Use Instant.Page on Blogger/WordPress to Instantly PreLoad Pages/Links

How to increase website speed? Using Instant.Page (1kb) script you can preload pages/link instantly just before user click on it. Add it to Blogger/WP. Continue reading...

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How to increase website speed? It is the question every publisher wants to get over. This is something new to all bloggers again. Coming to the series of improving page loading of website, today I will going to explain how to boost the loading speed of your website.
Improving website loading speed
How to improve page load time? Best practices for performance optimization? How to make your website lightning fast? Sharing one of the simple tips to improve your website page load speed.

It is the most effective approach to speed up your website whether you are using Blogger or WordPress. Especially for WordPress, there is an instant page plugin available to easily install. For blogger user, you need to install it mannually. With detailed guidlines, I am going to show you to implement instantpage/ JS library to make your website instant.

With review I will guide you on how you can instantly preload links/URLs automatically by executing an instant click script called as "Instant.Page" script. Know the best ways to speed up your site and improve conversion for your site. The faster the webpage loads, the higher conversion rates it will have. Nowonwords, you can prefetch links (URLs) in Blogger/WordPress to load site immediately using '' script code.

Here, I will tell you how to add " javascript library" to increase website speed by executing URL prefetch technique.
Use Instant.Page on Blogger/WordPress to PreLoad Links/Pages Instantly
Use Instant.Page on Blogger/WordPress to PreLoad Links/Pages Instantly
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Know about Instant.Page

What is "Instant.Page"?

Instant.Page uses just-in-time preloading; it preloads a page right before user click on it.

The, it is a small script (1kb) that you can add to your website in just one minute to speed up site navigation.
Load Pages Instantly with
Load Pages Instantly with
The '' is an open-source javascript created by Alexandre Dieulot. Embed into your website HTML to see speed boost.
The '' won’t preload pages with a “?” in their URL.
Amazon and other eCommerce portals found that pre-using 100 milliseconds of delay (latency) increased sales by 1%. But latency on the web is still difficult to get rid of.

Why do you need "Instant.Page" script?

Even though, users using high-end devices with huge bandwidth increases, the websites are not that much faster or render on the screen. And it is because of the delay of loading website structure as fast as possible. And it is a big issue for most publishers.

To optimize page load time instant page script has been introduced.

How does "Instant.Page" script work?

Delay (latency) for accessing the resources to serve content for our readers is unavoidable with today’s internet architecture so instant page tricks by preloading links the readers are probably to click on.

Visitor open your website. Then before the visitor click on any link on the page, he hovers on that link for some miliseconds. That means, usually in between these two steps, 200ms-to-400ms of time goes by. Here the code makes use of that time to preload the page so that the page already get started to load while the user makes clicks. The links are getting loaded just before the visitor clicks on them.
Instant.Page works well on web pages that are from the same sites. Pages to external sites are still quicker but normally not enough to be noticeable.
In short, the script will immediately start preloading the HTML part of web page in the background and it can save 100-300 milliseconds of delay (latency).

Improve your conversion rate

The script will trick the browser and website performance to have better user intent based content preloading, so ultimately increase user experience and so improve your conversion rate.

On every click activity, the Instant.Page library not recalculating scripts & styles on every change of webpage and so making your webpages load faster up to twice as fast that finally improves the user experience (UX). Such hacks you must implement to make your website load at lightning speed.

It also works in the same pattern in the case of mobile devices. It will start preloading the web pages while the user touches the screen. The script gets the time in between touches-&-releases action of the clicks. On average, 50-150ms of time will be saved so the visitor is able to see the content faster. Learn to make faster page load times with link prefetching below.

How to Use Instant.Page on Blogger/WordPress to Preload Content?

Following steps will assist you to increase the blogger speed using script. Improve your site's performance and make faster website browsing instantly in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate noticeably.

Install Instant.Page on Blogger/WordPress to Preload Content:
  • Go to Blogger dashboard, or admin panel for your custom hosted sites.
  • Go to theme >> Edit HTML to change the source code of your site.
  • Put the following HTML snippet just before </body> tag:
    <script src="//" type="module" integrity="sha384-by67kQnR+pyfy8yWP4kPO12fHKRLHZPfEsiSXR8u2IKcTdxD805MGUXBzVPnkLHw"></script>
Now you have successfully added the Instant.Page plugin functionality in your Blogger or self-hosted website. Now it will prefetch and preload the links and pages of your website instantly just before the user clicks on it.

Optimizing Instant.Page

  • Preloading all links by default

    On small devices (such as mobile) if you want your web pages to be instantly preloaded in all cases you can preload links as soon as they’re visible. By default, the javascript will only preload internal links.
  • Preloading all internal + external links by default

    If you’re not worried about creating a lot of requests, allow all external links to preload, add the following attribute to the <body> tag:
    It will looks alike;
    <body data-instant-allow-external-links itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=............

  • Preloading all links from viewport

    To preload the links shown on the current screen only, add following attribute to the <body> tag:

If you’re looking for other methods to speed up your website & increase your page speed, then you’ll also like to know about using a Content Distribution Network (CDN), image optimization, and leverage browser caching. I have published other tactics in our post on how to speed up Blogger/WordPress websites. Just requesting to check those techniques, I hope it will surely help to improve your site loading speed.

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