[3 Line Script] Add Lazy Load To Speed up Website/Blog Loading By 2X

Adding a lazy load script will help you improve blog loading speed. Learn to defer offscreen images in your pages by lazy loading images in blogger blog. Check out the steps to install a small jQuery lazy load in the Blogger template. Add lazy load script in the BlogSpot blog and make your website load faster than ever. Lazy loading image files of the page improve your page speed giving better user experience by loading images asynchronously. Learn to make 4x your blogger blog loading speed.
Optimize your website for faster loading
In previous blog pages, I was working to optimize blogger pagespeed by implementing the suggestions from Pagespeed Insight, and I found the term “Defer OffScreen Images” or lazy-loading of images. Then I'm trying to implement a lazy loading technique on a blogger blog but got some issues. Optimizing photos for faster page loading, I had tried many scripts but as you know the script itself makes the page load slower. So is it possible to make blogger load faster with lazy loading all the images? Anser is YES, the lazy documentation says the images to be lazy-loaded after text loaded. Today I'll explain demonstrate how to lazy load image files in blogger and how these positively impact pagespeed score.

What is jquery lazy load? As you know the offscreen images are the pics that are shown below the fold or those images which are not displayed exactly on the screen you watching while the page loads. Offscreen images are not shown but take too much time while page loading and affect the user experience. So it is better to improve the pagespeed by making them load when the user scrolls the page, which is called defer loading or lazy loading. Deferring offscreen image loading technique will load the images after the page is loaded so the user will not get distracted and it will improve better user interaction. Here you need to know to install jQuery javascript lazy load plugin in the HTML body of the blogger template. Find out the best method for lazy load for BlogSpot blogs.

This guide will help you installing adding lazy loading function in blogger themes to improve the page loading speed fast. As you see, there are several posts about increasing blog loading speed and many methods to speed up site loading but the lazy load plugin for images will cause delay the image loading and so your page loading speed will increase.

For WordPress, there are a lot of plugins available that are ready to help blog loading speed. Lazy load is a WordPress plugin that causes differing image load and makes the text loads faster than post photos. But what about blogger blog, how to successfully add a lazy load script installed in your BlogSpot template? I'm going to share a simple jQuery lazy load script that will help you to boost the website or blog page speed dramatically. Once you install a lazy load mechanism in your website template you site speed will surely increase on loading. After adding a lazy script you can see the immediate effect on the pagespeed score.

In blogger HTML code you can see the default image src for all images, and the link is followed by the "data-original" attribute having the proper image URL. So the question arises: how lazyloader actually works?
Add Lazy Load Script To Blog Website
Add Lazy Load Script To Blog Website

Page loading VS Lazy loading

Pagespeed score [Before/After]
Pagespeed score [Before/After]
  • Page loading: When you open any URL, your browser requests the data from the server, downloads all the images, texts, scripts, and it all affects big usage of bandwidth, causes slower page loading performance. Your page loading badly affected and so the bounce rate. So to overcome this, deferring the image loading is the best option to adopt.

  • Lazy loading: It is the mechanism of deferring to load all data from the server until required instead of loading in advance. This can drastically increase web performance by decreasing the load on bandwidth usage that required to be rendered and shown on screen. Lazy loading of images is nothing but to load all image files only shown on the screen as per requests sequentially.

  • Lazyloader script: A lazy loader is a jQuery plugin composed in JavaScript which differs the loading of image files while loading of web pages. Offscreen images outside of the visible part of the page (viewport) will not be downloaded until the user scrolls. If you using several images in your post, then lazy loading will make the page load faster by loading text first followed by images on scroll. Moreover, it also helps to reduce server load.

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Add Lazy Load Script To Speed up Website/Blog Loading

Now you understand lazy loading of images improves web performance, let us install a lazyloader script to your website. Before doing anything, backup your blog HTML and its contents.

To make the whole template lazy-loaded you need to go to HTML view, and then modify each img tag according to the requirement of lazy load script.

Follow steps to implement lazy loading script and mechanism in any website including WordPress or blogger:

1. Backup your template first.

2. Go to your blogger dashboard. Choose the 'Theme' option from the left menu and click 'Edit HTML'

3. Now at the template end, you will see the code </body>. Just above this body-end tag paste the following lazy loading script into your template.
<!-- Lazy load offscreen images with lazysizes script start -->
<script async='async' data-cfasync='false' defer='defer' type='text/javascript'>
const hasSupport = &#39;loading&#39; in HTMLImageElement.prototype;document.documentElement.className = hasSupport ? &#39;pass&#39; : &#39;fail&#39;;document.querySelector(&#39;span&#39;).textContent = hasSupport;
<!-- Lazy load offscreen images with lazysizes script end -->
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4. Nowonwords, while writing the blog pages, you have to add lazyloader tag with each img tag as shown below:

Replace your existing code:
<img src="your-image-URL" alt="your-alt-tag" width="500" height="555" title="your-title-tag"/>

with the code as:
<img loading="lazy" src="your-image-URL" alt="your-alt-tag" width="500" height="555" title="your-title-tag"/>
(You need to update all your old published pages too.)

5. Save template and check your website speed using Top 10 Free Mobile Speed Test Tools

So here today we have seen adding lazy loading plugin into blogger blog to defer offscreen images so that to improve the page loading. As you know page loading speed is the ranking factor as Google algorithm updates states, so lazy loading will improve your SEO ranking and so the positions on search SERPs and therefore you are able to drive more organic traffic to your site.

Adding lazyloader is most important not only for an SEO point of view but to improve user experience and to boost conversations.

If you successfully implemented a lazy load script into your website then share your views and comments via the below comment form.

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