Top 12 Legit Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Data entry jobs need no introduction. Online data entry jobs are the most searched type of work as Online Jobs are now getting popular and also they don’t need much technical skills. But you need to know, for earning decent money and archive big in the data entry job field, you must hold precise skills of MS Office, grammar and punctuation, multitasking ability, Google docs along with strong written and verbal communication and good vocabulary. Knowledge of excel formulas, Adobe photoshop, oracle, notepad, transcribing, VBA macros, and graphs would be an additional advantage.
Online data entry jobs
To be professional most of the data entry jobs are conducted in the office place, but many organizations suggest online data entry jobs that you can complete from home. Some also suggest call centers and entry-level online micro-jobs.

Various data entry jobs are eligible for entry-level workers. For those who are lack knowledge and behind the required enough skills those certain entry-level data entry jobs are available, but they are difficult to find and also pay comparatively low for the time and effort you took for. If you have more advanced data entry skills and fast typing experience, you can also work and make money from data entry jobs by working from home too.

Most of you might have seen the advertisements in Newspapers or on the Internet pages showing that there are high-paying data entry jobs available that require no Skills. But be assured most of those online jobs are SCAMS. At first, they will ask and demand the registration process charges, training fees, or software licensing, and also they won't pay you for your work. Moreover, most of the time these scammers will pay for a certain time, to grab your trust, but I must warn you don't get influenced by these tricks or by the friend who got his payment.
Online Data Entry Jobs
Online Data Entry Jobs
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Top 12 Online Data Entry Jobs

Finally, I have therefore created a list of data entry jobs which are available online from genuine and authentic sources and demand ZERO investment.

Top 12 online data entry jobs types

1. Simple Typing Jobs

I must say, these typing jobs are very simple to do and get paid too!

Who wants to earn a good income by doing real typing work from home? Whether you are students, freshers, housewives, or job-seeker, they provide online typing jobs for everyone who can do it without restriction independent of your social activities, and without investment.

The most common type of online data entry job is typing job. These are the most popular format for data entry jobs. You would be instructed to type text from either handwritten, hard copy, online text pages, or PDF documents. You will mainly be paid per page you type. However, if the number of pages you work for is more, you can then decide to settle a fixed amount and make a contract for a fixed income per week or month.

These are the best part-time jobs for fresher and college students.

Worldwide, there is a huge demand for a good typist who can type fast in English. Generally, simple data entry work is executed in the English language preferably, but as per the required manners and the country you choose from, you might be asked to type in your regional languages. Good thing is that the pay rates for typing in regional languages other than English are higher.

For typing jobs, to be in the competition, you must have very good typing speed. A 50-60 wpm speed is considered a good typing speed.

You can easily earn money with typing jobs from home in the fields of data entry, where they request the transcriptions, medical transcriptions, movie transcriptions, subtitles, and captioning. Excellent typists with 55-60 WPM earn better pay.

2. Copy/paste Jobs

As the name suggests, you would be required to Copy data from one place to another. Copy-paste job means the copied material pasted (i.e. copy and paste) elsewhere and it is a job for the part-time workers. It is like copying and pasting the content on a word document/SMS and saving it on a computer and also emailing or messaging it to targets as per the instructions.

It also does not need any technical knowledge or background. Basic computer knowledge is required like copy-paste, cut-paste, SMS and emails are enough to switch your computer into a money-making machine.

These Jobs are very comfortable to do but are extremely time-consuming and at times very boring. You will require to be very patient in conducting such jobs. You do require to have fair typing speed for copy-paste jobs too.

It is the most suitable online data entry job for those who are just seeking to earn enough money to pay bills easily and also not to get involved in anything difficult.

These jobs are very difficult to find on the internet.
Any real online data entry jobs provider executes a valid process to hire any user and doesn't request or demand money/fees/deposit in the name of providing training or registration charges.

3. Image To Text Typing Jobs

Amazing opportunity for work from home job seekers. In these types of image-to-text typing jobs, you would be required to type the text from the image. This is a typing work where you require to type in words from image file to text file. It is the best image-to-word typing job without investment.

Usually, these kinds of job providers provide a professional image to text transcription services by native speakers. In most image-to-text typing jobs without investment scenarios, they offer jpeg to ms word typing jobs online that will convert images or pdf into text. They work primarily on converting scanned documents from images to text for big organizations, schools, colleges, and universities in all corners of the world.

This job is mainly required to be completed as assistance to the person in the education field. Converting image to text transcription is your job. You need to type the given number of pages within the allotted time in one file. There are various tools available for converting images to text, but they are not precise nor working accurate and, more seriously, those softwares may spread your work data or any personal info added to your work. For this reason, users are normally not allowed to use any such software. You just need to type the contents provided to you from the images in the text box provided. Do not change/modify/alter any text or character shown on the image.

4. Excel Programming Jobs

Sharpening your Excel skills may be the key to glowing your dream job. Your added Excel skill will be more beneficial in VBA macros automate manual Excel jobs.

Few users know but Excel is a small but effective programming tool derived from Microsoft. Excel programming is mainly used in finance and accounting functions. and for macro jobs where it is required to handle large data.

