Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Traffic and Rank?

Getting huge traffic to your website and your blog is always a dream for every blogger. Some professional bloggers may hire an SEO company and consultant to do SEO for their blog, website and business. Everyone wants to make their blog top in the search list and get huge traffic on their website. It is all possible when you are taking a perfect step towards the right track to SEO.

Why am I not getting organic Traffic?
Most people used to search, How to increase web traffic? How to optimise website? How to better SEO on a website? How to get website top in the Google search result? and so on. We as a blogger, may not know all the reasons. But today we're going to see only top questions that you have to know about not getting website traffic and SEO ranking.

For professional bloggers, traffic can be a source of income from advertisements. For eCommerce retailers, their website traffic translates to direct sales. Some websites may have not to sell anything online but they're selling their brand value to the consumers by providing quality content. We all just have readers eyeballs on blog content is enough to count as a win.

It doesn't matter what your website is about. When your search ranking drops then your site traffic also get drops and that’s a problem. Eventually, we all want our site to get the desired traffic and rank up in SERPs. Here I am going to tell the top 5 major reasons for not getting your site huge traffic and not coming in the rank. So let's get started.
Reasons Why Your Website Not Getting Traffic and Rank
Reasons Why Your Website Not Getting Traffic and Rank

Your website is not getting desired traffic and rank because of following reasons

What affects website traffic? Having low quality user experience, no responsive and mobile friendly web design, less competitive keywords in your content, inactive on social media means less number of social shares, no user friendly navigation; these are the most affecting reasons why your blog or website is not getting enough organic traffic.

Sharing 5 reasons you are not getting enough traffic to your website:

1. Website not visible for competitive keywords on Google.

Website not visible for competitive keywords on Google
Website not visible for competitive keywords on Google
If you’re reading this and thinking, "Even if there is quality content, why my website is still not showing up on Google?" then it’s time to revisit your keyword targeting. This is the first and common reason why your website is not visible for competitive keywords on Google.

When it comes to keywords, there is a lot of things you must think about your content, your blog niche, the competition regarding that topic on the market, and with related targetting keywords and so on. KEYWORDS are so important for seo optimization. Internet is the thing where every single thing has a competition. Whatever your content and your blog niche, there is always competition for you. It is your responsibility to overcome them and make your blog visible on Google and get desired traffic on your blog.

Trying to rank up your website with highly competitive results, especially when you competing with bigger brands, can sometimes leave your site or your business in the dust. It’s easy to rank for irrelevant keywords in search engines but it's hard to rank for keywords that are profitable for your business. Make sure you are targeting a competitive keywords market, so you can gain the attention of the maximum of your readers.

As we ignore putting some long-tail keywords in our blog but long-tail keywords have higher monthly search volumes, also they are less competitive and give you a better chance of ranking at the top of search results. For Ex. If someone searches on Google about TV [Television], it's hard to determine exactly what they want to find. If they want second-hand old TV or want to buy specific branded flagship-level tv, or they want to know how to set up a new buying television. At this point, if you put the long tail keyword in your related television blog, "Samsung FHD 60fps television review" there can be more chances to make your content visible at any moment in the search list. Targeting less competitive phrases and long-tail keywords will allow your blogs to show up in Google search results and reach more customers online.

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2. Lack of strategic content-based link optimization.

Using strategies in your blogs is a must to do if you want your website to get decent traffic and rank. Whatever blog niche you have, there is always competition for you. What does your competitor do? How their website comes at the top in the search result and is visible all the time? Many of you may know some popular websites. The point is how they can do that? There are no single or two reasons for not getting your website in rank. Just have a look at how can professional able to do some strategic optimization for the content-based link.

If you are a professional blogger or an entry-level blogger, simply you are not writing only one or two pages on your website, but there are a bunch of topics you have. With one content you can force people to go to another blog page by using other related links on your site and the blog page.

If you are writing about, "how to make a YouTube channel and grow". You can put the same content-based link for the same topic that you had written before about "YouTube money-making strategies". So readers will take an interest to read and know more about the same content that you had published before on your site. Not only this but you can use some related content based phrases and words and highlight them in your blog.

Always think about the visitors and their choice of interest you are targeting; what is the tone of voice while writing content that appeal reader? What is the value that we are bringing to our audience? Google and all search engine like the content made for people and not for search engine bots. Once you find out those things, you can grab not only desired traffic on your website but you will be ranked on Google every time.

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3. The presence of technical errors is holding your website to get indexed.

The presence of technical errors is holding your website to get indexed
The presence of technical errors is holding your website to get indexed
This is one of the major reasons why you are not getting traffic for your every blog page and your website too. In this article and even before I always used to mention that your online presence is most important to get traffic on your blog and for better SEO as well.

A single technical mistake or error will pull you back. Simply, your website does not get visible in the Google search result so it affects your site traffic. Let's take a look at what are the most common technical errors that bother you and how to solve them.

