8 Must Follow Tips for Writing High Quality Blog Content

As a Blogger, we all know how important it is to write high-quality content for our blog. Bill Gates had very rightly said
Content Is The King

Art of Blogging
If a visitor at your blog, finds your content to be useful, he will surely return to check out more content in the future, thus increasing traffic to your blog.
Google too loves quality content and considers it to be one of the factors for ranking. And how does Google know your content is good? It’s very simple, the more time people spend at your blog, according to Google, the better your content is. A person may quickly hit the back button if the article is shabbily written or the message of the article is not clear.

One may ask what exactly qualifies for a quality content? The answer to this question will differ from person to person. However, there are some general guidelines you must follow to ensure your content is appealing to the masses. I have made sure to include the essence of these guidelines while compiling the below Tips for Writing Quality Blog Content.
Tips for Writing High Quality Blog Content - High-quality blog content is conversational, clear, and inspiring. Use simple language, active voice, and short paragraphs. Be engaging, informative, and optimistic.
Tips for Writing High Quality Blog Content - High-quality blog content is conversational, clear, and inspiring. Use simple language, active voice, and short paragraphs. Be engaging, informative, and optimistic.


Creating high-quality blog content is an art. It's about engaging readers with simple, clear language. Write as if you're conversing with them, but avoid informal greetings. Use short paragraphs and active voice for readability. Be informative, motivational, and optimistic. Your tone should inspire and engage, making the reader feel connected and understood. Remember, your words are powerful, use them wisely.

Top Tips for Crafting High-Quality Blog Content:

1. Research About The Topic

Research For Quality Blog Content - This is essentially the most important step if you are keen on writing quality content for your blog. A well-researched article will always grab a visitor’s attention.

Even if you are an expert on the topic, you may want to research about what your competitors or the top ranked bloggers are writing about it. This will help you to narrow down on points you must cover, which other people failed to. Thus making your article unique.

I usually research for at least 4-5 hours before penning down my thoughts and ideas. My article about On Page SEO Optimization is a perfect example of how to write a well-researched article.

2. Analyze The Purpose Of Article

Every article has a purpose. The purpose may be, reviewing something, troubleshooting something, guiding someone or simply sharing your experiences. Whatever it may be, your post title must make your purpose very clear, and the content must accomplish it.

If you write an article titled “How To Lose 1 Kg Weight in 10 Days,” your purpose is to help people lose 1 kg weight in 10 days. You can either suggest your reader, a proper diet plan or suggest a workout schedule for them. But by the end of the article, your readers must learn about a way to lose weight in 10 days.

If you just list down various methods of losing weight and do not focus on the “10 days” part, you have not accomplished the purpose of your article. Your readers may feel cheated and may not return to your blog.

3. Length Of The Article

"I Didn’t Have Time To Write A Short Letter, So I Wrote A Long One Instead." — Mark Twain

It is easy to write lengthy articles to include all the relevant information. However, squeezing this information within a short article is something not everyone can do. Make sure that your article does not become too lengthy and boring for your readers.

However, this does not mean you should just sum up your article in 200 words to make it more appealing. In Fact, for better SEO, your article should be over 1000 words at least and preferably over 2000 words. But you should achieve 1000 words count by squeezing a 1200 word article rather than stretching a 500-word article.

Most of my articles are over 1500 words naturally. It begins with a brief introduction, which I feel is necessary, and thereafter just focuses on relevant content.

4. Use Relevant Images and Infographics

Pictures may not contribute directly to quality content, but they definitely help your visitors sense in a single glance, what they can expect from your blog.

90% of information that comes to the brain is through visuals. So by using pictures, we are tapping on that very nerve fiber of your reader. This is the reason visually appealing blogs with lots of pictures are known to attract more visitors and improve engagement for your blog.

Also, pictures improve your presence on Social Media. According to Hubspot, a Facebook post with a picture is likely to get 53% more likes, 84% more clicks and 104% more comments than a text-only post.

5. Using Proper Grammar And Spellings

Many bloggers, in a rush, to publish as many articles as they can, often overlook the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the article. Too many grammatical mistakes can be really irritating. So it is essential for you to check your article for grammatical mistakes before publishing.

Alternately you can use tools likes Grammarly which is available has both, free and paid versions. The free versions will take care of your spelling mistakes and critical grammatical errors while the paid version takes care of advanced grammatical errors including vocabulary enhancement suggestions and genre-specific writing style checks.

6. Proper Formatting Of Your Content

It is very necessary that your article is formatted properly. A poorly formatted article without proper punctuation is very difficult to understand. Also, Google Algorithms have become smart enough to scan through your article for checking formatting errors. With a lot of competition, you may find it hard to make it to the first page of Google with a poorly formatted article.

Formatting includes the following :

  • Proper usage of the paragraph.
  • Using appropriate punctuation.
  • Use of italic and bold for highlighting important points.
  • Using appropriate headers and sub-headers.
  • Using bullets or numbered list for writing points

7. Maintaining Readability For Your Article.

Readability is the ease with which the reader can understand your content. It depends on various factors like Vocabulary you use, formatting of your content, font size, etc. There are various ways of measuring the readability of your content. Flesch readability score is one of them.

If you are WordPress user, you can use SEO By Yoast Plugin, which keeps calculating your Flesch score as you type your content. This helps you to quickly correct your sentence to maintain the readability.

8. Conclude Your Topic

Though not necessary, concluding your topic is a great way to quickly sum up your thoughts about the topic. This especially comes in very handy when you are comparing two products for their pros and cons. In such cases, the readers may be confused as to which product/option you are recommending them.

Concluding your topic will help you to pass your judgment to the audience.

Bottom Line

As I said earlier, there is no particular definition of a quality content. What may be good content for me, may not be good according to you. However, if you follow the above tips, your content would surely turn out to be appealing to most of the folks out there.

If I have missed out on something, please let me know through the comments.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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