How to Make Any Add-on Compatible To Any Firefox

Whenever you update the Firefox, most of the time there is chance of occurrence of incompatibility of any of your favourite add-on. Learn how to solve this issue and how to edit addon code in as simple as like writing a letter.

Make Any Add-on Compatible To Any Firefox
Make Any Add-on Compatible To Any Firefox
In Firefox category, you also need to read an article about how to make Firefox speed double.  Meanwhile first and only once you have to understand how the compatibility code is written in its markup for any add-on. And it is very simple to understand. Learn advanced tutorials about coding and building compatibility of Firefox addons.

How to make any addon compatible

  1. First get the add-on file like add-on-name.xpi
  2. Rename it to
  3. Open it with zip
  4. Look for install.rdf 
  5. Open it with WordPad. (In case if it is not open in WordPad, extract it and then open it with WordPad) 
  6. Now you will notice that: (Sometimes this differ but the following red lines must occur)
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <RDF xmlns=""
    <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">
    <!-- Target Application this extension can install into,
    with minimum and maximum supported versions. -->
    <!-- Front End MetaData -->
    <em:name>Addon Name</em:name>
    <em:description>A sample extension.</em:description>
    <em:creator>Addon Author Name</em:creator>
  7. Now concentrate only two lines written in red colour; here is the hack,

    These two lines defines that,
    Minimum compatibility version is 1.5
    Maximum compatibility version is 2.5.
  8. Now in order to make it compatible, we have to just change these two parameters.
    e.g. If I want to make add-on like above to compatible with version 3.0.0 to 3.5.3 then replace above lines with following
  9. Now save the install.rdf.
  10. Again rename it to add-on-name.xpi
Now, your incompatible add-on is get compatible with your choice of Firefox version.
  • NOTE: The percentage of success of this hack is 99.99%. This is because even though some add-on gets compatible with updates of Firefox versions, but they will not works fully. 


You may put your comments over here, so others get trust on this. And if you not getting this hack, you may tell here, I will make it compatible for you and send to you. But I want that you people try this yourself, its so simple, else I am here for you.