7 Reasons Why You Should Get Married With A Geek

Reasons You Should Get Married With A Geek Blogger. He is a smart, holds your attention & challenges you in many ways. He likes multiple tech tools, PC games but he loves cooking, working with his hands. He is the one who fixes the things, hack life problems, he is an empathetic and kind man. He is LOYAL, REAL, Appreciative, INTELLIGENT, PRODUCTIVE, FUNNY & Care Taker. You will have the best Geek friend for any kind of adventure in life. Geeks are great in lots of aspects, and those are listed below. You should think through following things that make you get married to a geek blogger.. Continue reading...

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In recent years, the meaning of blogging has been changed to a well-driven career option in the field of the Internet from it was used to be. Those writers were turned into bloggers than they used to be as probloggers and now we are here to make them as GEEK bloggers. Now a day's large numbers of people are thinking about the BLOGGING as a full-time job as a career option & trying to make six-figure income just from their website/blogs sitting at the home office.
Reasons to Marry a Blogger
Apart from writing the tech reviews, e-marketing, SEO, social campaigning, getting search traffic for your sites and all related to internet kind of things, these geek bloggers are great at lots of things; but having a girlfriend is not one of them. Yeah, most of the times they considered as scrimpy partners for women; but it is NOT really true. He is a smart, holds your attention & challenges you in many ways. He likes to handle multiple tech tools, prefers PC games but he loves working & cooking with his hands. He is the one who fixes the things for you, able to hack life problems, he is an empathetic and kind man.

Geeks are smart and much faster in lots of aspects, and those are listed below. Instead of searching online top free dating sites for beautiful single men/women, best dating club looking for love, matrimonial sites, top wedding blog/website or marriage blog, I would like to insist you have a review broadly about following reasons. You should think through following things that make you get married to a geek blogger.
You Should Get Married With A Geek Blogger
You Should Get Married With A Geek Blogger
Earlier we have seen one the off bit topic: Rules For Users To Use Facebook - Social Media. But today, we are going to consider one the special topic that makes you think about your blogging life and geek interpretation. You will feel proud for choosing to blog as a career. And that's why I write this just to appreciate your work & creativity.

There is a very famous quote "Marriages Are Made In Heaven" and there are lots of opinion about who feels it’s true or not. Off course, those views are depending on person-to-person. Most of the people consider marriage is not just a coming together of two persons but a linking of two families, two social networks that are now further carefully connected than ever before. And I agreed with it. As you all are on the same planet, those factors are also going to affect your relationship; so you and your partner can decide better to make a marriage like heaven.

7 Reasons You Should Get Married With A Geek

This is just a post that I wanted you all to get excited about why you should get married to a geek bloggerlike ME ( hah;-P ) – but moreover I just wanted to show why I love my blog friends and all geek bloggers around the world so much for their work & innovative activity. Geek blogger is an expert person with an intellectual view in computer & Internet world of technology. I know; it's not sufficient points to get married, it was a just definition of geek, but actual virtues and qualities are listed below.


Characteristically they don't have a large number of group of friends; instead, they are so quiet and always try to keep themselves very well-mannered – this exceptionally makes them very real, loyal & genuine.

They seem busy always in writing their blogs, which requires a certain level of intelligence. This proves they are smart enough, and merely smart guys are in fact very funny. Funny actions make the relationship stronger with fun.

They are so serious about relationships because they know how much time require to build a new strong bond within from scratch. By knowing this, they are committed, honest and always try to be true as they are. They won't cheat on you either. You don't have to worry to check and find about what they are doing; you will probably find them with their laptop. Computer, Internet, Operating System, Tech gadgets & new technology updates are the few items in their world. You can imagine how much they are committed to their resources can make them giving value actually become more committed to the relationship bond with you. Other women will tend not to steal them from you (point should be noted).

2. They KNOW EVERYTHING About What They Are Doing & What You Are Doing

These are the people who go directly into the "SETTINGS" instead of watching your mobile apps or open setting tab instead of playing games. Every problem they take it as a challenge, and they will spend hours & hours on it until they find a proper solution without stopping even for a break.

This problem-solving nature is very useful; they will help you to fix all your electronic gadgets including a computer, laptop or mobile as well. They know everything about almost everything. If you have troubles with your PC or laptop or any of your electronic gadgets, you are going to have tech support for free. Off course these skills are valuable and can make your life run efficiently.


After marriage, two different people use to stay and live together for their entire long life and enjoy each and every moment of their life together. Years of experience of findings, troubleshooting and public rejection from society cause them as mysterious rather I would like to say; that makes them more sensitive to every situation.

These sensitive persons are better familiar with and more willing to listen to all your annoying quirks & stories and furthermore eager to do sweet things for you to make you happy; that all take a moment in your romantic relationship. They trust you, & they will make you shine everywhere you go. You will have the best friend for any kind of adventure in life.

4. They Are Appreciative With Gratitude

They Are Appreciative With Gratitude
They Are Appreciative With Gratitude
They know when people feel more appreciative of their partners than typical, they also cause increased feelings of commitment to their relationships. Since they have already spent lots of time of life on the social era; they faced part of sort of bullying, and hence they know how to appreciate the fact that you are special as you let them feel.

They are always grateful that you have chosen them as a someone special that others got failed to do with them. As always, they are ready to pay attention to how your feelings about & identify the ones important to each of you. And they focus on you actively that incorporate their gratitude towards you and along with on-time appreciation makes your relationship more lovely and memorable.


They are always motivated to learn something new; their natural curiosity is so influential that they just keep on going until they have complete, in detail knowledge; that makes them intense learner. They know inside-out about every item you have and they are ready to share all the information they have in their brain.

They are always going to give it their hundred percent. They are passionate and intelligent & they always have something to talk about this will definitely make you open up your thoughts to share. I can must say; geek's passion can change your life. There is never seeing a boring moment in your life when you have a geek by your side. You will always be at the cutting edge of technology.

6. They Are CARE TAKER

A partnership cannot happen by fluke. It becomes difficult to explain through logic why one would prefer a particular person when there were equally worthy people around. They not only gonna take your life seriously but they will appreciate all of the things that you are going to do for healthy-looking life; because they know how hard you worked to stand out for better.

They know how to give you space. They all understand and respect your level of privacy. They perfectly understand that sometimes a person just wants to seek attention, wanted someone to take care of. They understand and even empathizes with your problems. They know how important it is to let a person go and do their thing when they wanted to. Geeks recognize what is different in you than most other people failed to find it. Not only they show dedication for their work but also they like to pay attention to all the details that you used to work for.

7. They are SUCCESSFUL

No doubt; geeks are successful, I believe. They certainly have that much potential to transform their profile into six-figure income job as a career. We all know Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg these are the successful geek people.

As tech industry is very strong, and so geeks are also so strong enough in case of successful life ratio. Moreover; I would like to say, geeks, are more successful as good boyfriends or girlfriends. They will be loved by your friends, family, and associates too.

Bottom Line
Marriages are made in the heart or mind. The ones made in the heart oxidize with time, the ones made in mind lacks understanding, the ones made in both heart and mind stay last, and heaven comes to it. It has nothing to do with heaven and astrology. It's all about compatibility, understanding, and compromise. Happiness can be a good channel for growing, and positive feeling can bring two people together.

P.S.: This is just a post, with no intentions to hurt the sentiments of any person, community, or any group. Oh, come on, marry whom you want to marry and not just because of this post...


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