10 Most Useful Computer Tips and Tricks Every Windows User Must Know

Discover practical computer hacks and advanced tricks that can simplify your life. Explore a compilation of the best computer tips and tricks designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. These valuable insights and techniques will help you navigate your computer system more effectively, saving time and effort. From keyboard shortcuts to hidden features, learn how to leverage the power of your computer to streamline tasks and optimize your workflow. Unlock the potential of your machine with these legitimate and useful hacks, and experience a smoother and more productive computing experience.

Many of us spend hours a day on the computer and may think that we know all the tricks and shortcuts that make our work easier. Let me tell you, there is a countless shortcuts and tricks are included on the computer you are using. The most proficient PC users don’t realize that they could be utilized all the tricks on a daily basis. And hence this page is got posted here to help you out for using most useful latest computer tricks and tips you should start applying them while working on your PC.

Useful Computer Tricks
Do you guys love to learn new things about the computer? Do you want to learn how to run your computer smartly? Then you have come to the right page. From college students, office workers to freelancers everywhere computers and laptops are necessary things. As well as these computer tricks and shortcuts are must to know all of you.

No matter how techy person you are, there are certain things that everyone should deal with when using a computer but unfortunately, we don’t always deal with them in the most efficient ways to run computer smoothly. We know some of the basic things about computer and softwares such as how to avoid viruses, keyboard shortcuts, or even keeping your data backed up. But these thigs are not going to help you make your computer work easier, like I said there are countless other things, tricks, and computer hacks that you must know about.
Most Useful Computer Tricks: Know legitimately useful computer hacks and advanced computer tricks to make life easier. Listed best computer tips and tricks to boost productivity and your overall computer user experience.
Most Useful Computer Tricks: Know legitimately useful computer hacks and advanced computer tricks to make life easier. Listed best computer tips and tricks to boost productivity and your overall computer user experience.

10 important Computer Tricks Every Computer User Must Know

In this article, I will tell you the most effective and already tested computer tricks and tips which will not only save your time but also it will help you to run your computer faster than you think.

Check out top 10 computer hacks that will help you work fast and efficient:

1. Change password

Setting up password for your computer for security purposes is necessary. Every computer user set their computer password but what if I tell you to change your computer password? Many of us may use the same method as the control panel. They simply go to the control panel >> user account >> put an old password and then set a new password for their system.

If I tell you to set your computer password without using an old password, then I am sure many of you may not be able to do that.

Without using an old password you can change your new password by using some commands in your system. There is an easy and shortcut ways to change password without using an old password. Let me show you how.

Step 1 : Open command prompt:
Opening command prompt
Opening command prompt
First of all, you need to open the command prompt window by searching on the start menu.

Step 2: Windows command prompt:
Net users command prompt
Net users command prompt
Once you open it, you just need to type net user and press enter key. After that, it will show how many user accounts on your computer.

Step 3: User accounts command prompt:
Net users command prompt
Net users command prompt
Whatever you have user accounts on your computer you can set the password for each account. For that, you need to type net user and particular user account name and then type the password that you want and hit enter. Like shown below;

net user YourName YourNewPassword

You will see the command completed successfully message over there (as shown in the picture). That means you have successfully changed your computer password and that is all about it. In the whole process, you don't need to type your old password to set a new one. Isn't it interesting?

If you use the control panel method to change your computer password, you need to type the old password there but if you use the command prompt method you can easily change it without any old password.

Use and share this quick method with your friends and family in case of emergancy that they will think you are smart and talented guy in computers.

2. Task manager

Task manager is one of the important aspects and easy way to manage many things with few clicks. If I tell you to open the Task Manager Window on your computer, you can simply press "Alt+Ctrl+Delete" on the keyboard or you can directly search on the windows menu. But it is a little bit lengthy process.

There is another ways to open task manager window quickly in your computer screen. Follow the step below.

Step 1: Keyboard trick:
Keyboard trick
Keyboard trick
All you need is to press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc button on your keyboard and the task manager window will be in front of you.

Using this method, you can quickly make your work easier and able to tell your friends how knowledgable you are!

3. Block websites

After reading the title of this trick many of you might be surprised by thinking, do we can really block any website on our computer??!!?? Yes, you can definitely block any website in your computer system. Whichever website that you don't want to access on your computer you can block in a simple steps. Just follow these steps given below.

Step 1: Run Box:
Opening Run Box for host file
Opening Run Box for host file
Press window+R at a time on your keyboard and you will see the Run box.
In the search box just type this instruction:


And press the OK button.

Step 2: Find Hosts file location in C Drive:
Host file location in C Drive
Host file location in C Drive
You can go directly at My computer >> C Drive >> Windows >> System32 >> Drivers >> etc but I think using the Run box you can save your time and energy to reach there.

Step 3: Opening Hosts file in Notepad:
Host file opening in Notepad
Host file opening in Notepad
Once you open this window you will see the file named "hosts". Do the right-click on that file and open it in the Notepad format.

Step 4: Local IP adress list:
Local IP adress list
Local IP adress list
On the notepad file, you can see IP addresses and can block any website you want in few steps. As you can see, there are your local IP address already existed with So you have to make sure to add your new local IP address for one website that ends with

Just type and then type the website name that you want to block ahead and save that file.

Similarly if you want to block another websites you can add the next IP address that start with next digit and type that website name and save the file. Like shown below; www.facebook.com www.myntra.com www.zoomin.com
Suppose if you want to block facebook the same website that starts from www. i.e. "World Wide Web". So make sure to add same website, starting from [www.facebook.com] with the next IP address like And using this step you can block many websites that you don't want to access on your computer. Once you save the notepad file, make sure to check on your browser by searching that website whether it is run on your computer or not.

