Boost Photoshop Performance : 7 Tricks

In this post we will see the best settings to boost the Photoshop performance, by using these as well as with other compiled tips; the working of Photoshop gets more effective than ever you seen before. For better results follow these suggestions described over here & find the appropriate steps to implement that in according to your use as well as in matching of your system.
Boost Photoshop Performance : 7 Tricks
Boost Photoshop Performance
In previous tutorial we have seen about Facebook that you can login by 3 passwords in you account. But today we are going to learn an advanced tested tutorial about Photoshop for making its performance much better.

Optimize Photoshop Performance : 7 Tricks

These tricks are not only improves the operational performance but also the user experience in handling the user's task only by configuring its preferences.

1. Allow High Memory Use

You need to ensure that Photoshop can use maximum amount of RAM available on your system.
Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > Memory Usage

2. Add Scratch Disks

It's nothing but Virtual Memory. If your disk have multiple drives then you can add those as scratch disks to allow PS for using your disk as memory for better performance.
Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > Scratch Disks

3. Reduce History & Cache size

Adjust following setting according to your use. History & cache size allows you to undo the changes for images. I use following for fast performance.
  • History States to 100
  • Cache levels to 10
  • Cache tiles size to 1028K
Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > History & Cache

4. Adjust Painting Cursors

Use normal brush tip which uses less processing time.
Choose Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Painting Cursors

5. Remove pre-loading of fonts

Whenever PS opens, all fonts installed in the system also pre-loaded into RAM, which need not that much necessary if font is not used mostly while manipulation of images.
Choose Edit > Preferences > Type > Type Options > Font Preview Size

6. Uncheck Export Clipboard

If you are not using any copied data other than in Photoshop, then its best to uncheck this option. It causes more data leakage when you copied data and not willing to paste elsewhere.
Choose Edit > Preferences > General > Deselect Export Clipboard.

7. Restrict file saving options

In order to reduce the RAM & CPU+GPU usage, its essential to cancel the caching of image previews. And check the box "Save as to original folder"
Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > File Handling


GPU setting:
You need to keep updated your graphics driver for optimized GPU operation.

Dragging is better:
High memory usage is occurred while Coping & pasting, so instead of that, use dragging of images.

Close all other applications:
Make sure to close all other applications if you are not using while you are on PS, this surely freed up additional memory to boost Photoshop operation.

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Boost Photoshop Performance : 7 Tricks
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