Top 10 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins and Vulnerability Scan Tools

Are you worried that your WordPress site is not secure enough? Do you want to find and fix the WordPress security flaws and malware that exists on your site? Malware is one of the worst nightmares for every WordPress owner. If you are a WordPress site owner, you must know how overwhelming it can be to be hit by malware. This is not good enough when there is malware on your WordPress site. It affects your overall site performance and there can be chances to get leak your data. I am glad to say that there is an easy way to scan your WordPress website for security, hacks, and vulnerabilities. Let's check out.
WordPress security
Even though if you think that your WordPress site has secured and well-settled, there can be still chances that hackers can find vulnerabilities on your site. Such as redirecting your visitors to unknown sites, spamming your customers, and selling illegal products through your site. Yes! this can happen if you take casually all these things.

To keep secure your WordPress site and to blocks malicious traffic, it is very important to scan your WordPress site for malware and implement other WordPress security best practices.

Before any malware detects and damages your site it is a must to know about WordPress malware scanners and how it works.

In this post, I will share the top 10 WordPress malware scanners that can help you detect malicious files on your site and scan your site for vulnerabilities that will help you to remove malware from my WordPress database.
Best WordPress Malware Scanner Plugins and Vulnerability Scan Tools
Best WordPress Malware Scanner Plugins and Vulnerability Scan Tools

Top 10 Best WordPress Malware Scanners and Vulnerability Scan Tools

Check out ten best WordPress malware scanners help to identifies and blocks malicious traffic:

1. Wordfence

Wordfence is a powerful and efficient way to manage the security for multiple sites in one place.
This is one of the popular and WordPress security plugin. One of it's most notable feature is it's firewall. This site includes full malware scanning for your site.

It's free WordPress plugin comes with a lot of features of malware scanning. If you want access to real-time malware signatures, you need to purchase Wordfence premium version. The premium version also let you access to real-time firewall rules which are similarly delayed in the free version.

Why I took this tool in number one in this list! there is an logic behind. Wordfence check for other WordPress security issues beyond malware, such as out-of-date themes and plugins or weak passwords too, isn't it interesting!

One thing about Wordfence is that it can have a small effect on performance of your website because, it’s actually scan the files on your server, so that your site performance can degrade at a ponit. To make it balanced and if you don't want to decrease your site performance, you make sure to only run malware scans during periods of low traffic.

How can I forget to tell you about it's ratings. Wordfence is the popular and premier WordPress security plugin and vulnerability checker. So, it’s active users are over four million with a 4.7 star rating on over 3,700 reviews.

Check Wordfence

2. Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri SiteCheck
Sucuri SiteCheck detect malicious code and infected file locations by scanning your external website source code.
This site is a free online security check and malware scanner.

By scanning your WordPress site with this tool, you can detect malicious code and infected file locations easily. It is a very easy to use and much reliable website for every WordPress site owner. One of the drawbacks is this site scans the file on the front and end of your site and it does not allow you to full scan.

It can easily find if your site detects any malware file but it wouldn’t be able to detect some that’s just quietly sitting on your site’s server. But for casual and beginner users this scanner will definitely gonna be sweet spot for them!

Check Sucuri SiteCheck

3. MalCare

MalCare scans the website on its own servers and hence, there is no load on your server resources. Your website will always run at peak speeds and you will not lose any visitors.
The name and title of this site is slightly indicates you about its work. When it comes to performance of your site, let me tell you Malcare comes with it's most unique feature is that it doesn't scan the files on your server. That means it will have zero effect on your site’s performance.

In fact, Malcare scanner copy all your files on their own servers and then it runs the scan over there. Without any negative effect MalCare allow you to full scan of your Wordpress site. Other than that it will automatically do this every day on autopilot to keep your website protected and detect issues as soon as they happen.

