17 Tactics for Promoting YouTube Videos to Maximize Views

You have started your own YouTube channel & just uploaded a video and now wanted to promote your content, right? It is the reasion you are here. I have got some truly effective and powerful ways to promote your YouTube videos to increase your video views and increase the ROI of your YouTube marketing strategy.

Promoting YouTube videos
YouTube is an inseparable part in our daily life. With more than 1.9 billion active users are here on this platform. A ton's of different videos are uploading on this platform day to day. But not all the videos are going on the trending page, there are many reasons behind it. It may video promoting issues marketing issues and many more are there. Before going to publish your videos on your YouTube channel you have to know about how to promote YouTube videos? There is no better time than now to figure out about how to promote YouTube channel.

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YouTube is markable platform to get easily promoting any one’s brand or product among the people. Google ads is one of the great factors that you can promote and marketing your channel easily. But not only this one option here to choose, in fact there are a lot of tricks that you can absolutely grab more attention of your targeted audience.

How to promote YouTube video google ads? And how to promote youtube videos without paying? This is what we are going to learn today on this article, make sure to stick with all the 10 points that I given below till the end. So, let’s get started.
Tactics Promoting YouTube Videos to Maximize Views
Tactics Promoting YouTube Videos to Maximize Views

17 Effective Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos (without Paying)

If you really want to improve your channel reach & increase video views? Here are 17 ways you can promote your videos and grow your YouTube channel fast.

Check out proven strategies for promoting your YouTube videos that will maximize video views:

1. Use attractive titles

An attractive title of the video is much important to grab maximum numbers of viewer and to promote YouTube videos
An attractive title of the video is much important to grab maximum numbers of viewer and to promote YouTube videos
An attractive title of the video is much important to grab maximum numbers of viewer and to promote YouTube videos. Not only just title but also you must have to mention some important and targeted keywords. By using Google AdWords keyword tool or word tracker you can identify what people are exactly searching about with the keywords. For example, if your video is about to giving workout advice then you must add keywords like “workout tips,” or “weight lifting advice” in your video title. Isn’t it interesting?

Recently I have posted indetailed page that descibes; 5 Reasons WHY KEYWORDS Are So Important for SEO Optimization?

In the following keywords “tips for workout” has a considerably lower competition rating than “workout tips.” Therefore, “tips for workout” would probably be the better choice for a keyword given the higher chance of its ranking.

To promote YouTube channel free and to grab more attention of the people, you have to pick an attractive and exact keyword that people can easily get understand about the topic.

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2. Use attractive thumbnails

Thumbnails matter a lot to promote YouTube videos
Thumbnails matter a lot to promote YouTube videos
Not only just video title but also there are another most important factor to getting more clicks on your video is to place an attractive thumbnail for video. With just a thumbnail image you can capture your viewers attention fast to get them to click on your video.

Maximum numbers of audience come to your video by looking at your video thumbnails. Thumbnails matter a lot to promote YouTube videos. As we all know that our thoughts always work in the pictures and images. So, make sure to choose right image and eye-catchy custom thumbnails for YouTube videos, it will absolutely help to promote your YouTube videos.

As shown in above picture, you can edit or add some funny element into the thumbnail so to attract more viewers. The size of thumbnail should be less than 2mb. Use high contrast image it much helpful to marketing YouTube videos. The texts and colorful image always encourage and helps to get more click on your video.

3. Build playlists

Playlists increases the chances of watching multiple videos
Playlists increases the chances of watching multiple videos
On the YouTube you may have seen before any video comes with its playlist, whether it may song list or movie list. By organizing a playlist of your contents, it will increase the chances of watching multiple videos in one place by huge audience. Playlists are something that we can consider here as a way to promote YouTube channel. This perfectly kept a secret that can grab a targeted audience for your video on YouTube.

Not only by making playlist of videos will get easier to find exact video in one place, but also the playlist gives you more opportunities to use more important keywords to pull together related videos.

Another advantage is that when you create playlist YouTube provide an option to choose auto-play. It makes more easier to watch your videos back to back for your audience, in fact they will love it.

4. Figure out what your audience wants

Figure out what your audience wants from your video
Figure out what your audience wants from your video
Whatever content that you making to publish on YouTube, you have to make sure that it is aligned with what your audience exactly wants. Whether content you have before publishing it on YouTube, just get to know about your audience interest and what type of content, they exactly want to see from you.

