relevant"? Because there can be chances to have fake accounts.

    The better way is to follow only those followers of your competitors, whom your competitor follows back to them. For Ex. suppose if Mr "A" is following your competitor and your competitor follow back to them, it is probably worth following Mr.A.

  2. Method 2: Find out people who share the post of your competitor's

    This is again one of the great ways to steal relevant people on Twitter. Not just on Twitter but on other social media platforms as well. If someone shares your competitor's post, he is likely to be interested in the same niche or content. Isn't it! In such a case, if you provide quality content to these people, they not only follow you but also share your posts on Twitter and other social media platforms too.

    To find out the people who share your competitor's post. You can use search by mentioning them on social media. Whenever someone mentions your competitor's name Twitter ID, or website anywhere on social media. The website will send you an alert and also record the same in its feeds so that you can easily find the person who mentioned him.

    Also, you can do filter by mentioning their name, ID or website name on Twitter. You can see the result and can find the relevant people.

13. Follow the influencers who are relevant as your blog niche

Influencers are the people who are not likely to get follow you back. But the idea of following them will be surely enough to expose yourself and be worth it for you. How?

Influencers have many followers and we all know that. Once you develop yourself as a deeply knowledgeable person for your blog niche. You can retweet the same niche by questioning them and surely there can be chances to grab more followers because of them.

14. Use the comment section of Influencer's and competitor's posts

Use the comment section of Influencer's and competitor's posts
Use the comment section of Influencer's and competitor's posts
Who is your competitor and how can you steal the followers by using their post? Comments are another way that comes out here. This is the quickest and simple way to gain organic and relevant followers.

Whenever your competitor or influencer posts any article or any blog, just go to the comment section and find the people who comment regularly.

D. Attracting Followers to Your Twitter profile If you want to make your profile strong, it is your responsibility to take the effort to make your profile to the next level. Of course, you do have not that much time to spend on finding relevant people and follow everybody and expect them to follow you back. But how to maintain your profile that looks strong, is all in your hand. As well, there are many ways, you can attract them to your Twitter profile.

A well-optimised profile will reach various people and they find you interesting enough to follow.

Take a look below and follow the steps to attract more followers.

When it comes to your website not only on one or two blog pages but you write and publish many pages and people come and read regularly. So a Twitter button on your website's every blog page is a must to convince the audience to jump over on your Twitter and follow you.

15. Share helpful information to your followers

People follow you for a reason on Twitter, if they are always able to find and share new and productive content, they keep connected and stay with you forever. In an online survey, not sharing any useful content and information is one of the 7th reasons that people do unfollow you. It is must share useful content regularly on Twitter.

It is not necessary to post only relevant content and blogs. Instead, you can do posts from the top bloggers in your niche. You can even tweet some statics, research work, professional and motivational quotes as well but not every time. This will engage and entertain people online.

16. Tweet regularly

Tweet regularly
Tweet regularly
The more you tweet, the more people will engage with you and the more chances of your Tweets being retweeted and hence more exposure you will get. A lot of low quality and irrelevant tweets can be affected on your following list. Nobody wants to see irrelevant and useless posts.

Make sure to focus only on the quality content rather than quantity. Also, make sure to Tweet at least 3 - 4 times a day. Using Tweetdeck you can schedule your Twitter posts. I think that's something that sounds like a great idea if you are too busy with your daily work.

17. Don't forget to use images in every Tweet you post

One image is equal to 1000 words. Tweets with the image make people more alert and active than the post without using an image. So, try to add images to every tweet you post.

It reaches the maximum number of people on Twitter also every time they keep seeing the post will recognise easily. The clean and attractive image gets more attention and chances to get it on Google search.

18. Always ready to chat on Twitter

Twitter chats and taking part of chatting with your followers are one of the productive ways to interact with them. Directly you will get an idea about what are the drawbacks and mistakes you are doing on social media and what your followers want from you.

Always be ready and active to chat with them. Try to solve their problems and increase your social media network.

19. Keep interacting with your followers

Keep interacting with your followers
Keep interacting with your followers
It is not about just followers and how many people are following you. But it is all about what are you feeding them. Everyone is busy doing their business and promoting their blogs and they try to gain more and more followers on social media platforms. Then why not YOU!

Whatever followers you have you always take care of them. Ask if they have questions and try to solve their problems, go for FAQs. Think about how can you help them through your post. Do ask about their impressions about tweets, retweets and if possible do reply to their all questions. Also, you can ask them for feedback for your blog. If there is a product, you can take programs like a giveaway and special discounts on your product, surely they will stay connected with you.

