[Fix] Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [Updated 2016]

Your play store app down and it seems you are facing the error: Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped, that is why you are here on this page... If you do, here we have few simple things you can try to resolve the issue related to Android developer service. Now I used to get the Android errors when some of the apps have stopped working, and meanwhile, I get this error messages showing that "unfortunately google play services has stopped" and later this, the error began popping up more and more repeatedly. Solved Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped - I get that popup message about every minute. If you too getting the same error message, then there is no reason to get panic. Everything is not lost yet. Even though the problem from Google framework services that showing an error message when you downloading apps, or the problem came when at the Play Store app is not opening, we always have working tutorials with proper solutions. Here's what you can do when the Google Play Store doesn't work for you. It's not that much hard but surely you will get out of this play store error messages. Learn how to fix & solve Unfortunately Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up on the screen.
Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [SOLVED]
Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [SOLVED]
In previous tutorial we have seen, "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped [SOLVED]". But today we are going into major task facing lots of people these days. It can happen to your Android smartphone that you will receive the following message: "Unfortunately, Google play services have stopped" & it has recently started popping up on a number of Android-based phones and tablets, so we looked into it and here are a few solutions to fix this issue. There are lots of folks who stuck on solving and screaming "Please help to get rid of this error. I have tried many solutions like clear catch data, reinstalled, updated from play store but nothing to be work".

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Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [SOLVED]

Here, we would like to give a few tips that can fix it and thus these errors will no longer show up on your smartphone. A number of reasons are available for the "Google play services has stopped" error. We found several methods to fix this error and let’s see which one fits for your Android phone and tablet. If you feel comfortable troubleshooting on your own, I have included the steps below.

SOLUTION 1: Delete & re-install Google Play & make sure you upgrade your Google Play Services to latest version.

To get your device working again, you will need to uninstall and reinstall updates to Google Play services.
  1. Go to Settings >> Select Security >> Device administrators >> Deactivate Android Device Manager
  2. Uninstall Google Play services update
  3. Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Google Play services >> Select Uninstall Updates
  4. If you use an app that requires the latest Google Play services, you’ll get an update prompt and the update may immediately be reinstalled.
  5. Now again go to Settings >> Select Security >> Device administrators >> ACTIVATE Android Device Manager
  6. Reboot your device.

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SOLUTION 2: Reset Google Play Services cache CACHE & UPDATES

The Google Play Services app in your phone acts like a framework for all the Google and Google Play apps installed in your phone. So try this;
  1. Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Google Play Store >> clear cache & uninstall updates.
  2. Reboot device.

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SOLUTION 3: Clear the Google Services Framework cache

The Google Services Framework system app on your Android device stores information and helps your phone sync with Google servers; and keeps your Google Play Services up and running.
  1. Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Google Services Framework >> click "Force stop" & tap on the "Clear cache" button.
  2. Reboot device.

SOLUTION 4: Remove Google account and add it again

Make sure you have backed you all your data before doing this steps.
  1. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> Select your email ID >> Click on Remove account.
  2. After again add the Google account. Enter your email address from Gmail and then continue. Your Google account will be added automatically.
  3. Reboot device.

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SOLUTION 5: Reset all app preferences

  1. Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Menu >> Reset App Preferences
  2. Reboot phone immediately

Let me know which solution is worked for you.. feel free to put your review on bellow comment section, that may help all of other readers.

Vinayak SP
data:post.title [Fix] Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [Updated 2016]
4 stars - "[Fix] Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped [Updated 2016]" Your play store app down and it seems you are facing the error: Unfortunately Google Play Services H...

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