Brave Browser: How I Earn $370 A Month With Brave

Hello guys, welcome back I am sure you all doing good. Today I am going to talk about a browser. A browser by using it you can earn a huge amount of money. This sounds weird but this is a fact and many people are making money with the browser named as Brave.
Brave Browser
I am using this browser for more than 4 years and I must tell you, I made a big amount of money with it. I experienced a lot of things with brave and I wanted to share with you all about Brave Browser. I'm gonna show you the top three ways you can start earning with Brave browser. I hope you guys are also excited to know about it, so without wasting time here we go.

In this article, I'm gonna show you the top three ways, so you can start earning with brave. I will show you some statistics and tricks that will help you a lot. I know this browser may be all-new for many of you but don't worry it is a more secure and reliable browser to use.

Before going to discuss how to making money with Brave and the ways about it, I would like to introduce some basic things about this browser so you guys will get familiar with it. So, let's dive into it guys.

I'll show you the top ways to earn with brave, so guys this is the home screen really cool home screen just a little bit of a back story about brave it has adblock you can get paid to watch ads

Download Brave Browser

Earn Money with Brave Browser
Earn Money with Brave Browser

Brave Browser: How I Earn $$$ A Month With Brave

Download Brave Browser

1. User Interface

Brave Brouser Homescreen
Brave Brouser Homescreen
When you open this browser you will realise how cool it is and the user interface is just amazing. Let me tell you guys, it is a feature-full browser ever. It has varieties of customisable options are available.

This is the home screen, really cool home screen, just a little bit of a back story about brave. It has adblock you can get paid to watch ads. If you see the home page it has filled with a lot of customisable options like adblocker, estimated time saved, brave rewards, and you can even change the dashboard settings as you want.

The Brave browser is also built for Cryptocurrency. It is available for setting up for Cryptocurrency. Building this browser, there are two persons behind it "Brendon Eric and Brian Bondy" who are also founders of JavaScript and Mozilla Firefox respectively.

You can see a dashboard that comes on the left-hand side of the home screen that tells you about your overall Brave earning and brave rewards. After all, this is like the private secure version of Chrome. So that the Brave browser is built on chromium, which is the same open-source code as Chrome. But they made it as I said before fully customisable and all the different tools come out which make your surfing more private & more secure. Also, they don't force-feed ads in front of you so it is a plus point for all of us. Otherwise, you know! it can be more frustrating for many of us.

2. View Ads

The first way you can earn with the brave browser is by being paid for watching ads.

Let think about Google Chrome, does it pay to you by displaying any ads, definitely not! Google Chrome just throw it all of the ads in front of you without paying you any. So I think the Brave Browser is one-sided and there is no competition at all between these two search browsers.

Also, the browser comes with huge customisable options as I said above. Let me show you about ads and how can you earn by watching them. Also, I show you the screenshots so that you will get more ideas about them.

If you guys see there is a little triangle at the top of your browser (picture shown). It is a wallet box given to you. It is a built-in "basic attention token wallet". You can see what you get paid in and then you can turn basic attention tokens into any cryptocurrency.
Basic Attention Token Box
Basic Attention Token Box

Basically what you can do is you can get paid to watch ads. Click on the Reward Settings there and it will take you to this page where you can customise and see basic settings. Such as Settings, Brave rewards, History, Bookmarks, Downloads, and Crypto Wallet.

Let's keep other things aside and make focus on the Ad settings as I said above.

In the Brave Rewards option, you can see the option called "Ads". Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing behaviour. By clicking on Ads settings you can set how many ads you want to see per hour. So each ad you see, you can earn crypto.
Brave Ads Setting
Brave Ads Setting

What you can do is, you just click 'Reward Settings' here that will then take you to brave rewards history book and your crypto wallet built in, so you just need to turn it ON. Choose ads you click at ad settings you put five per hour and then you may go off. off.

You don't have to watch the ads at all, the browser will send you the push notifications every half hour to inform you. And once you click and see the ads you will earn the token and you can do couple of things with it. You can see three options there such as estimated pending rewards, next payment date, and ads received this month. So, you get to know all the details according to the "Basic attention token", "US dollar payments" and the total amount of ads per month.

Ads are all about according to your preferences. The browser itself pulls the ad data so it never gets given to the advertisers.

Brave Browser Ad Security and Tracking Those ads are actually more simple to you as well none of the browsing data leaks from your browser. The browser itself actually pulls the ad data, all of your data and info never given to the advertisers which indicates your browser actually pulls ads from an ad supply.

By means of security, all your data isn't being tracked. As you know it's horrible now, what happens on the internet tracking surveillance and bad security while you're surfing the web; no need to explain that!

Auto contribute setting:
Brave Auto Contribute option
Brave Auto Contribute option
This option allow users to share the BAT ad revenue they are generated with the sites they visit. When you open someone's website, you’re paying them directly, instead of participating in their ad model. It allow when you want to contribulte and enable this auto contribute option.

You can set an amount from your wallet to be give to the websites you browse. There is a sub-menu where you can define how long to be on a site, and how many visits, before a site receives your contribution.

3. Referral tip

Send a Tip
Send a Tip
Let's move on to the third way to earn crypto and money from brave browsers. You can earn with the brave browser by sending tips. Now, what is that tip let me show you? If you have a website or YouTube channel or if you have an online platform, you can send "basic attention tokens". It can be like a different form of payment to yourself. You can tip yourself that's another way of getting paid on the brave browser.

Let go in-depth. Suppose if you have a website or YouTube channel, whenever people visit your site they can see a little triangle button on the top of their browser. When they click on that they can send you some "basic attention tokens" as a tip. So, it can be 5 BAT or whatever token it will be.

4. Refer and earn

Brave publisher account
Brave publisher account
Let's go on to the main and biggest way to earn with brave. First of all, you have to download the brave browser.

To earn more with brave you need to sign up as a publisher account in brave. Once you sign up by email, you will get a mail by brave for confirmation just go to your "Inbox" open it and the window will look like this.

Become a part of the referrer is nothing but another income source from brave browser. You get paid by referring the brave browser to your friends. When you create a publisher account and authorise it, you will get a referral link to share via mail. Just send them the link, and tell them to download brave on their device. When they download and every single time they use it for 30 days then you get paid a certain amount of dollars. This is the most reliable way to make money with brave.

It is basically your publisher account where you can see your total BAT over there. Simply you have to go below and you will see an option called "Add channel". Just add your website or YouTube channel there and you can earn more with Brave browser.

Brave Payment
Wallet for BAT Payment
Wallet for BAT Payment
For payment, you need to add your "uphold" account. Just click on "connect to uphold" the account and authorise it with a brave publisher account. For this, you have to create your uphold account first.

Download Brave Browser

Bottom Line
Overall you can earn by enabling Brave ads, surfing websites and get free BAT tokens. I think it is a reliable and profitable way to make money by doing nothing. If you are a creator of content, you can get paid for writing an article or record and publish a video.

It is time to replace your Google Chrome or any other web browser with Brave Browser.

So download the brave browser and basically keep coming back to this page and go through those steps become a creator and start referring people into this amazing browser which I love and I will always be a part of this Brave browser.

And yeah, subscribe our website if you want to keep going this kind of content to keep yourself notified and I'll see you the next online earning page.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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