A freelance Excel VBA programmer usually works with the Microsoft programming language Visual Basic for Applications. With Excel programming jobs, you will be instructed to develop programs to deliver the desired results to the buyer. Knowledge of Excel formulas, Macros, and VBA is a must for such excel VBA programmer jobs.

These macro freelance jobs online are posted by employers who are looking for Excel experts for short-term projects.

5. Audio Transcription Jobs

Skilled freelance transcriptionists are professional typists who convert audio files to a text called online transcriptionist.

Most popular audio-to-text & video transcription services looking for an audio transcriptionist. In audio to text jobs, you will be provided an audio file with speeches or discussions. You will need to type the data from that file in a valid format as requested.

For such jobs, you must have a good command of the English language. The added ability to know different accents can land you more audio transcription jobs.

Fast typing skills are required to be a professional and successful online transcriptionist. An online transcriptionist transforms audio files into written form by listening to audio and typing the extracted data from it.

You may also try paid & free online transcriptionist courses to help you become an online transcriptionist. In some special cases, you will get higher payouts like in legal and law enforcement transcriptions.

The ability to make an error-free transcript is important for an efficient audio transcriptionist.

6. Form Filling Jobs

You may already see the ad type like "Apply online form filling jobs from home without investment" and earn up to Rs.500 To Rs.800/- daily, "google form filling jobs without investment" or "Online form filling jobs for college students" as it is the most searched term on the internet. Freelancing sites are a well-known method to search online form filling jobs.

Online form filling jobs is the way to decrease office load and speed up the client/customer work process. You will be directed to fill up forms as per the info provided. You need to feed the entries precisely in the related column. They are simple to complete jobs but demand a lot of attention. Your earnings may be deducted/rejected for too many incorrect entries.

Google form filling jobs and online Semrush form filling jobs are much easy and do not need any special training from the user ends. Daily online form filling jobs with free registration without investment is one of the leading businesses in the data entry job works.

7. CRM Jobs

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it's a system for managing business relations with current and future customers. Companies use these kinds of software to keep a track of different types of data and assist them to explore their business activities.

As a customer relationship manager, you will be provided an access to the CRM software/website of the organization and the basic data to be entered.

As a CRM Strategist, you will play an administrative part in developing creative, data-driven, multi-dimensional approaches and techniques to improve customers and the overall success of the organization.

Your work will help companies and communities execute their most enterprising business strategies. You will be required to properly feed all the data and information you got into the software. Normally the information is strictly confidential, you may be requested to sign a confidentiality agreement.

8. Powerpoint Presentation Jobs

Make money from a PowerPoint presentation. They need an expert in PowerPoint presentations who can submit projects within 24-48 hours. These are actually simple projects that just require updating visuals.

In these types of jobs, you will get messy & unorganized data to work on it. Then you will have to design a PowerPoint presentation using the given data but with proper formatting of each slide and should be added with the relevant pictures and charts.

9. Text Formatting Jobs

Here in these types of online jobs, you will be given a very unevenly typed document basically in MS Word format.

For effective work, you require to format given info and data correctly with proper punctuation, paragraphs, indents, etc...

Book formating jobs are also included in this type of work.

10. Captcha Solving Jobs

Solve captcha and earn money using free captcha typing jobs.

Captcha entry jobs include typing the distorted letters and numbers that seem on a web form to confirm that you are not a robot. CAPTCHA is the text or image verification you are requested to enter by certain websites to confirm that you are human and not a bot. In this assignment, you will have to type CAPTCHA correctly as you see in the image.

Please note, that I no longer recommend anyone to waste time with online captcha solving jobs. This is because most CAPTCHA typing jobs are fake and the ones which pay, have extremely low pay rates.

11. Online Survey Jobs

Share your opinion, thoughts, and views by taking paid online surveys and earn money using free survey data entry jobs.

Surveys jobs are other high-paying jobs that require no special skills & also do not require any registration fees to start earning.

The length and pay for the survey vary considerably. The longer the survey, the more is the pay. Normally, surveys available to India and other Asian countries are fewer.

Also, the qualification for surveys depends on different factors like your skill, capability, your current employment status, your city, etc.

Many websites offer paid surveys. Some of them provide a gift voucher for completing surveys, others pay cash. For websites that offer cash, they have minimum withdrawal limits, and given the fact that not many surveys are available for Asians, reaching the minimum withdrawal amount limit takes a very long time.

For this reason, I generally prefer and recommend registering with authentic portals as it pays in cash for the survey and integrates various survey platforms under one roof. It also offers various other earning options so that you can easily reach your minimum withdrawal threshold amount.

12. Medical Transcription Jobs

In these jobs, the doctor will examine the patients and either dictate the condition of the patient to you directly or record the audio for the same and send it to you. You will then be required to type whatever you're listening to.

The data to be typed includes various medical terminologies. This job is not for everyone and requires to have knowledge of medical languages so as to enter the data correctly.

Bottom Line

There are multiple data entry Jobs, some pay less and some pay high. It depends upon the skills of a person as to what data entry jobs are best for him. For people who have experience working as data entry operators and have sufficient knowledge of MS office, they can check Top 5 Freelance Websites to make the most of their talent.

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