Top 17 Best Android Phone Tips & Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind | Android Phone Basics

It's been proved that the Android devices are full of useful features and functions. You can use these impressive features to smoothen your Android experience. In this article, we can discuss top 10 cool smartphone tricks that will definitely help you improve your Android experience. Android Phone Tips - Instead of android phone release dates I always like to find something new but working android hidden tricks and tips, and eager to share with you. Here I am featuring 10 amazing Android phone tips and tricks that may enhance your phone performance while handling your Android device. Either you are new in mobile world or in any particular version of Android OS of phone these cool smartphone tricks help you improving your Android phone performance quickly. Everyone wants to know best phone tips & smartphone tricks but to help android phone selector to choose one, check out from android phone basics to how to use a smartphone effectively? What a smartphone can do that a regular phone can't? Also get some fun things to do on the phone when bored and cool things to do with the Android phone.
Android Phone Tips & Tricks
Android Phone Tips & Tricks
In the case of Android phone vs iPhone last time we have seen Top 25 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone in The Market and today we are going to check how cool smartphone tricks makes you feel cool using an android phone.

Top 10 Best Android Phone Tips & Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Keep your device safe

You can use an inbuilt tool on Android device to keep your data safe in case you lost your device. You can activate “Android Device Manager” function on your device to locate your device while lost or stolen. You can even lock your device or erase complete data on it.

You can activate this function by heading to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrators >> Android Device Manager.

In case, you lost your device then you can access locate or lock functions or erase device option by heading to

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2. Set up a VPN on Android device

Virtual Private Network or VPN helps you hide your browsing history, keep your data safe from prying eyes and offers many other benefits as well. It ensures data privacy especially when you are using networks at public places like airports and cafes.

To set a VPN on your Android device go to Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> More Settings >> VPN or Settings >> Wi-Fi and networks and select the VPN settings.

Now click on “Add VPN” option and choose the type of VPN you want to add. Fill in the VPN details like VPN account name and VPN server address.

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3. Restrict background data services

A lot of apps on your device consumes a significant amount of data while running in the background. These apps not only consume your Internet data but they also make your device run slow. It is absolutely safe to stop background data services to save some data for more important work.

To do this, you require to first set your mobile data limit and then go to Settings >> Data Usage and go to options menu and select Restrict Background Data option.

You can even restrict certain resource hungry apps from consuming data in the background.

To do this, go to Settings >> Data Usage and scroll down to find those apps which consume a lot of mobile data. Tap on that app and select “Restrict background data” option. It will immediately stop that app running in the background.

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4. Backup Android phone data to Cloud

Keeping your data backup on Cloud can ensure your data safety and instant access to it. You can get the backup of your data on Google Drive using your phone settings.

To do this go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google and click on “Sync All” option. If you have many accounts, then choose the one with which you want to take data backup.

Go back to your phone Settings >> Backup & Reset and turn ON “Backup my data” and “Automatic restore” options. It will take backup of your data on Google Drive which you can access from your Google account.

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5. Make your device super secure

Use encryption feature on your device to keep your device data super secure. Though encryption feature on Android device has its own limitations still you can use it for the sound security of your device.

To encrypt your device and SD card go to Settings >> Security >> Encrypt device or Encrypt external SD card. Here you need to mention your pin or password to decrypt the device again.

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6. Disable App Notifications

If you are feeling annoyed due to random notifications on your device, then you can disable all such notifications instantly. To do this, long press on the notification until it displays “App Info” option. Now tap on “App Info” option and unselect “Show Notifications” option and confirm it. This simple process will instantly stop notifications from that particular app further.

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7. Disable Automatic App Updates

If you don’t want to update your apps on their own automatically, then you can disable Automatic App Updates option.

To do this, go to Play Store >> Settings >> Auto-Update apps. Now select “Do not auto-update apps” option. If you need to update your apps manually just head to Google Play Store >> My Apps & Games >> All and select the App you want to update.

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8. Add Multiple Google Accounts

You can add multiple Google accounts for different services and apps on your device. You can follow a simple process to add Google accounts quickly.

To add multiple Google accounts:
  • Go to Settings >> Add account.
  • Select Google option and setup your New or Existing Google account.
  • Once you have added the account, you can select the services you want to sync with the account.
If you want to add more accounts repeat all the steps mention above.

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9. Set Mobile data limit

If you want to keep the tab on your Mobile data usage, then you can set a limit for this.

To do this, go to Settings >> Data Usage. Now set your data usage limit by dragging the orange line to reflect your monthly usage quota.

You need to set your data usage cycle based on when your month starts and ends. You can follow these simple steps to set your Mobile data limit easily. It will alert you when you cross the limit you have set for data usage.

10. Check for Android System Updates

If you are using Android stock ROM then you may want to look for latest updates to your system.

To check for updates, go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates. Now tap Check Now option to look for system updates.

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11. Changing Default Apps

If you have set some default app for specific tasks like Chrome for browsing etc. then you can change this default setting.

To do this, go to Settings >> Apps, swipe right and look for All tab. Now select the App you want to remove as default and tap on Clear defaults.

12. Manage Home Screen Shortcuts with Folders

If you plenty of shortcuts on your home screen and it creates trouble for you then you can manage this easily by creating some folders.

To do this: Long press on any of the shortcuts available and drag that onto another shortcut. It will appear a circle indicating that a folder has been created. Tap on this newly created folder and drag and drop additional app shortcuts into the folder. You can also rename the folder.

13. Disable Animations

Try this step to run your device bit smoother.

To disable animations on your device, go to Settings >> Developer Options. Now disable Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale options.

To open developer options for some devices, you need to go to Settings >> About device >> Build number and need to tap on it until you see the message “You are now a developer.”

14. Turn Off Auto-Correction

To turn off auto-correction mode while texting, go to Settings >> Language & Input. Tap on the Settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, for example, Google Keyboard. Now look for the Auto-correction option and tap on it. Select OFF to turn auto-correction off.

15. Speed up Android device

You can try some basic steps to speed up your Android device. You can clean cache & cookies, temporary and junk files, disable bloatware, and perform similar actions to speed up your device performance. Alternatively, you can use best Android cleaner apps to clean your device instantly, reducing your manual efforts and saving time for you.

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16. Try technology

Apart from many useful features and tricks of Android, you can also try some useful apps for smooth and fast Android experience. One such tool is android cleaner apps which help you clean your device effortlessly. These apps help you remove all kind of unnecessary files to recover some precious space to speed up its performance.

You can use these simple tricks and tips to improve the performance of your Android device. Using these tips, you can save a lot of your time and efforts.

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17. Follow Pro

You need to stay updated with pro people to be known about new tricks and tips about Android or any cool smartphone tricks, so dont forget to like and subscribe our newsletter and stay updated with latest tech news.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of useful tricks and tips on Android device which helps users to improve their device’s speed and performance. Let’s discuss some of these useful tricks and tips here.

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