10 Ways To Fix "There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" | Parse Error Solved


Almost 80% people prefer Android operating system than any other. Android has become popular because of its user-friendly nature, cheaper than others, open source & so many reasons. But still, there are some issues too. Android has vast app collection. But some Android errors & apps spoil all moods. Today we will discuss the most common error faced by Android users that are parsing. "There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" | Parse Error Solved - what does problem parsing the package mean What is a parse error? - Parsing error occurs on app installment. When you try to install an application suddenly a window pop ups saying "there is a problem parsing the package" which means the application cannot be installed due to apk parser i.e. parsing issue. While troubleshooting, You probably noticed that the problem parse package issues often comes when you try to install an APK file. This parse error occurs mostly while downloading the app from play store directly & many times (for root users) even if you try making changes to the apps manifest file, still parsing the package error occurs. This is a really irritating Android error as you may have tried several ways to eliminate it, but still, it comes. But don’t worry if there is a problem there is a solution to fix parsing package error, & install the application without any problem. You just know, what is the meaning of parse error? In technical terms, parsing is the process of analysis of strings (which contains symbols, characters, etc. or in simple way coding of the app) in natural or machine language. It should follow the rules of formal grammar associated with the computer. Thus whenever google play services parse error occurs, it is interruption happened in this analysis process, so the error pop ups & application does not get installed.
Fix There Was A Problem Parsing The Package - Parse Error
Fix There Was A Problem Parsing The Package - Parse Error
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Why parse error occurs?

Before going to the steps about how to fix this parse error, I think you should know why such errors come up. There are several reasons why this parsing error occurs. Definitely one of them is responsible for your parsing error.
  1. File may be downloaded incompletely.
  2. Application might be not suitable for your hardware or OS version.
  3. Due to security issue settings
  4. Corrupted APK file.
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[Fix] "There Was A Problem Parsing The Package"

1. Check Manifested app apk file.

Manifest app file means the apk file that is customized as per the user requirements like, some user extract apk file to remove ads and make it again apk file, such file is labeled as manifested file. People who have done a modification on manifest file for modifications then this might be the reason why parsing error is occurring. Change the Andriomanifest.xml file to its default setting & also check the name of that file. If the original name of the file is “aap.apk” & if you renamed it as “app1.apk” then also it might cause an error. If you have some knowledge of coding, look into the app code if there is some problem with coding.

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2. Security settings.

For the security purpose, the phone has an inbuilt setting that doesn't allow installing applications from a 3rd party provider other than mobile apps provided by play store. Don’t install an app from the non-trusted website. That might really risk your mobile. But if you still wanna install it check out your security settings:
  • Go to the settings
  • Scroll down & select option “security.”
  • Check on the option “Unknown sources.”

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3. Enable USB debugging.

Many people found that enabling USB debugging option has worked for them.

To enable USB debugging:
  • Go to the settings >> Scroll down then, at last, you will see option “About device” select it.
  • Look for option “build number.”
  • Tap on “Build number” for 7 times.
  • You will see a message “you are now a developer.”
  • Once you enable to go back to settings
  • Choose “Developer options.”
  • Tick mark "USB debugging."
This trick works on many smartphones. Try to install the app again.

4. Corrupted App file.

The parse error may cause due to corrupted file too. In this case, download a new but complete APK file, & try again to install it again. This might help you. For the better solution, I would suggest downloading from google play store & make sure that file completely downloaded. Because partially downloaded file can also cause a parse error.

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5. Disable Antivirus.

If you have installed applications like antivirus & cleaner apps, then this can also prevent some apps installation. This prevention is due to safety purpose of the handset. They block suspicious downloads from non-trusted sites. If you really want to install that app then disable the antivirus temporarily.

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6. Clear cache cookies of play store.

One of some best options is to clear cache & cookies from play store. It may help you when having a problem of parsing from google play store itself.
  • Open google play store
  • Select sidebar & choose option “settings.”
  • In general settings, you will find out to “clear local search history.”

7. Download from play store.

Sometimes if you try to install the app directly from website or 3rd party rather than downloading it from the play store, the parsing error arises. Search the application on play store if you couldn’t get it that means that application is not meant for your device & sometimes if the file is incompletely downloaded then try to download it again from play store only.

8. Old version.

Maybe the latest versions of some apps do not support your handset. Try out the older version of that app. You can download the older version of that app developer sites, just google it.

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9. Reset.

This can be the last option. Do not try it unless you have tried all options given above. But make sure that you have taken a backup of all phone memory data to SD card.

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10. Compatibility.

If anything didn’t work by the solutions shown above, then that means the application is not compatible with your phone at all. This might be not suitable for your device hardware or operating system. Make a try if it gets installed on another android device which has next version OS & better hardware specification. If an application is meant for one version of the Android, for example, JellyBean or KitKat then sometimes, it does not work on another version like Marshmallow due to incompatibility.

Bottom Line

Check out all mentioned points given above. I know it’s too irritating if you often get Parse Error. Don’t get panic & try out these quick solutions. I hope these fixes will work out with your problems. If you follow the exact procedure as I have told I’m sure this gonna help you.

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10 Ways To Fix "There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" | Parse Error Solved - by , July 12, 2016
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Almost 80% people prefer Android operating system than any other. Android has become popular because of its user-friendly nature, cheaper th...
10 Ways To Fix "There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" | Parse Error Solved
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