According to Buffer, almost 52% of people follow brands just to get special product discounts. That means more than half of the percentage of the people tent to follow just for getting summer or special discount offers.

20. Use hashtags effectively without being annoying

According to the study, using # - Hashtags will help to more responses for your every tweet. Using irrelevant or no hashtags, will not get that much response from the people online. At least there should be 2 - 3 relevant hashtags that are important to engage your Tweets among the people.

Think about what people do search and which words are getting searched every day by the audience. And think about how your post gets visible on their search list on Twitter.

21. Schedule your Tweet time

Schedule your Tweet time
Schedule your Tweet time
Not only your content, but your schedule also matters a lot. According to a study by Buffer, the highest volume of tweets occurs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.and it gets maximum engagement.

It can be different from country to country. [Clicks, Favorites, Retweets, and Replies]. On Noontime at 1:00 p.m. it is an average time for each time zone, is the most popular time to Tweet.

22. Use visual content

Visual content is a must to upload to interact and to entertain people. Humans rely heavily on visual content. Approximately 65% of the people are visual learners. According to 3M Corporation, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

If you go to your Twitter stream, you can see that most people’s tweets are in the text format only. Take advantage of that opportunity to stand out. Add images on your every tweet, whether it is your own or any other platform on the internet that you can allow to use on Twitter. Do use gifs, fulfilled images, and visual effect content.

E. Tools to drive Social Media Followers to Twitter

23. Add Twitter follow button on your website

This is an attractive and very easy step according to the people. If you want to gain a maximum number of Twitter followers, it is the first and most important thing to add a Twitter button on your blog page and the website homepage. You can also use to consider the Twitter widget showing the latest Tweets to grab the maximum attention of the visitor who visits your website.

If you are a WordPress user, you can also add plugins, so that your visitors can share important points on Twitter with just a click.

24. Use Twitter manager tools

To keep your Twitter account on track, you can use Twitter manager tools and applications. It will help you to manage your account and alert you to follow, following people and the people who do not follow you back. Use some applications like Easy Chirp.

Easy Chirp is a web-based Twitter application that is optimized for users with a disability and users of assistive technology. If you want more sophisticated to handle your Twitter account and social media management, you can try applications like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. These apps streamline all your Social Media Activities. Even they can help you to queue up your Tweets to be published at the “Right Time.” So, use these apps and do your social media presence more active and strong.

25. Explore and connect more on the LinkedIn platform

If you have good connections and decent numbers of people on the LinkedIn account, there can be chances that they actively use their Twitter account too. When you connect them on LinkedIn, they are more likely to follow you on Twitter as well.

So, you can easily follow them on Twitter, who are already connected with you on LinkedIn. You should know that Twitter allows you to follow not more than 1000 people in a single day.

26. Find people on the Facebook platform

Same as LinkedIn, Facebook also has a lot of pages and accounts that are relevant to your niche and might you followed them already. All you need to search and do follow them on Twitter. Facebook is also one of the great ways to steal relevant followers on Twitter.

Search your blog niche on Facebook and you will get a bunch of related Facebook pages and accounts of the people. Go check out their posts and articles. There is a possibility that they may add their direct Twitter account link on their Facebook account. So you can directly follow them via tapping on the link and follow on Twitter.

27. Follow suggestions on Twitter

Twitter suggestions help a lot to follow relevant people. There are several methods but suggestions from Twitter itself will do their perfect job.

As per your content and niche, Twitter suggests you the same people who have the same niche and content as you. If you regularly Tweet about smartphones and technology, Twitter might suggest accounts that frequently Tweet about the same topic.

28. Be patient and be consistent

If you’re new to using Twitter, it can take a while to build a network of followers in your target talent pool. However, as with most things in life, you get out what you put in. Put efforts to make followers and be consistent, the effort will bounce back to you and your account will grow and touch to the sky, that's for sure!

Everyone starts with 0 followers and many people might feel odd tweeting regularly even when no one is “listening” to what they have to say. But if you consistently dedicate the time and effort to building your Twitter network, it won’t be too long to make your account 0 to million followers.

Bottom Line

If you apply all the above tips and tricks, you will realise getting Twitter followers is so easy. While buying cheap and fake followers from a different website is an easy way and good idea to increase but eventually, they all are cheap and will not be worth it for you long time.

If you follow all the effective tips in this article, you can start gaining relevant Twitter followers quickly.

I hope all the above tips will be helpful for you and your popularity will flow on the Internet like a celebrity.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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