Top 7 Best Android Antivirus App You Can Get

Sharing best mobile antivirus apps to secure data and privacy. Stay safe with the latest antivirus security for your mobile device.. Continue reading...

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Today here sharing all of the essential mobile security apps and tools that will provide to keep your Android phone 100% safe.
Antivirus applications
Some common questions that you will see here in this page are; do mobile phones need antivirus software? Which is the No 1 antivirus for Android? What is the best free antivirus for mobile phones? What is the best free antivirus app for Android? And so on.

As you see, there are more number of Android users than any other mobile operating systems, and so there are various types of malwares and trojans. I have listed most effective mobile antivirus apps that provides malware protection, a photo vault, anti-theft support, password management, call blocker, a privacy scanner, blacklisting, device clean-up tools, more frequent virus database updates, app locking, a firewall for rooted Android devices, network scanning, aforementioned VPN, and even device admin features all 100% free. Based on analysis, these are the most useful Android antivirus apps for keeping your devices secure.

After testing several free antivirus apps, I can say that the free mobile apps has restricted capability and also include lots of advertisements. Some of the free antivirus apps scan your mobiles for viruses but lacks behind to cope up with the new threats. Listing the best Android antivirus apps to protect both your device and secure your personal privacy. Learn to keep Androids well-protected against theft, malware and privacy.

Stay safe with the latest antivirus security for your mobile device.
Best Android Mobile Phone Antivirus Apps
Best Android Mobile Phone Antivirus Apps
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Best 7 Mobile Antivirus Apps For Android

These are top notch selected and the most effective mobile antivirus apps from wide range of security apps and it is because of the extra security tools it comes with and the ability to detects and removes malware from your phone without creating too much trouble. Check out.

Top 7 mobile antivirus apps to secure data and privacy:

1. Avast Antivirus – Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner

Avast is the best free antivirus app for Android in all the apps as it has a quick detection ability to secure against viruses & other types of malware.

With Avast mobile security, to can efficiently protect your information, data, privacy, and credentials. You will see notifications whenever any malware, adware, or trojan infected apps get downloaded onto your phone. Mreover, secure your smartphone against mobile ransomware, phishing attacks from emails, and infected websites.

Simply turn on the VPN to manage your online browsing private and safe, as well as to access your personal paid streaming services while traveling. Get warnings when your passwords have been compromised by hackers.

With more than 120 million installs, Avast mobile security & antivirus provides advanced mobile security and much more than just antivirus protection.

Get Avast Antivirus ❯

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

If you are worried about how to remove malware from Android then Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is the best solution you can rely upon.

It keeps on running in the background to find and removes all malicious traces. It works as an effective antivirus protection tool where it clean virus threat and automatically blocks all incoming malicious content on your device.

Further, it offers features like app lock, find my phone, anti-theft, anti-phishing, call blocker, web filter and more.

Get Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus ❯

3. McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

Use this free antimalware for Android to avail number of useful security features on your device.

It offers numerous anti-theft and security features to keep your Android phone safe. These features include security lock & CaptureCam, anti-spyware, remotely wipe data, contacts backup, SMS backup, restore data, Anti-theft, multi-user app profiles, app lock, app protection, call blocker and lot more.

Moreover, by using this free malware cleaner for Android, you can keep your device completely secure against cyber threats.

Get McAfee Mobile Security & Lock ❯

4. Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus is a powerful antimalware tool that helps you scan and remove apps from your device to find and remove all malicious content.

This smart tool is designed meticulously for Android smartphones and tablets. Under Android security features, it offers features like remote lock your device to prevent data theft in case of device theft, automatically lock your phone after 10 failed to unlock attempts, SMS to lock your lost device, and lot more.

Under Android protection features, it offers “scream” alarm to find your missing device, saves your device location automatically when the battery is low, sync & restore contacts, control protection, blocks malware infected sites and safe search for secured shopping. It also helps you protect your privacy with features like block unwanted calls & SMS, wipe all device information when needed and Sneak Peek feature to capture an image in case your device is lost.

Get Norton Security and Antivirus ❯

5. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a simple yet effective tool that is used and trusted by millions of users around the world. While searching for malicious content it performs a deep scan of your device where it scans your apps, settings, files, games and everything else in real-time.

It also helps you boost your device performance by killing all unnecessary tasks running on your device. You can use its Power Save option to extend battery life. It is also useful to clean unnecessary files to recover storage space and boost device performance.

In other features, it helps you lock sensitive apps, enable locating your lost phone, hide private photos, scan Wi-Fi network and gives you insights into the permissions level of installed apps.

Get AVG Antivirus ❯

6. Zemana Antivirus & Security

Use this security and antimalware tool to protect your device against all malware threats including viruses, Trojans, keylogger, and other malware threats. It is equipped with powerful scan engines where it scans your device 5 times faster than any other tool.

It offers efficient adware protection and helps you preserve your private and important data against all malware threats. In other features, it offers real-time protection, automatic database updates, anti-keylogger protection and 24/7 technical support.

Get Zemana Antivirus & Security ❯

7. Systweak Anti-Malware

Systweak Anti-Malware offers simple yet powerful user experience while keeping your device safe from all cyber threats.

This smart solution offers real-time protection where it blocks downloading of malicious apps at the source. It keeps on updating its database to keep you secure from all existing and emerging malware threats.

You can use its privacy protection features to view and manage permissions granted to different apps on your device. In other features, it provides complete scanning, Quick & Deep scan modes, one-click scanning, Whitelist option and more. You can use this free Android malware protection tool for instant and effective results.

Get Systweak Anti-Malware ❯

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