9 Ways To Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe And Secure

Using the best practices for securing your zoom meetings, you can make your videoconferencing meetings safe and secure. With additional security measures in place, your Zoom video conferencing is now safe. Indian government warns against the vulnerability of the Zoom app but with a new encryption algorithm for privacy and security flaws, the Zoom app video calling platform is SAFE to use. Recommended the user must know Zoom app settings and security functionality to tweak for making safer conference callings plus protect your Zoom account. Let's check out Zoom security majors to be safe online.. Continue reading...

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Using the best practices for securing your zoom meetings, you can make your videoconferencing meetings safe and secure. With additional security measures in place, your Zoom video conferencing is now safe. Indian government warns against the vulnerability of the Zoom app but with a new encryption algorithm for privacy and security flaws, the Zoom app video calling platform is SAFE to use. Recommended the user must know Zoom app settings and security functionality to tweak for making safer conference callings plus protect your Zoom account. Let's check out Zoom security majors to be safe online.
Does the Zoom app is a secure application to use or not?
In this techno race, there are several video-calling apps available for professional meetings as well as to connect with your friends & family members. But if you look for the best video conference app this year, the Zoom app will come in the trending list compared with all other video calling applications list. Even though many Chinese apps are banned in India and many users are removing Chinese apps, tons of users preferring the Zoom meeting app (its US app and doesn't have any connection with China) to make video callings plus for business meetings. But nowadays, there is a question being asked concerning the privacy of mobile users; is the Zoom app safe?

If you know how to set up this app properly, then it will absolutely be safe to make video conferencing calls for everyone. In the corporate sectors and in the E-Commerce business groups many people have to take their important meetings. Before the past few years back, the Zoom app is not well-known for the people, but nowadays almost everyone knows about this application very well, and many of them even installed to make more engaging conversations with people. To stay in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers, the Zoom app has one of the best options. As you might have known, about Zoom’s popularity has flown over the past couple of months because the people stuck at their home because of lockdown and CORONA virus pandemic.

Zoom helps millions of businesses and organizations to get connected securely, more productively, and reliably with video meetings. The updated Zoom platform comes with a lot of host controls and numerous security features. It designed to effectively manage your meetings, prevent disruption, and helps users communicate remotely. Zoom is one of the best choices who work online with video conferences and meetings.

People always wanted to keep meetings and video calls safe and secure all the time, but nowadays they get confused about this app security. So, let's sort out the confusion of your mind about the Zoom app and it's security. Also, let see how can you set this app properly for security and for your better experience while conferencing calls. Here I am going to give you some important tips. So, use these Zoom tips to stay safe and make sure to stick with the article until the end.
Is the Zoom App SAFE?
Is the Zoom App SAFE?

9 Ways keep your Zoom meetings safe and secure

Here are 9 ways of making Zoom conferencing safe and secure:

1. Beware of phishing links.

Beware of phishing links
Beware of phishing links
Phishing links generally come from many resources, like in SMS, MMS, and most favored via your e-mail. While working on the Zoom app for your business meetings, sometimes you may never know about the people who gonna join your meetings. The host sends you the link generated by the Zoom app, here you have to make sure the URL you received from anyone should start with 'https://zoom.us' carefully. FYI, the Zoom app allows adding a maximum of 100 participants in time.

In the online market, many hackers try to get access to the user's Zoom account and some of them are also trying to have control over their PC employing malware attacks. While you join any meeting, check the URL link that you receive by the host, make sure that the URL is genuine and it should be filled with the word of "Zoom" and not "Z00m".

Don’t click on the link that received from social media —Social media and is one of the reasons where you will get phishing links from hackers. Such licks are can be affected by your machine. Hackers always want to take whole control of your machine by the link they send to you. They send you a link on your social media account, by claiming that you missed a Zoom meeting. So, make sure to do not click any on the link that you received on social media.

Sometimes if you see, the hackers send you an e-mail by claiming that you missed a Zoom meeting for a while ago and they embed a fake link and force you to clock on it. When the user clicks on that URL, he or she reaches on the spoofed or fake Zoom page which will request you regarding your Zoom account details, like username and password. And if the user feeds all details your account data will get captured. So, when you start any meeting or video conference call in the Zoom app, before joining make sure the link looks proper and genuine.

