5 Criteria To Pick SEO-Friendly Theme for Your Website Or Blog

Choosing the perfect SEO friendly WordPress theme is the hardest. Does your WordPress template is SEO-friendly? Learn 5 criteria to look while picking an SEO optimized WordPress theme for your website/blog. With many WordPress powered themes with valid code markup checked by W3C Markup Validator available to use how to make your website look different than others? Personalized templates are available that you need to optimize your plugins, features, widgets. But selecting SEO friendly WP theme will help you drive organic traffic to your website. How to pick SEO friendly WordPress template effectively so that your site gets better positions in SERP? Hope this guild help to choose an SEO friendly theme for your WordPress blog.
Selecting the perfect SEO-friendly theme
Nowadays, creating a website, uploading content, and just leaving it this way isn’t enough. If a website isn’t visible to the target audience, then the marketing strategy requires some changes, namely – search engine optimization.

Web developers and bloggers too used to search for; what is the most SEO friendly WordPress theme? Free VS Premium WordPress Themes which is better? Are WordPress Themes SEO friendly? Does WordPress Theme affect SEO? And so on.

In this article, you will find out a bunch of working tips on how to increase the visibility in terms of search engines and occupy higher positions in the search results.
How To Choose SEO-friendly Themes
How To Choose SEO-friendly Themes

5 Criteria to Look for when Choosing SEO-Friendly Theme

When it comes to creating a website, you have several options:
  • higher a team of coders and designers.
  • use a website builder.
  • use a website template.
All of the options have both pros and cons. In terms of financial literacy, hiring professionals are less reasonable, especially if you just started your business. Therefore, using either website builders or website templates seems to be more cost-effective.

Most of them have drag-and-drop nature and user-friendly design. It allows creating a website and customizing it to different tastes and purposes easily.

As you see, there are plenty of options that meet different needs and opportunities. Unfortunately, not every website builder provides 99.99% uptime, which is a norm for a smooth website’s performance.

Speaking of the website templates, I can not fail to mention that this option is super convenient for those, who do not know at website building. Plus, templates have a lot to offer to experienced web developers. Anyway, if you are a beginner, you will benefit from:
  • a wide choice
  • a multipurpose functionality (there is a great number of multipurpose templates for many occasions)
  • drag-and-drop nature (most of the templates work by the drag-and-drop principle. That is handy indeed because you don’t need to dive into the code.)
  • a great number of design options and opportunity to modify a website to your taste easily
  • reasonable pricing (yes, most of the templates are available at affordable prices).
If you have no idea where to look for a good template, you can check out Top 15 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes that stand out with wide functionality.

For instance, this minimalist elegant lawyer agency template has 5 carefully crafted pages that you can modify with Elementor page builder in a matter of clicks. Powerful Jet plugins go by default and empower the functionality of the template!
Empower Functionality of Template
Empower Functionality of Template
With such products, creating a website is way easier.

Still, as I already mentioned, uploading content to a website is not enough to make it meet the strict requirements of the search engines. Here are 5 main criteria to watch for when choosing a theme for a website.

Speaking of the WordPress responsive themes, by the way, the question of being SEO-friendly is extremely acute. The higher the competition is, the biggest effort the owners should make to stand out and take the leadership positions.

How To Choose SEO-friendly Theme for Your Website Or Blog

So, let’s see how to facilitate the search engine optimization process by choosing the right theme!

1. Mobile-First Design.

Letting alone the fact that smartphones are easy to reach, the statistic itself proves that people are gradually switching to smartphones when it comes to a search. According to this resource, up to 70% of web traffic refers to a mobile.

Another fact to consider is the recent Google’s update according to which it prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Since the changes have started being implemented in April, non-mobile-friendly websites experienced up to 50% reduction in traffic, according to the Blue Corona study.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a theme, make sure it is adjusted to the mobile. It contributes both to the search engine optimization and to the comfort of your audience.

