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Everyone dreams to travel their favorite places, the places they like so much. It may be a beautiful, an adventure or mysterious place. But have you ever dreamed of a tour to an imaginary place? A place which is perfectly placed as you want. A place just like a heaven.

Why do you love the world?
According to me, there is no single person in the world who doesn't like traveling. If anyone is there I bet he would be so boring and feeling less person. Traveling gives an amazing experience, refreshes mind, exploring the world allows us to know the things that we were still unaware of. Its a dream deep inside everyone's mind to travel the whole world. No one would refuse it if they get the chance to do so.

Traveling does not always mean around getting tickets, packing your clothes and driving to the desired destination to see a miracle. You can also travel with the imagination of a world while reading a book or the place will come alive in front of your eyes through an author's write-ups and his experience. And exactly what I am going to share my views that will let you imagine the world you also wanted to travel for. So when you read my thoughts about going on a #BlindDate with the world, the only thing that must come to your mind thereby traveling through readings and descriptions.

Here I am going to share my openminded experience of my blind date with the world. Generally, a date is considered a private meeting with a soulmate (girlfriend or a boyfriend). But have you ever wondered a blind date with the world? Yes, a blind date. Just imagine. It's a story of my blind date with the world. There are so much of things/occasions in my bucket list that we have lived together and here I am going to share some of them from my blind list.

It was a day, I will never forget. I got the travel inspiration when I woke up with a call from the world offering a date to me. For the moment, I was so surprised, so I just pinched myself to check whether I was watching a dream or it was a reality. I couldn't really believe my ears. It was like more than a dream come true for me. I really had goosebumps on my body. I was too excited and happy to go for exploration with the world at some amazing places.

It won't be an exaggeration if I say, my happiness was overflowing. I was jumping on my bed with that call from the world. When the someone that you love the most gives you a call then what more will you expect? I really wanted to travel to explore with the best. So I definitely had to say yes to the world which I did without wasting any time. I woke up with a big satisfied smile on my face. There was nothing in mind except the world. I brushed the teeth and had a bath in a hurry. Dressed my favorite dress and left the home. My excitation was going beyond and beyond as the moment of our blind date was coming near and near. There was no limit for my excitation. With that excitation, all my veins were full of blood and the feeling was like the blood is flowing/running with the happiness that they have never seen like this before & the happiness that they were waiting for.
A Blind Date Around The World
A Blind Date Around The World

The happiness at its peak: Forget years, remember MOMENTS

I was open-mindedly ready for those enriching experiences that we were going to have. Finally, the moment came and I was in front of my blind date, the world. It held my hand when I was thinking so, just like it had read my mind. We left to the tour with the hand in hand. Initially, I was a bit shy and scared because I never had even dreamed this before.

I was seriously pinching my self, again and again, thinking that whether it was a dream or a reality. We decided to explore as much as we can with a thing in mind that these moments are not going to come again.

Here is I am opening my mind to a world full of possibilities! Saying yes to the unknown and sharing my bucket list - #TheBlindList, an unforgettable enriching experience I know nothing about:

1. Highest mountains range: Everest, India

Highest mountains range: Everest, India
Highest mountains range: Everest, India
To start our blind date we went to the top of the mountains. A place which was not less than a heaven. The clouds were traveling here and there, passing through us. Half of our body was below and half of our body was above the clouds.

As I started my walk, I completely forgot all the worries I had as because I was overwhelmed by the pure atmosphere of nature around. Lavish fresh surroundings, blooming trees loaded with fluffy fruits, sensational flower path on both side of the walkway, open blue sky with trails of clouds everywhere, a comparatively light stream of wind, lots of interesting butterflies and amazing birds humming something in their rich & peaceful tone. Seems like everything is beyond my thinkings.

It was amazingly touching those clouds which we generally have seen rattling and then spraying the rain. We were like playing an ice skating. For a moment we were wanting to just like burst those clouds and get wet just like like by an explosion of a balloon full of water.