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2. Set a strong password to protect your meetings.

Set a strong password to protect your meetings
Set a strong password to protect your meetings
Zoom meetings and video calls are necessary but how can you sure that the last call was secure. To more security zoom allow you to set a strong password, for your every video call and for shared important files. This is an additional level of security in the Zoom app.

Setting up a password for your meeting is ensuring that only the people you want in your meeting can attend it. For more security, you need to set a strong password for your meeting sessions. Set up a solid password for your meeting is much important, especially in the corporate sector and in your business meetings. Password is a necessary thing, but in the Zoom app, it is an extra level of security. Thankfully, the Zoom app has turned on passwords by default for a new meeting.

Setting a strong password for any account is one of the most basic but essential suggestions for every user to prevent unwanted attendees and hijacking. You can set passwords for an individual of your session and each meeting that you created.

To safe and secure meetings users can absolutely take advantage of this feature.

Here are the steps about to set up the password for your meeting:
  1. Log into the Zoom web portal.
  2. Just navigate over the "Settings" tab.
  3. Enable "Require a password when scheduling new meetings"

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3. Use waiting rooms.

This is the most hidden, secret security feature in the Zoom. It is the best way to stop Zoom bombers from entering in your chat room or in your meeting.

The waiting room option in the Zoom app is also best for security to keep away unwanted disturbance. This option allows the host, to verify everyone's screen to check, who enters the meeting. Also, it ensures that nobody enters who is not invited as well as not entering your room.

Meeting hosts can customize waiting room settings for additional control and you can even personalize the message to the people you want.

4. Get familiar with the host controls.

There are a few simple ways that you as a meeting host, you can make your meetings more secure. You can lock a meeting once all the participants have joined to avoid any unexpected guests from jumping on. This could be good practice for doctors or counselors meeting with patients, as well as professionals meeting with clients who are sharing sensitive data. Even though a co-worker or other client accidentally jumping into a call by selecting your meeting code.

There are other host features, like the ability to customize calendar invites with relevant information, including passwords, and in-meeting private messaging that you may want to familiarize yourself with.

5. Protect the Zoom account by a strong password.

Protect the account by a strong password
Protect the account by a strong password
Don’t confuse the meeting password with your Zoom account password.

Recently Zoom turned password protection on by default a good move. Make sure to have a solid and not easily guessable password for your Zoom account. For better, you can use Google login to open your Zoom account.

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6. Disable private chat.

Zoom has allowed you in-meeting chats for everyone. Any participants can message each other privately.

For security purposes, if you don't want to show your chats to any other person, who is unknown to you, you can disable chat options anytime.

7. Zoom stores basic information.

Under the user's account, zoom allows you to add all your info related to you includes profile information, email address, user ID, password, first name, last name, many more user-defined names, as well as some other professional information including extra data like company name, phone number and a profile picture, but notice that these options are optional for you.

Zoom app takes your privacy extremely seriously, so without hesitation, you can add your information, and if you don't want to show any personal information like mobile number, profile pic, you can leave these features for options for your privacy concerns and security purposes.

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8. Pay attention to screen-sharing features.

Every video conference application offers you a screen sharing option. This allows the ability of one participant to show their screen to the others and the Zoom app is no exception. While making video conference calls to your near and dear once, that time you can make enable this feature as a screen sharing to show your existing desktop screen.

Some settings you can keep in mind according to screen-sharing for the hosts, and currently only one can share the screen and it can be improved for everyone on the call.

If you don’t want to show your screen to other people, then there is an option to choose multiple participants to share screens simultaneously.

9. Keep your zoom application up to date.

Keeping your applications up to date ensures that you have the newest features and security updates installed. This should apply to all your applications on your mobile & not just only for the Zoom app.

Zoom application is easy to use when you work with it's new and upgrading version. It widely available in both free and paid versions.

Zoom app has filled with several security features, also developers are developing this app to be more secure and safe. With above all the proper steps and settings, you can take the meetings safe and secure.

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