If you’re just starting YouTube promotion, take a look at your competitors and also other video creators around you, who also publish same type of contents on YouTube. Look at which of their videos get the most views and engagement. It will give you an idea on what topics your audience wants to learn about and what style of videos they prefer.

If you have already uploaded videos, just look at your YouTube analytics. YouTube gives you detailed information on audience demographics, location, engagement and other helpful stats. By this information figure out what your audience wants from your video.

5. Engage with the YouTube community

If you want to promote YouTube video with google ads, you have to engage with your audience of YouTube. Although, we have known that YouTube is a huge social networking site and biggest video streaming platform ever. YouTube is a huge platform that represent a large number community.

To be engage and interact with your audience, it seems like a positive signal for YouTube. People are searching for the solution and they hoping for it as quick as from your video, it is your responsibility to give them a proper solution with first 60 seconds of your video.

To boost your channel and to promote YouTube videos, make sure to keep in touch with your audience regularly by responding their every comment on videos. As well as don’t forget to like every comment of them. It only takes a few seconds but it shows a sort of personal note to your subscribers. Regularly give compliments and answers to the questions of your every viewer, by doing this definitely you will able to promote YouTube videos.

6. Choose Google-friendly keywords

Keywords are the main aspects to marketing YouTube videos
Keywords are the main aspects to marketing YouTube videos
Keywords are the main aspects to marketing YouTube videos. Search engine optimization always works on your targeted keyword that you are posting on YouTube. A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO. Once you use right keywords while publishing your video on YouTube, Google will help to push your channel through Google ads to promote YouTube video.

The great SEO starts with understanding what users are searching for. So, choose important and user-friendly keywords that users always search on the search bar of YouTube.

As we all know that there are tons of people search a lot on the Google and YouTube platforms every day. Not only they search on the YouTube but they are using Google too. As a matter of fact, Google ads helps to promote YouTube video. When people search on the Google, it shows the videos as well on the it’s result page. Google always choose the videos, which it has user-friendly keywords and much popular on YouTube. Your video also can b in the list of Google search.

There are no rules setting up for which keywords will helps for videos to rank well. But you can identify possible keywords with a tool like the Google ads keyword planner. Choose a keyword that prioritizes for your video and suits for your content. I am sure will promote YouTube video free when you choose right keywords.

7. Cross-promote your YouTube channel everywhere

This may not seem too advanced, but you would be surprised how many people forget the power marketing YouTube videos on other social networking platforms. Reach out to audiences outside of YouTube to build community of your channel. Find ways to incorporate videos into your blog, email newsletter, and other social media accounts.

There are lots of creative ways to cross promote your YouTube channel everywhere on the internet. Different social strategies are works very well for different platforms. It will help to promote YouTube video free.

Another way to promote YouTube videos is that, if you have running any website as a blogging, embed your YouTube videos in your blog pages or in your website, along with searchable transcript. This will increase both video and page views.

8. Address your topic in first 60 seconds

When your channel is about provide solution of your audience problems or if you create a how-to video, start showing the steps or process in the first 60 seconds. People comes on YouTube to find the solution of their problems. It is important to recognize their problems and give them a proper solution instantly.

When people are searching for a solution, they’re hoping to find that solution as quickly as possible, so make sure to add introduction with explaining what you’ll be teaching in the video. Your first 60 seconds are most important and it will decide that audience will stay on your video till the end or not. Once you give them what exactly want as quickly, it helps to promote YouTube video free.

9. Create a weekly video series

The video planning process starts with generating viable video topic ideas. You need to choose topics that will attract the right audience and community to your YouTube channel. When you create a weekly video series people get connect with your channel.

Once they get to know about your schedule people wait for your videos and they can be exited to watch it until and unless you are upload video on the YouTube. A regular video series gives potential viewers the perfect reason to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Also, it much beneficial to promote YouTube videos.

10. Collaborate with other YouTube Video Creators

Collaborate with other YouTube Video Creators
Collaborate with other YouTube Video Creators
This is another best way to marketing YouTube videos. The search engine like Google and YouTube always search these types of collaborated contents, if you want to promote YouTube video with google ads, collaboration with another video is best ways. Your YouTube video able to get promote more among the people.