2. Brook: Lava Hot Springs, USA

Brook: Lava Hot Springs, USA
Brook: Lava Hot Springs, USA
After such a mesmerizing experience over the mountains, we stepped down towards a stream at the base of the two hills. The whispering sound of jumbling water was attracting the attention.

It was nothing but a miracle that we saw the water of brook disappeared suddenly after some intervals from its origin and originated again over some distance. We were surprised and scalding the head after seeing that miracle of nature. It's was nice, relaxing, and priceless.

Lava Hot Springs, USA
Lava Hot Springs, USA
That hot spring warms us all the way through with a mixture of lakes and temperatures to soak in. It was made for us and I must say, it is best for the romantic escape, family gathering, girlfriend getaway.

Really nature is great. It has everything in it, some of them are really phenomenal and mysterious just like that stream.

3. Angel waterfall: Venezuela

Angel waterfall, Venezuela
Angel waterfall, Venezuela
After that mysterious brook, it was time to enjoy another miracle of nature and that was Angle falls. It was the highest uninterrupted waterfalls. Some interesting things already said about this angle falls, sometimes the waterfalls get converted into a fog before reaching the bottom in dry and hot seasons.

There was a myth of rainy or wet season as the waterfalls get divided into two. We enjoyed the waterfalls by standing at the bottom of the falls.

Skydiving off angel falls was the most adventurous thing we did together. I was scared to dive but with the hand of the loved world in hand, we enjoyed a lot.

4. Deep blue sea: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Deep blue sea: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Deep blue sea: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Sailing in the sea was my best unique experience. We went to explore the sea by sailing around the island. It was full of hidden caves and small inlets. All this was covered by an emerald green sea.

Looking at the transparent water, we lost our patience. We couldn't control ourselves from diving in the sea. As we dived in the water we get surrounded by a variety of aquatics. It was like a swimming competition between all of us.

Swimming deep in the sea made us too hungry so we tasted the lunch on board. As soon we had a lunch, we wanted to rest but the twitter of birds from a dense forest was not allowing us to sit quietly.

We headed to the jungle. Those sky-touching trees, sounds of songbirds, horror tones of the wild animals, all that was so unknown and new.

5. Riverside park: River Wye, Derbyshire, UK

Riverside Park: River Wye, Derbyshire, UK
Riverside Park: River Wye, Derbyshire, UK
To conclude our blind date we spent a fantastic evening on a bank of a river which was surrounded on both the side by a variety of flowers. We sit together without saying a word. Just calm and relax. Just like we didn't want to leave each other. The eyes were bit numb. A bit of tear in the eyes.

Five different places, five different time zones. I don't know how we travel, but in the world of magic, anything is possible. We had seen great places which can only be visited in the dreams. It is the natural format of the world. The places which have been truly enriched by nature, built by excitement, included by extreme kindness, packed with the love. Adding to that, you can view deep blue sea and have wide seashore, then you get to meet sweet rivers, mountains in the environment of elegant atmosphere, get a taste of different cuisines, where you have the best of everything, yet, a place where there is space & respect for everyone and everything including animals, where the happiness lives hand in hand, where there is no race for any, everyone is equally treated.

I actually realized that it was the places we all were birthed and started to live; it was the beginning of the world. Moreover, with the self exploration, I want to add that it is the natural format of the actual world of nature that much differs from the artificial ways of today's living world.

I found that there's so much beauty in the world and one lifetime is not enough to see that all. I think it's important for people to realize that we're not alone then we're all part of something unique right down to the core. And the world will show you that.

I missed my closed ones, I'd like to travel with my family to have this epic experience because the world is more beautiful when your family is with you. The family is the place where everyone #SayYesToTheWorld.

Now the journey has been come to an end, at last, I actually need not say any to the world, the world shown me what we are missing and what we need to do to save this world. At last, we hugged each other and left with a promise that we will meet again. Surely I was not ready to leave my unforgettable trip but there was no option.

While a blind date with the world which might have existed just in my imagination, I utterly wish to travel for real to those places someday for the real reasons & it is uniquely signified here in this classic video by Lufthansa’s exciting new campaign:

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