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As we all know, no OS in this world is error-free, so does the Android OS. There are many problems which keep occurring on your android smartphone while you are using it. Though Android is treated as most popular and reliable operating system around the world, there are still various improvements which end user must take care of. This is nothing but getting rid of the random errors like "android.process.acore has stopped" which keep popping up on your smartphone. Check out the methods to fix Process.android.acore has stopped error. FIX - Process.android.acore has stopped error
People used to search; how to fix android? What does it mean when the process android process acore has stopped? Fixing android.process.acore has stopped LG G3, G2, Samsung, Sony, Redmi Note or Lenovo, how to fix android media has stopped, tips for android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly fix, phone app not working android, How do I fix Android process Acore? android.process.acore error, unfortunately the process android.process.phone has stopped, android.process.acore keeps stopping Nougat, What does the process android process acore has stopped unexpectedly? What is com Google process Gapps? There are many cases where your Android OS based smartphone shows an error like a problem parsing the package, unfortunately, gallery has stopped etc. However, in this post, we are going to discuss how to resolve "android.process.acore has stopped" error. This error occurs every single minute on your smartphone while you are using it. And it’s annoying when you are using or adding or removing the contacts from your device. Sometimes, this error also triggers when the OS itself crashes. This error makes it almost impossible for the user to use their smartphone smoothly. As I mentioned above, this error usually triggers when you try to save, delete, modify contacts or save contacts to your Gmail account, WhatsApp etc. People keep on asking how do I fix Android process Acore? or what does this mean the process android process acore has stopped unexpectedly? However, we will have to understand how to solve error: "Unfortunately, the process.android.process.acore has stopped..." Instead of getting down to the meaning of this error. You are not the only one who is facing this issue. And hence we are having various options to fix this error. Other people may face different issues and keep on pushing us with why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services has stopped? The answers to all the people who encountered this error will be given below. Secondly, such error leads to Google Play Store not working and it gets crashed on a random basis.
Fix "android.process.acore has stopped"
Fix "android.process.acore has stopped"
I usually demand my readers to share their Android errors, I like to fix them and share the proper solutions to fix Android issues. In the previous page I was talking about; [FIX] "Unfortunately, The process com.google.process.gapps has stopped" // Solved Android Error and today again I come with another solution for fixing Andoird process acore error.

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Reasons: “android.process.acore” Error

This error is literally frustrating you than any other error just because it keeps popping up on your screen and it leads to crash other apps which you are using simultaneously. We usually encountered this error message on various Android OSs like Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat. And hence we must look for the options or resolutions to fix this issue.

Also, below are a couple of possible route causes due to which this error may occur:
1. OS is not installed properly
2. Incompatible Android OS version
3. Application data or updates are corrupted
4. Maximum utilization of RAM which fails to process your request
5. OS update is in Pending state etc.

How to Fix "android.process.acore has stopped"

Please note: Before implementing any of the methods, please take a backup of your everything like contacts, images, any other personal data etc.

Anyway, while there are tons of resolutions for this issue discussed over the internet everywhere, a couple of them either fix the issues temporarily or totally won’t works. The following are a couple of methods that have considered to be successful and might help you resolve this error:

Method 1 – Update Android OS (if any)
1. Go to Setting.
2. Navigate to ‘About’ screen.
3. Tap on ‘Software update’ option.
4. Tap on ‘Check for updates’ option.
5. Update your OS if a new version is available.
6. Allow the phone to boot again.
7. That’s all.

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Method 2 – Clear Contact data from App manager
Steps:(Here contacts will be deleted from the phone)
1. Go to Setting.
2. Navigate to App / Application manager.
3. Open-up ‘ALL’ tab.
4. List of all the applications will be displayed.
5. Search and tap ‘Contacts’ option.
6. Click on ‘Clear data’ button.
7. Navigate back to applications list.
8. Now, search and tap ‘Contacts Storage’ option.
9. Click on ‘Clear data’ button.
10. Just restart your smartphone, that’s all.

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Method 3 – Reset app preferences
Steps:(Here all your disabled apps will auto enable and restores default settings for all app)
1. Go to Setting.
2. Navigate to App / Application manager.
3. Open-up ‘ALL’ tab.
4. List of all the applications will be displayed.
5. Now click on menu option (3 dots) displayed on the top-right side.
6. Tap on ‘Reset app preferences’ option.
7. Prompt will be displayed to confirm the reset and a message saying “You will not lose any app data”.
8. Just confirm the reset by tapping ‘Reset Apps’ button.
9. Restart your smartphone, that’s all.

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Method 4 – Uninstall pop-up throwing applications
Steps:(Here unwanted apps are reinstalled)
1. Go to Setting.
2. Navigate to App / Application manager.
3. Open-up ‘ALL’ tab.
4. List of all the applications will be displayed.
5. Just search for the apps (which you feel throws pop-up) like Messenger, Instagram, Facebook etc.
6. Uninstall such pop-up throwing applications.
7. Now search for ‘Google+’ from applications list.
8. Click on ‘Force stop’ button just to disable it.
9. Now Re-install the apps which you removed in step 6.
10. Now open ‘Google+’ app on your smartphone to Enable it back again.
11. That’s all.

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Method 5 – Factory Reset your smartphone
Steps:(Here phone will be reset as like a new)
1. Go to Setting.
2. Navigate to ‘Backup and Reset’ option.
3. Under ‘Personal data’ section, tap on ‘Factory data reset’ option.
4. A prompt will be displayed with a message saying all the data will be erased from your device memory including your accounts, data, settings, apps, music etc.
5. Tap on ‘Reset phone’ button.
6. On the restart, you will find your phone get reset and no data will be present on your phone.
7. This is one of the last tries to resolve this error.

Method 6 (For Advanced users) - Clear System Partition Cache
1. Turn off your smartphone.
2. Press and hold Volume UP, Power and Home button at a time.
3. The phone will go into System Recovery mode.
4. Use Volume up and down arrows to navigate across the screen.
5. Navigate to wipe cache partition option and use the Power button to confirm.
6. That’s all, just restart your smartphone.

By following any one of the methods from listed ones will help you resolve “Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” error. If you are facing any android error or something you want to suggest apart from above points, feel free to use below comment section to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and to implement the suggestions for helping others.

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