[FIXED] “Could Not Find This Item” / “This is no longer located in” - Delete A File That Cannot Be Found

Sometimes Windows shows an error message when you try to delete a file “This is no longer located in” and it prevents you from deleting file. Fix it.. Continue reading...

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Sometimes we encountered with this message where some folders can’t be deleted, and we end up with a pop-up saying "This is no longer located in Directory" or "could not find this item this is no longer located when copying files." Yesterday, I was trying to delete a folder. All the files get deleted, but one .txt file within the same folder was not able to delete. I was unable to delete folder and get the following folder delete error message. How to delete a file that cannot be found; until I got the solution for that question, I fed up after trying lots of things to get rid of it.
How To Delete Undeletable Folder
The above-quoted file deleting error is a very common issue encountered by many of us during trying to remove some files or folders from Windows operating system. I was trying to delete the folder situated at desktop from my Windows 10 OS named "Downloads" but no matter I do it doesn't want to be deleted error says that folder no longer located on the desktop. I initially thought Windows 10 cannot delete folder and I need to repair or restore it. Some of you also faced this issue for your flash drive or USB when copying files. I then restarted the PC; I also tried with CMD to delete, but it didn't work. It keeps showing the message "This is no longer be located in... Verify the item’s location and try again..." and I was able to clearly see it in that folder.

It happens each time when you try any sort of operation like copying, moving, renaming, or deleting that file/folder. After troubleshooting windows with multiple solutions, I was able to delete the “unlocated” files. Anyways, in this tutorial, I'm going to teach you a quick but most powerful method by using which you can remove or permanently delete those "Undeletable" files/folders from your computer system. This method works in Windows XP/7/8/10 efficiently. If you too also getting the problem about delete folder access denied then follow this post, surely, one of the techniques below will work for you to permanently erase files from your PC.
How To Delete Undeletable Folder
How To Delete Undeletable Folder
And today, I want to share a quick solution to fix undeletable files. Many of us getting this issue, especially in Microsoft Windows. Check out quickly to get rid of this error message. And don't forget to write your comments in the section shown below.

How To Delete Undeletable Folder

We try many attempts like system re-start, shift-delete, delete from command, etc. However, below are the easiest techniques which will help you to resolve this issue. Fix “Could Not Find This Item” / “This is no longer located in” errors easily:

Method 1: Delete files after archiving

  1. Right click on the folder.
  2. Select “Add to archive” option (Make sure that you have WinRAR installed on your machine).
  3. Tick ‘Delete files after archiving’ check box displayed under ‘Archiving options’ section.
  4. Leave all other settings as they are and click ‘OK’ button.
  5. 'yourfile.rar' will be created on your machine, and your painful folder will be deleted automatically.
  6. Now you may delete this *.rar file whenever needed.
  7. That's all

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Method 2: Using simple commands

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.
  2. Enter below command (Note that the folder is situated at E:\Documents)
    rd /s "\\?\(path of the folder)”
    example: rd /s "\\?\E:\Documents\folder name"
  3. It will prompt as "Are you sure (Y/N)?"
  4. Enter ‘Y’ and hit enter.
  5. That’s all.

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Method 3: Advanced commands

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.
  2. Navigate to the parent folder
    e.g. E:\Document\(To be Delete folder)
  3. Enter ‘dir /x’ command and hit enter.
  4. Please note the letters mentioned to the left side of (To be Delete folder).
    You will see some string like this >> TOBEDE~1
  5. Now type below command and hit enter.
    ren TOBEDE~1 YourNewName
  6. Now type below command and hit enter.
    del YourNewName
  7. That’s all

  8. Bottom Line
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    It gets annoying when you’re regularly struck with the “could not find this item” error while removing a file.

    Have you ever had to go through this error on your PC? How did you stop it? We’d like to know in the comments below.

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