How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed by QoS Trick

Now the Internet becomes one of the major factors in our routine life. And the high-speed Internet is a must as long as the Internet-ready devices are stepping into our life and if you are working on slow DSL Internet connection it becomes very irritating even you are working at the office or at your home. You arrived at the right place if you are searching to boost DSL speed and try to get to know how to have faster Internet connection. Increasing DSL speed depends on many factors such as your computer, browser, operating system, and ISP. Everyone seems searching the solution for the prime questions: how do I increase internet speed? What are the easiest ways to increase internet speed? Can I increase my Internet speed without upgrading Internet speed plan from ISP? What are quicktips on how to speed up my Internet connection effectively. Learn more on how to speed up your internet connection to not only have for browsing but to have good download speed.
How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed
How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed
Last time we have seen how to increase utorrent download speed and today we are focusing on to increase internet download/upload speed.

Internal & External Internet Speed Issues

Basically, the web data is sent via TCP. The point to the use of TCP is that, if the data stream cannot be delivered reliably at the destination, it retransmits the bits that got dropped/lost/scrambled, until they can be. And if it gets stuck long enough, then it terminates the connection - and we say the connection got lost.

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WHAT IS QoS [Quality of Service]?

On the Internet and in other networks, QoS (Quality of Service) is the funda that transmission rates, error rates, and other characteristics can be measured, improved, and, it is up to some extent, with guaranteed in advance - which helps in increasing DSL speed.

How To Get Faster WiFi Transmission by QoS?

No need to worry about phone internet slow connectivity. QoS is the concern for the continuous transmission of high-bandwidth multimedia information. And this is difficult in public networks using ordinary "best effort" protocols. The Common Open Policy Service (COPS) is a relatively simple new protocol that allows the router and the layer switches to get QoS policy information from the network policy server.

Boost DSL Speed by QoS

In shortly said, Quality of Service (QoS) is a set of service requirements that the network must meet in order to ensure an adequate service level for data transmission that has been used in DSL. These service requirements are based on industry standards for QoS functionality. A QoS guarantee indicates a service level that enables a program to transmit data at a specified rate and to deliver it within a specified time frame.

If you want to speed up internet connection you just need to change how much bandwidth is reserved for QoS (the default is 20% of the total bandwidth), so follow following quick tip to maximize your Internet speed.

Tip to Increase the Internet Speed

Learn how to utilize your complete broadband speed not only for fast browsing but also to have good download speed.

1. Make sure you're logged in as "Administrator" (not just any account with admin privileges).

2. Navigate to START >> Run and type: gpedit.msc

3. Navigate to Local Computer Policy >> Administrative Templates >> Network >> QOS Packet Scheduler.

4. In the right window, double-click the 'Limit reservable bandwidth' setting.

5. On the setting tab, check the Enabled setting.

6. Where it says "Bandwidth limit %", change it to read 0 (or whatever percentage you want to reserve for high priority QoS data).

7. Click OK, close gpedit.msc and restart your computer.

NOTE: You need to reboot for changes to take effect.

Bottom Line

QoS is CPU intensive and primarily works by throttling your connection speed to create leeway for time-critical, lossy packets like UDP-based VOIP protocols.The default system behavior is that all 100% bandwidth is available, however, if there is a running application that indicates to the OS it needs to send high priority/real time data, then as long as it has the socket open, Windows XP will restrict "best effort" traffic to 80% of the bandwidth so that high priority traffic can be accommodated. Basically, applications can make this request to the operating system for QoS support using the QoS application programming interfaces (APIs) in Windows and this only applies if a specific app is requesting QoS.

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How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed by QoS Trick - by , July 12, 2016
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Now the Internet becomes one of the major factors in our routine life. And the high-speed Internet is a must as long as the Internet-ready d...
How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed by QoS Trick
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