Battlefield 5 (V) Has Stopped Working 100% Solved Crashing/Freezing/Stuck/Graphics Bug

Battlefield 5 (V) Has Stopped Working 100% Solved Crashing/Freezing/Stuck/Graphics Bug

I installed Battlefield V a few days back, and after some missions completed, I'm getting errors with Battlefield 5 play. Most of the times, you can play 3-5min of gameplay without any issues but then your Battlefield 5 screen crashing after 2 min of playing with the error window saying "Battlefield V has stopped working" Battlefield 5 stopped working
Gamers used to search for how to fix Battlefield V crash on pc? Battlefield V Freezing at 3rd stage why? How to fix bfv.exe? How to solve the Battlefield Connectivity Issue on Windows 10? How to Fix BFV error on the computer? Fixing Battlefield 5.exe Has Stopped Working? And so on...

Battlefield V is out now, and players are facing quite a few errors, problems, and general bugs that can be fixed with easy solutions. With that error message "Battlefield V has stopped working"; it caused the program to stop work correctly. The gameplay windows will get closed the program with the full message:
Battlefield V has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
A window will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Battlefield V gamers are encountering many problems such as starting, crashing, freezing, connectivity, and graphics errors while playing the Battlefield 5 game. Up to some missions, the game plays smoothly, but I have seen, after completing some stages, you will face an unexpected Battlefield 5.exe error while playing which causes you to stop the game to play further.

Its really irritating and seems hard to solve the error of Battlefield 5. But my friend, don't worry, there is a quick solution, that might like you to get rid of the problem of Battlefield V. Today in this post you'll fix the Battlefield V issues and make the Battlefield game run smoother. Keep reading.
Fix Battlefield V Has Stopped Working
Fix Battlefield V Has Stopped Working

[Fixed] Battlefield 5 has stopped working

1. Tweaking the antivirus & startup programs.

Usually, in most times, such issues are produced by some software and graphics conflict. A graphics driver is the program that allows your system and applications to use your computer's graphics hardware.

And these graphics issues can be fixed or minimized by hibernating or stopping or removing the unwanted programs and software running in the background while you play the game.
Solution 1: Temporarily disabling your firewall & antivirus software

Solution 2: Perform a 'Clean Boot' in Windows, and minimizes the number of startup programs that run when you restart your system.

Solution 3: Disable background apps if running any.

Solution 4: Run Battlefield 5 as an Administrator.

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2. Updating graphics drivers.

Built on the Frostbite engine, the Battlefield V supports real-time pairing ray tracing with DLSS technology to get both exceptional performance and ray-traced image quality.

The Graphics cards like GEFORCE RTX 2070, GEFORCE RTX 2080, GEFORCE RTX 2080Ti support real-time ray tracing & AI-powered RTX Technology.

Solution 1: Check and update your graphics drivers for maximum gaming performance.

Solution 2: Go to the system manufacturer’s official website & update system BIOS.

Solution 3: If any, update all outdated drivers.

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3. Delete profile and restore default settings.

Note that: In this step, you might lose your played and Battlefield 5 saved games from your PC.

Luckily Battlefield 5 has all the missions open for playing at any time. And you can start playing from any stage. Though, the internal missions are locked to play. But its really fun to play Battlefield V again. You might be required to play one mission again with this solution.

Here you need to remove all your customized settings and restart with default settings.

1. Go to My PC >> C Drive >> Users >> Your Username >> OneDrive >> Documents >> Battlefield V >> Copy this folder and save elsewhere as a backup.

2. Once you backed up your old settings, delete the Battlefield V folder now.

3. Restart the game and check the mission where you normally get the error message "[Fixed] Battlefield 5 Has Stopped Working"

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The last solution has worked for me, and I am now able to finish the Battlefield 5 game completely.

If you have any suggestions please do let me know via comment section shown below.

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