[Note: Editing hosts file may cause errors while surfing. Also for editing hosts file, it is suggested to take backup of it first. If the file is not getting saved, copy it on other drive, edit it, save and then replace it with the original.]

4. Encrypting files and folders

This hack is for everybody who has their important documents and data on their computer and they don't want to share any of their files on another device. In that case, if you think that there have been a folder or document that is very important for you and don't want to access it to any other system, then you can Encrypt that folder with few steps. Once you do this step, the folder will get Encrypted and nobody can copy that particular folder and access it to another device.

Step 1: Right click and open properties:
Right click on folder and click properties
Right click on folder and click properties
All you need to do right click on that particular folder that you want to encrypt and go to the Properties option.

Step 2: File properties option:
File properties window
File properties window
In the properties, you will see the option called Advanced just click on it.

Step 3: Advanced attribution window:
Advanced attribution window
Advanced attribution window
Then you will see encrypt contents to secure data option there, just tik that box and click on the Apply and Ok button.

Another thing I would like to tell is the method will apply only to the system, where the BitLocker is already installed.

5. Unlock wifi password

Did you forget and bothering to remember your wifi password? No worry you can easily find out what is the password of your wifi with the help of the command prompt option.

Step 1: Opening command prompt:
Opening command prompt
Opening command prompt
As usual, you all need to go on the command prompt by searching in the Start Menu.

Step 2: Wifi name command prompt:
Wifi name command prompt
Wifi name command prompt
Once you reach there just type netsh wlan show profile "Your wifi network name" key=clear" and then do enter.

Step 3: Wifi details command prompt:
Wifi details command prompt
Wifi details command prompt
It will show you the details about Internet connection, security and cost settings. In the security setting details, you can see the last option called "key content," and this is nothing but your wifi password. Make sure to check the Image below for deep understand.

6. Know Your IP address

When you connect your laptop or computer to your wifi, there are many things behind it at a time and you should know about it. Yes, I am talking about it's IP address, DNS server address and many more. In a few commands, you can see all the wifi and IP address details over your system. To know about it keep follow the steps below.

Step 1: All IP address command prompt:
All IP address command prompt
All IP address command prompt
Open the command prompt and search ipconfig/all and then press enter. Once you hit the enter, you can see all the details according to your Internet connection and IP addresses.

7. Hidden folder

Without any software, you can hide your important folders in your system. So, nobody can see the folders and important files that you saved on your PC. This is an interesting and important trick, you should know about. To know how to hide and unhide the important folders keep follow the steps that I have given below carefully.

Step 1: Folder properties window:
Folder hidden option
Folder hidden option
Suppose if you want to hide a folder, you just right-click on it and go to its properties option. Then you will find the option called "Hidden" just select that option and click on ok. After that particular folder will be hide from your system. Even if you copy that folder to your Pendrive and check that folder on another device. It will still be hidden on that system too.

Step 2: Uncheck hidden items
Uncheck hidden items
Uncheck hidden items
If you want to unhide that folder just go to the View option on the upper right corner of your window and select Hidden items. You able to see the same folder gets visible again. Do the right click on that folder go to Properties and again uncheck that Hidden box and click on Apply and Ok. It will be unhide and visible over there and you will see that folder properly.

8. Hide Drive Partitions

As we all know there have many drives in our system. Such as C-drive, D-drive, E-drive, F-drive and more. Also, many people create a different partitions for external uses and to save their important data on it. But did you know you can hide any drive that you want on your system?

With a simple steps you can hide and unhide any drive from your comuter. Keep follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: Opening Run Box for local group policy editor window:
Opening Run Box for local group policy editor window
Opening Run Box for local group policy editor window
Open the Run box and type gpedit.msc and click ok.

Step 2: Local group policy editor window:
Local group policy editor window
Local group policy editor window
After that, it will take you to the window called "Local group policy editor"

All you need to go through step by step here:

See the list on the left-hand side and go to;

Computer configeration >> User configeration >> Administrative templates >> Windows components >> File expolrer >> seletct "Hide all specified drivers in my computer" from the list given right side >>

Double click on it and it will open.
[To make it more sophisticated you can see the picture.]

Step 3: Hiding specified drive window:
Hiding specified drive window
Hiding specified drive window
Once you open it choose the "Enabled" option> then select which drive you want to hide >> click on Apply and ok. And that's it.

If you want to unhide the same drive, you can do the same process above. But only you need to choose the "Disabled" option and click on Apply and ok. Your drive will be visible in the system again.

9. Access Blocked Website

This is the most important trick and much useful for the people who work online. You guys might have seen before many times that in a particular area like college, school or in the commercial sector, you can't access some social websites like Facebook and YouTube. They block such websites for security purposes. But there is a way and trick by using you can easily access such blocked websites.

Step 1 : Open by proxysites:
Open proxysite web
Open proxysite
You just need to open your browser and open the proxysite(.)com website. You will see there are many servers available choose anyone and let search the blocked website that you want to access.

10. IP Address of Website

By using the command prompt you can easily get to know the IP address of the particular website you want.

Step 1: Opening command prompt: Search and open command prompt and you will see the window.

Step 2: Command prompt for IP Address of Website:
Command prompt for IP Address of Website
Command prompt for IP Address of Website
Then search ping *website name* and enter. You will see the IP address list about the website you entered.

Bottom Line

I hope above all the 10 tricks and steps are definitely will going to helps you. Introducing only these 10 computer tricks to you is like putting a glass of water from the sea.

There are tons of other tricks have in the system but I am sure the above 10 computer tips will definitely be going sweet spot for you.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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