How To Toggle Fn [enable/disable] Function Keys | Lock/Unlock Hotkeys

Toggling the function keys is easy now. You can toggle or disable function lock keys on Windows 10 via UI/CMD. Most of the time you need to press the Fn key and then “Fn Lock” key to activate it, but there is a way where you can make the function keys as fixed-function key and you won't need to press the Fn key every time. Check out the short cut keys to enable/disable function hotkeys on laptops. This guide helps you learn how to lock and unlock the Fn (function) keys role on your keyboard, using a computer.. Continue reading...

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Nowadays, there are many brands currently available in the market for laptops and desktops. And as we all know, technology is growing day-by-day in our "digital" world. Also, the tools for laptop, desktop, kind of gadgets are significantly evolving. Their looks, features, functionalities, specifications, etc. are worth as per their prices are growing. Obviously, people are expecting quality things in return for every single penny they spent on computers.
Toggle lock and unlock the Fn key
Basically, if you work daily on the laptop, you might know about the function keys and its use. If you see top row on the keyboard where F1 to F12 function hotkeys are placed, you will also notice some printed icons for secondary actions. These secondary action buttons are to increase and decrease the volume and the brightness, also to shut down or sleep the laptop, enable/disable keyboard lock or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, etc.

Function keys like F1 to F12 are used more often. The function keys are meant to perform some special actions. And companies have introduced additional action buttons for people without adding extra buttons to the standard keyboard. You must have noticed a thing, upon pressing Caps-lock key, you will see an indicator somewhere on the keyboard or on the button itself. Likewise, there are some indicators which are normally get overlooked by us for secondary action buttons as well.

Anyways, it's quite normal that we usually never go through "user manuals" ever. And so, people are unaware of such small things. And many of us who are using the latest laptops may not know about turn off function keys hotkeys and how to toggle [enable/disable] function keys. Let's find out how this can be done, right?

Due to lack of awareness, we accidentally enable or disable special action buttons and we end up in a frustrating situation like we wanted to rename the file (by pressing F2) and upon pressing F2, suddenly the volume got increased (obviously, because "special action buttons" might have Enabled). Similar kinds of things you must have experienced as well while you use your keyboard. But let me tell you, there are many ways to turn off Fn lock on Windows 10 or to lock these function keys. So, let's find out how to toggle [enable/disable] Function keys.
Toggle lock and unlock the Fn key
Toggle lock and unlock the Fn key
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Steps to toggle [unable/disable] function keys

Well, there are 3 ways to toggle the function keys and I hope you easily understand all the following steps:

Step 1: Use BIOS option.

You may know about BIOS settings; you need to change that setting to make the function key locked. Basically, it's the simplest way to open the BIOS setting in Windows 10. For more information or to proper understanding you have to follow given steps.
  1. To open "BIOS", click on start button, type "BIOS" and search.
  2. Click on "Change advanced startup options" and "Restart" your device.
  3. After restarting the window go to troubleshooting and click on "Advanced options".
  4. You will see couples of different options there, choose "UEFI firmware setting".
  5. Click on "Restart".
  6. Go to "Enter setup" option.
  7. Choose "Function key behavior" item from the list and switch it into a multimedia key.
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Step 2: Esc+Fn key together.

This is the simplest way where you just have to press Function key > Esc button together.

You will see FnLock sign over Esc button itself and it is used to switch between special action buttons or function buttons. You can use this to lock or unlock the function keys.

Through this, either you will use special action buttons or F1 to F12 like Standard function keys. But this method is mostly applicable for the latest generation laptops and won't work for older computers.

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Step 3: Windows mobility center.

  1. Click on Start button.
  2. Type Windows Mobility Center in start menu.
  3. Select either Multimedia Keys or Function Keys as per your choice from "Fn Key Behaviour".
    Note: This step is for Dell Laptop users.
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Anyways, if you find something else more promising than what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

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