[How To] Login to Facebook Without Internet From Any Mobile

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Are you upset with your old mobile which is unable to access your Facebook account??? Or are you stuck in a place where the mobile Internet is not working when you want to update your Facebook status? Then learn how to login into Facebook account without Internet and from any mobile device. Now Facebook users in India can access Facebook on any mobile without any internet connection, just by dialing *325#. You can even access Facebook on a mobile phone which has no browser or other form of data connectivity like EDGE / GPRS / 3G.

How To Login to Facebook without Internet from Any Mobile - Problogbooster

Login to Facebook without Internet from Any Mobile

Facebook India has partnered with Fonetwish to bring Facebook on every mobile phone without requiring any apps or even the Internet. Fonetwish is an USSD [Unstructured Supplementary Data] based interactive service which brings the power of internet to every mobile phone.
This service doesn't require any Internet nor high class GPRS mobile either.

Access all Features of Facebook

  1. News Feed
  2. Wall Posts
  3. View Notifications
  4. Update Your Status (FREE)
  5. Manage Friends
  6. Sent/Receive Messages
  7. Birthday Reminders
  8. Quik Frnd - *325*friend's mobile number#
  9. Status Juggler - *325*75#
  10. Update your status: *325*1#
  11. News Feed: *325*2#
  12. Post on friend’s Wall: *325*3#
  13. Notifications: *325*4#
  14. Unsubscribe from this service: *325*22#

Follow Steps to access Facebook without Internet

  1. Just dial *325#.
  2. Login with your username & password. You will see menu items on your screen with respective numbers.
  3. Access these services as per your wish by sending the respective numbers.
  4. You may access features like Update status, News feed, Message, Account Settings & many more.
  • Note that: This is only for India & within Indian networks.
Not only mobile but also Facebook is also become an important aspect of living life, isn't it?

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