2. Cross-Browser Compatibility and Responsive Features.

Another thing that contributes to the comfort of different clients is cross-browser compatibility. Yes, Google Chrome is popular all over the globe but it’s not the only option. Your target audience can use also Firefox, Safari, Opera, Explorer, and other alternatives. So, it is crucial to make your website ready for each of them. Cross-browser compatibility is the way.

You don’t need to do anything. Just ensure that the theme developer included this feature.

Creating a responsive website is also a good idea. When a visitor decides to resize the page, (s)he expects all elements to adjust to the new size and, in the result, get an appealing picture.

Google has already mentioned that responsive websites have better chances to be ranked higher. In this article, you can familiarize with the findings of the research in detail.

For instance, this multipurpose template that is suitable for 20+ niches is both responsive and cross-browser compatible. By default, it is ready to use for a mobile-friendly website and is Retina ready.
Multipurpose Website Templates
Multipurpose Website Templates
Besides these SEO-friendly features, it has plenty of perks that contribute to a unique and efficient design!

In order to check the responsive feature of the theme, you can use one of these services:
  • ResponsiveDesignChecker
  • Google Webmaster Tools

3. Proper Coding.

It goes without saying that a core thing about every theme is coding (even if you will never deal with it). Coding defines the work of the theme.

Furthermore, and I bet you won’t be surprised, it has a particular impact on the ranking. Yes, Google takes into account the code of the website. Therefore, check out HTML and CSS validity. For this purpose, you have plenty of options such as:
  • The W3C Markup Validator
  • Validator.nu HTML5 Validator
These validators will also help you to find out if the website is compatible with the browsers and mobile devices.

As you see, sometimes we all need help “from outside”. Indeed, there are specialists, who are more competent and experienced. It’s important to know whose knowledge you can trust and whom you can rely on.

For instance, there is a full-fledged solution for a financial company website; MyThemeShop Templates. Besides the fact that it has a super simple and clean design, which, actually works good for a sphere of finances, it has plenty of other advantages. For instance, a user will benefit from:
  • drag-and-drop nature of Elementor page builder
  • Jet plugins
  • a great number of unique editable pages
  • 500+ modules
  • a wide choice of blog layouts
  • eCommerce functionality
  • a rich collection of headers and footers
  • free images.
Finance Business Elementor Page Builder
Finance Business Elementor Page Builder
A collection of modules consists of plenty of different contact forms, popups, tabs, graphs, progress bars, sidebars, and other elements that can improve the structure and increase the efficiency of your website.

4. Social Media Integration.

Integrating a developed social media account on your website or blog is also important. Firstly, it is an extra source of potential customers/readers. Secondly, it is a good way to promote your blog.

I don’t know if I have to mention the fact that Google takes into account the channels people come to the website, the time they spend there, the fact whether they stay there or not, etc. Therefore, if you have a devoted audience, you can engage it in reading your blog or waking up their interest to your store. Whatever.

So, make sure that the theme includes either a special extension with buttons or any other option that allows social media integration. It is usually written in the description of the theme features.

For instance, this Elementor WordPress theme for a restaurant Mia Italonni has social options. In theme details this information is stated like this:
Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

5. Implement Schema Markup.

Schema is a semantic data markup dictionary maintained by all major search engines. Its goal is to help search engines “see” and “analyze” the content of the page and, thereby, improve the positions in the results.

The idea of this technology lies in the fact that the probability that the user will click the good-looking link with attractive content is higher. In fact, it is higher indeed. When I see a well-organized page, there is a bigger chance that I will keep on reading it.

Therefore, familiarize with this issue and make sure that your website maintains this technology.

So, you familiarized yourself with the 5 key principles of the SEO-friendly theme. Now, I can assume that it will be way easier to navigate through the website with tons of themes and templates for a website.

Make sure that the theme includes at least these 5 features and stay tuned to find out about more things to pay attention to when choosing the theme for a website!

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