You will get best results according to your video by collaborating with another YouTuber who also targeting the same audience as you do. By applying this strategy, you can absolutely gain more and more targeted audience for your videos. It is much helpful situation for both collaborators. This trick grabs the attention of your collaborator's audience, but make sure that he or she is not your direct competitor.

11. Use social media accounts

Social media is still one of the best ways to promote new YouTube videos. Other than YouTube, there are lot of existing audience you have it may on your mobile contact list, Facebook friends list, on Instagram and many other sites are there, where you can easily promote your video. Post your videos on these sites to prmote YouTube videos. Also, don't forget to share with all your WhatsApp groups, share with your friends and ask them to share it. There are bunch of social networking sites on the Internet, where you can easily promote your videos by publishing on it.

12. Conduct a contest

Conducting a contest is a great way to promote your videos and increase the activity on your channel. Make surprises by organizing contest for your audience. If your contest program is excited then your existing audeince will expose to a new audience to make participate and engage with your channel. Running a contest means your audience have a chance to win something and that is a great way to drive more engagement and promote your videos among the people. The opportunity to win a free prize will motivate a lot of viewers to engage with your videos. You can keep the rules as simple as to getting people to like your video, subscribe to your channel, and leave a comment.

13. Write helpful comments on other videos

This is the best way to promote YouTube videos. Your comments on another videos can grab a huge numbers of audeince to your videos. You need to make a better comment according to that video and mention their your video links and your channel name. The better your comment is, the more engagement it will get (upvotes and replies). This engagement will help push your comment to the top of the comments section. I am sure a certain percentage of people that see your comment and will click over to your channel and watch your videos. Isn't it is a best strategy?

Even it helps to build relationships with other YouTubers. If you’re going to use this approach, make sure you have a unique, professional Channel Icon. Your Channel Icon shows up next to your comment. So you want it to be something that represents your channel’s branding.

14. Send Your Video to Email Subscribers

Promoting YouTube videos on social media is great, but if you want to reach to most targeted audience, then email marketing is one of the best option. In fact, there is nothing like it to get promote YouTube videos. When you upload a new video to YouTube, send a message and link to your entire email list. If you send out a periodic email newsletter, mention your new videos in it, too. Write an enticing newsletter in Email that describes why your video’s topic is important. Explain how can your video get helps to audience, by giving video link.

15. Promote your videos on Q and A sites

Forums, Reddit and Q&A sites (like Quora) are some of the best places to promote your videos. Probably, most of the people visit these type of websites because of two reasons. First they always want to see new contents, and another one is that they want answers of their questions. Your video can help with both of these things. If your video content is about "How to" and if it able to solve any problem related to your audience, then this trick is much benificial for you to promote YouTube videos.

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16. Re-optimize old videos

Most people upload a video on YouTube they keep reply to comments for a few days and never look at that video again. Well, one of the best ways to get promote your videos and to more views is to re-optimize your old YouTube contents. When people visit your channel for the first time, they able to watch your old videos as well. Unfortunately, you’re limited with what you can change for videos that you’ve already uploaded to YouTube. But still you can change videos title, description, tags, thumbnails which helps to give those old videos some new life. I am sure this trick will helps a lot to promote your all videos on YouTube.

17. Appreciate and reward your audience

Your subscribers and the people who have spend watching hours in your videos make appriciate them regularly. With a little help of analytical tool you will come to know who is sharing your content and videos. Do encourage these supporters by sending them to thank you mail, giving recognition in your next video or sending a free give away. It is a feel-good factor for your audience, which is important to retain subscribers and promote YouTube videos.

Bottom Line
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YouTube serves as a powerful platform for the creation and dissemination of high-quality, impactful content. The value of your work is amplified when you effectively promote your YouTube videos, as this can generate a steady stream of engaged viewers. These viewers may subscribe to your channel or return for more content, ultimately leading to an increase in video views.

The fundamental strategy revolves around two key aspects: producing quality video content and promoting your videos or channel.

It's crucial to understand and cater to the needs and preferences of your viewers. By doing so, you not only meet their expectations but also foster a loyal viewer base. This dual focus on content creation and promotion is the cornerstone of a successful YouTube presence.

Remember, the quality of your content is the foundation upon which your channel's success is built, and promotion is the vehicle that drives viewer engagement. So, keep creating, keep promoting, and watch your video views soar.

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