Check MalCare

4. Isitwp Security Scanner

Isitwp Security Scanner
IsItWP’s free WordPress security scanner to help you scan your website for known malware and hacks. It also checks your domain status with top search engines.
Another well-known and full websitemalware scanner tool is here called Isitwp Security Scanner. Isitwp Security Scanner allows you to quickly check your WordPress website for malware and other security vulnerabilities.

It monitors all your website traffic and blocks any suspicious visitors to decrease security threats even before they reach your site. By checking suspicious visits, a firewall plugin helps you keep your server load in control and it make sure that your website has good ontime.

Check Isitwp Security Scanner

5. Hacker Target

Hacker Target
Hacker Target proactively hunt for security weakness. Pivot from attack surface discovery to vulnerability identification.
It is basic and reliable malware scanner tool. It alert you by showing WordPress installation for common security-related misconfigurations. This also checks your website on Google safe browsing index to make sure it is not blacklisted.

One of the best part is that this tools provides a detailed report of your site status with a brief explanation of each item. These are mostly the items that are common WordPress security best practices like using the latest version of WordPress and keeping your plugins updated.

Check Hacker Target

6. WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner
By using WordPress Vulnerability Scanner you are always protected against hackers or attackers who might want to penetrate your WordPress website.
If you want quick response about malicious activities and scanning your files, then this site should be your priority. You can speed-up your penetration test using this scanner. It quickly discover vulnerable plugins, themes and other configuration issues in your website.

This is a vulnerability scanner that performs multiple tests to identify security weaknesses in the targeted WordPress website. It calculate the installed themes and their versions. Also it show the vulnerabilities for the identified themes.

Check WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

7. UpGuard Cloud Scanner

UpGuard Cloud Scanner
UpGuard Cloud Scanner monitor your attack surface, prevent data breaches, discover leaked credentials, and protect customer data.
A WordPress hack often starts by identifying which version of WordPress is running and what are the installed plugins and themes. Your website domain and server related hacks can hijack your domain name and can be misuse it to send spam or malware. That's sound weird but this can be happen!

It first checks your domain’s records, DNS, open ports, and mail settings. Data leak detection, vulnerability scanning and identity breach detection are just some of the advanced capabilities offered by the UpGuard platform. The scan result is displayed in a nice easy to understand format.

Check UpGuard Cloud Scanner

8. VirusTotal

VirusTotal inspects items with over 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services to extract signals from the studied content.
VirusTotal is free to end users for non-commercial use. VirusTotal is an online tool developed for website security purposes for professionals. The tool lets you analyze suspicious files and URLs for malware then automatically share them with the security community. It scans your site against over a dozen databases of malware and spam.

For research purposes, VirusTotal submit your site so note it down. VirusTotal not only tells you whether a given antivirus solution detected submitted file as malicious, but also it displays detailed information according to engine's detection label.

Check VirusTotal

9. Quttera

Quttera committed to innovation and consistently enhancing malware detection capabilities to give customers effective tools against sophisticated and evolving web threats.
Quettera offers you a useful online vulnerability scanner tool. It runs a deep test going through your website to search for suspicious files, malicious activities, iframe embeds, redirects and external links.

It also checks for your domain among blacklisted domains databases including Google Safe Browsing. The detailed report is broken down into different sections and you can click on each item to view scan status.

Check Quttera

10. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web
Norton Safe Web
Last but not the least! Norton Safe Web. Many of you may heard or might use this tool as a antivirus. But it also comes with useful tool to scan your WordPress site for security threats. It uses advanced detection technologies to look for common malware, phishing, and spam patterns.

It check overall performance of your WordPress website and if it seems like your website is unsafe, then it will display the detected threats which can help you further investigate and fix the problem.

Check Norton Safe Web

Bottom line
You are WordPress owner and still if you are not running any web security tool, I hope you should do it right now!

I think, this article helped you find some of the best WordPress vulnerability scanners online.

Do you know any better WordPress malware scanner plugin? If yes, do share it with us through the comments below.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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