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Testimonial of the Ezoicaffiliate program. The affiliates would receive 3% from referral earnings till lifetime. Easily earn advertising revenue.. Continue reading...

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Ezoic Review Automatic Ad Earnings Growth Adsense Certified Tool
Ezoic Review
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In today’s digital world, if you want to start a passive income from your online activity in addition to your monthly payments or simply wonder how you could earn money online without actually concerning about inventing a product of your own, you are not alone.
Affiliate marketing
One of the most effective methods of making online money without products is to collaborate with widespread businesses to help them get a broader and active customer base so you can yield referral commissions and make an additional source of income in the process. It's called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a good supplementary source of income. Technically, this collaboration is irrespective of whether or not you have your own business. You are just a channel through which more users get to know about the product and start using it, purchasing additional features so by generating money for you. Affiliate marketing provides independence, work flexibility, and convenience. The techniques and strategies you can choose from are limitless

Ezoic enables web and mobile publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. With Ezoic, no expertise is required in affiliate marketing. Also, to start with affiliate marketing, you no need to come up with your own marketing kit for making referral commissions.
Ezoic Affiliate Program Review
Ezoic Affiliate Program Review
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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an AI-based robotic ad slot testing platform that allows content publishers to grow organic traffic and yield additional ad income by trying hundreds of ad spaces and style varieties. You can check the full Ezoic review that explain all the working function of Ezoic ad platform.

Ezoic allows every content publisher looking to improve site speed, SEO and so the general user experience on the website.
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Ezoic's Affiliate Program FAQs

1. What are your avg. monthly earnings through the affiliate program?

In my case, I worked to make around $300-$1000 passive income per month from commissions i.e. Ezoic referral income arriving from other publishers using the Ezoic program who used to monetize their websites and their content.

After 3 years on the program, till now I have referred more than 300 affiliates, with actually 80 of them being active users of the Ezoic ad networking platforms, and optimizing content, UX, UI, site speed, and advertising to earn more.

Ezoic is a lucrative and far-reaching ad company, and it is the best to boost your AdSense income, and it is the reason more users drive and attach to its auto ad testing platform. More users means more referral income. And Ezoic is the best ad platform for every publisher.

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2. How has the Ezoic affiliate program helped your business? What have you been able to purchase or re-invest in your business (if any)?

No doubt, Ezoic is a low-cost business opportunity any publisher can start with.

Ezoic helps to earn extra income from the same content you are publishing regularly. But to grow more you need to spend more.

I usually spend some percentage of money, time, and energy optimizing the website, and its content, including its pages to the top of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Boosting the SERP positions increases the domain authority and so more organic backlinks to your website. That will again help me to drive more traffic and more referral income.

As we know, spending on digital marketing is always a smart investment of earnings, when it’s done skillfully.

You might be seen, that many startups wait several months before they actually spend any real money on marketing. And then realize that marketing is the backbone for more returns.

I hired some experts to work for me to market my content on social media and spend some money earned from the Ezoic affiliate program to optimize the content according to better influencer marketing. So I drive more followers to read my content, and so ultimately get more referrals to earn more commissions.

3. What is your favorite part of the affiliate program?

The Ezoic affiliate program is one of the very few but legit MLM ad platforms. No joining fees, nor any charges to pay ever, all the tutorials and training are available for free and given to all Ezoic publishers online. You can start making money from day one.

And yeah, the favorite part is the 'recurring monthly payment' over a lifetime. This is a lifetime income opportunity for affiliate marketers on the Ezoic affiliate program.

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4. What was the hardest part of joining the affiliate program? Any issues you ran into?

The 3% referral commission is relatively lower compared to what other affiliate marketing programs offer.

Also, the Ezoic referral link is not compatible to add to the XML template. So I need to shorten it before using and sharing on social networks.

5. How do you promote the affiliate program?

If you are a social influencer, you can add referral links to emails, and share the link on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, your Instagram account bio.

If you have more than 1000 subscribers, add a referral link in the description of your YouTube videos or channels, or even on Telegram channels and any other means of social activity – but it will all work more reasonable if you are actually using the product yourself and guide others how they can do the same as like you.

6. In 2-3 sentences, please give your overall thoughts on the affiliate program.

The Ezoic affiliate program is a flexible tool for online publishers, suitable for users looking to increase their ad revenue.

Moreover, an Ezoic partner can begin using the service totally free of charge - it only takes no more than 20 minutes to register. After that, the publishers will be able to serve ads with Ezoic and grow from 50 to 250% of their AdSense earnings, whereas the affiliate program will help you to earn 3% from referred publishers, and 1% from sub-affiliates partners.

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