3.1. Fix crawling errors

There is a lot of technical error but those major things you always should check and update regularly:
  1. Check robots.txt file.
  2. Check .htaccess file. Basically, this is an invisible file that resides in your WWW or public_html folder. A badly configured htaccess can do bad stuff like infinite loops, which will never let your site load.
  3. Make sure to check meta tags, it can be a reason to not index your site.
  4. Check your sitemap and keep updating don't keep that old or broken.
  5. Check URL parameters incorrectly configured parameters can result in pages from your site being dropped from the index.

3.2. Fix broken and messy URL's

SEO-friendly, URL links, and keywords are easy to read and understand for both search engines and users. Messy URL's can hurt your trust & credibility with search engines and users. Hence, it causes leading decreased clickthrough rates of your website and simply your website ranking goes down within a few minutes. So, make sure to fix all broken and messy links of your website.

3.3. Page loading time

Page loading time
Page loading time
How your page loading time is most important and decides that people keep stays on your website else they'll go and never come back.

Slow site speed affects a lot to your website traffic and ranking too. Think about technical errors so your website or a blog takes too much time to load.

The study finds a 1-second delay in website load time means a 17% reduction. Instead, if there is no delay and improve your site load time by 1-second, it will not just increase overall website traffic but also sales, customer experience, page views and conversion rates too. Make sure your site loading well and keep entertaining your audiences.

3.4. Images that are not search-friendly

A picture is worth a thousand words. Not just your writeup but relatable images and their quality also matter a lot.

Many website designers and bloggers emphasize stunning visual effects with clean, good looking images without thinking about its search ranking impact and online presence. Also, many people have a well-developed site, they use images with beautiful fonts and strong colours to make the page appealing, but the fact is for Google, it is just an image and nothing else.

Make sure that before putting any image or video in your blog always use meta tags, keywords in image title, its caption along with a combination of web fonts, HTML and CSS, it helps better SEO optimisation of your site.

3.5. Poor mobile experience

As a blogger, everyone used to work on the widescreen on a monitor or a laptop. But did you ever think about how your website looks on the small screen? Like on a smartphone or a tablet? If your website offers a poor user experience on smartphones and tablets and if it takes too time to load, then it will be a bad experience for them.

Your website must have a responsive web design. In simple words, your website displays automatically and appropriately for both mobile and desktop devices. Thus, it can improve SEO signals that Google takes your site for search rankings.

4. Less participation on major social media networks.

To get huge website traffic, social media platforms take an important role in that. Engaging customers through online participation in social networking sites is another important step for all bloggers. Social networking is currently the most popular online activity among consumers worldwide.

It is not surprising at all when I am saying, that the blogging industry has followed the consumers and almost 94% of all businesses with a marketing department and they all have established their presence and continuously keep engaging their customer base on major social media platforms called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Some major benefits of participation on major social media networks:
  1. Social media platforms increase brand exposure, hence your web traffic increase and to be ranked up.
  2. Regularly participating and engaging your content on social media platforms to increase site traffic and followers.
  3. It also develop loyal fans and improve your business.
  4. Through social media platforms, you can interact with your loyal audience directly and you can solve their problems and whatever they have questions regarding your content and blog.
  5. With posting regularly on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter your fan base will increase. As well as indirectly you are forced to divert them to your website to increase website traffic.
  6. Marketing your blogs and website, social media is a great way to increase website traffic in a very few time. If you take it seriously on your blogs will go up like a skyrocket, and that's for sure!
These and thousands of reasons that you should all keep connected and have a presence on social media instead of only writing content and publishing on the website.

5. Lack of user experience

What is the difference between the popular, biggest and the most profitable companies in the world and the ones that belong to the same domain and yet are not as successful, the answer is in a single phrase; "User Experience" in short [UX].

User-friendly and quality website always gets liked by the audience and people want to go and read more content frequently. If there is a low-quality website and content you have, then there is no chance to get you high traffic on your site. So, to make feel and look good you always need to work on website, so that people love to visit again-&-again and feels good.

Key points to improve user experience:
  1. You need to think about your site design does it looks compelling and clean or bothering the people. The font size, font style, title, your site logo and also check the social media buttons.
  2. Your site must incorporate everything. If you have a business website, from development down to adapting your entire company structure all things make sure that every customer touchpoint delivers the best user experience possible.
  3. On whatever topic you are writing, make sure to use a related stock image. Using images, GIF's or videos in your blogs will impact readers. Stock photos that mean something are not entirely a bad option, but some are so generic and commonly used across different websites then they can not be damaged the perception of your business or website. So, make sure to use royalty-free, well optimised and unique images on your blogs.
  4. When a person comes to your site what things will bother again and again? Autoplay videos, cookies acceptance, flash videos, too many advertisements on the main screen; these are all things you can find and fix. These are the major things where you need to work hard on your website.
  5. Too many things on small spot of the screen also allow users to leave your website. While designing a website you have to make sure that every customer touchpoint delivers the best user experience possible. Keep it clean and looks cool it may your homepage or blog page. Once you take care of all the things, people love to visit your site again and again. Now it's on you to eliminate the bad user experiences on your site or app and work toward a more perfect web.

Bottom Line

Above all these 5 major points are very much important to make your website grow and to grab maximum traffic.

I hope you all get all these points and will start making work on it right here, right now!

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