[Root/Unroot] Play Store No Connection Retry Error by Google App [Fixed]

No worry guys, I always have solutions for all your problems. You are here on this page that means either your google play store not working or you too got the error message as "No Connection – Retry" shown by Google framework services when you tried to open Play Store; it shows that the Google Play Store app on your Android phone fails to connect to the Internet even though your WiFi/4G/3G/LTE connection is working smoothly and all the other Internet apps are running fine.

Fix Play Store "No Connection, Retry" Error
Android users used to search; how do I fix Google play store no connection error? Why does my Google Play store say server error? Why does Gmail app Say No connection? How to fix “No connection – Retry” error message? And so on.

First, the Google Play Store, YouTube & Gmail show error message "No Connection, Retry". Initially, I created a Google account & then opened the Play Store app; but It was just showing "Check Your Connection and Try Again". And after lots of troubleshooting that goes from changing Wifi settings, DNS servers to resetting, formatting the OS; finally, I got the fix to solve this play store error. So stop searching for; play store no connection root, play store not working, google play no connection, play store no connection wifi, play store no connection freedom, or downloading total commander apk to solve it.

Learn quickly how to fix "No connection Retry" error related to Android developer service when opening the Google Play store. Just follow the instruction as shown, and it's not that much hard but surely you will get out of this play store error messages.
[Fixed] Play Store No Connection Retry Error by Google App [Root/Unroot]
[Fixed] Play Store No Connection Retry Error by Google App [Root/Unroot]
For Android user, it is nothing new to have an error while using Play Store or even any Android app, ERRORs are there from Google framework services. Many people stuck on this error and one of them was like; "Please help to get rid of this error. I have tried many solutions like clear catch data, reinstalled, updated from play store but nothing to be work". And then, we tried to get rid of this error ASAP and finally succeeded.

Last time you have seen, 12 Tips To Improve & Extend Mobile Battery Life for Android, and today we are going to see one of the major tutorials to fix Google play store error.

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Fix Play Store No Connection Retry Error [Root/Unroot]

In this tutorial, we found different methods to fix this error. Try one by one method and let us know which one is worked for you.

Follow steps for fixing Google Play Store app keep showing the “No connection – Retry” error message:

Method 1. Clear Google Play Store app cache & app data

This is one of the simple methods. Though it is a basic way, most of the time it works with older Android Operating Systems like Jellybean.
For this, you need to;
  1. Go to settings >> Applications >> Google Play Store app.

  2. Click on Force stop and then Clear Cache and App Data.

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Method 2: Relogin Google account by browser

Go to your browser and try to attempt to download/update an app:
  1. It will bring up a confirmation box or pop up to use either you have to choose to complete the action using the internet or play store, or chrome.

  2. Here choose the Internet and then it will be redirected and will show to log in to Google play account.

  3. Login with correct details and the app will start working again.

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Method 3: Sync correct date & time settings

Wrong time and date are the one of the most common cause & were the problem with the majority of users complaining about "Google Play no connection Retry" error. Check if the data and time on the device are correct.

Many users were facing this network error message because of incorrect time settings. Your device time and date should be correctly set because the Google Play Services sync with their own master servers to send and receive data.

Method 4: Reinstall Google Play Store app.

If the above 3 methods are still now working then now you need to uninstall all the updates related to Google play store app only. Also, remove your google account and try to install it again from the Internet.

Don't try to install it from the APK file, get the fresh file from the server and install it:
  1. Go to Settings >> Application manager >> press on Google Play Store icon >> then click on uninstall updates >> then OK.

  2. Now go to Settings >> Application manager again >> press Google Play Services >> press uninstall updates >> then OK.

  3. Restart phone.

  4. Now open the Play Store, press on 'Existing' and sign in with your existing account.

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Method 5: Factory reset

If all of the above-mentioned methods are not working then we have only one; the last option that you need to FACTORY RESET your mobile device.

Before resetting, keep in mind that, you need to backup your Android phone or tablet as a factory reset will completely wipe out all your data.

Update: 28th March

Method 6: For Root users;

  1. Install Total Commander apk or app from the store.

  2. Open and go to ROOT of the system and open 'etc' folder.

  3. Search for 'hosts' file.

  4. Edit that file with total commander text editor.

  5. Remove all and add " localhost" at the first line.

  6. Save and overwrite.

  7. Restart the phone.

Bottom Line
If you know any other working method that will solve this one of the hectic error "No Connection – Retry" shown by Google framework services then let us know via comments. We will be glad to publish your solution on this page.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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