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A selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away — I think SELFIE have become an essential & insuperable part of our daily lives. Most of the selfies tell the stories of success while very few give grief of heartbreaks. Selfies with success stories introduce an inspiration while those with heartbreaks teach a lesson to others. An ultimate selfie that never fails to bring the millions of smiles & pump my inner powers to do more. Mobiistar the product and intended providing users a perfect selfie experience provided with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot.. Continue reading...

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That SELFIE! Oh my God, I just love the selfie. You know what, according to my consideration, it's a showcase that shows how much you love my life and each moment of it. I've strongly believed in preserving memories through photographs, such memories help us to recall time past, magnify time in the present, and always tends to provide the link and purpose for times to come.
A selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away
Initially while taking the selfies, people felt and reacted a bit weird for pointing the camera towards themselves but when they see and realize the outcome they loved it. Taking selfies are the current trend in the market. Whether children, girls, boys, or elders, all are being influenced by this new trend.

Isn’t it a pretty idea to capture ourselves and store each moment in time forever and make it a part of memories? I love taking selfies. Selfies are not just about capturing the self-portrait but a quick-time stored memory for life and that requires creativity too.

Everyone looks to click their mood, face, expressions no matter wherever they go. Yes, literally wherever they go. For somebody, this may sound a bit different but I don't have any problem. You are expressing yourself every time from the bottom of your heart & that is really a good sign to live life long. No wonder selfie has become a craze these days. Even we are addicted, let's check out how selfies keeping us motivated and never allowed to forget any moment in our life.
Mobiistar Take Better Family Selfies
Mobiistar Take Better Family Selfies

Selfie Mania is not a laughing matter, Psychiatrists Say...

After a period of time, the finger automatically goes on the selfie button. Somebody may call it an addiction, but don't mind 'not all addictions are bad'. Before this selfie camera, people were used to shooting photos of people, family members, friends & catch those beautiful moments in the camera but those photos may not contain your self-picture. If anyone wants to take his own photo he had to stand away from the camera.

But now the things have changed with the time.
You can shoot any expression without running and be standing away from the camera. You just need to start selfie mode (front camera) on your mobile, give facial expression & click to shoot.

Selfies make you happy, science says...

Selfie is really a good way to capture those interesting & amazing moments along with your self-picture.
That is where selfie has more advantages. People usually take selfies when they are happy. I have never seen any sad person taking selfies. It has become a way of expressing happiness.

It lets people know that you are feeling happy. You are enjoying the moments. Selfie means to take self-photo without somebody's help. Selfie is there to catch those crucial moments of life with you. Most of the selfies represent happiness & positiveness as it indicates something positive has happened to you.

Most of the selfies tell the stories of success while very few give grief of heartbreaks. Selfies with success stories introduce an inspiration while those with heartbreaks teach a lesson to others.

Taking a selfie increases positive feelings, makes you happier...

I used to take selfies every morning, just clicking myself sipping morning tea so that I can start my day on a positive note and with that awesome feeling & carry that freshness whole day. It's my way of thinking. I intentionally want to mention one thing that whenever I shoot the selfie with my daughter I really become emotional. Because I love my daughter a lot & having a selfie with your closed once gives a different feeling. You can't really express that in words.

Selfie Superstar
Selfie Superstar

Getting your biggest dream is the greatest success in a life and in my life that extraordinary moment was captured as a selfie by the phone. Today I really like to share with you all about one of my most demanding desire which caused me to have an ultimate selfie that never fails to bring the millions of smiles & pump my inner powers to do more. It was the selfie pic that cannot be compared with any photograph or any captured moment of my life. Over the years I have taken numerous selfies with my family members, friends, office colleagues, occasion, plus public figures but this one is something which makes me passionate to archive next life goals and keeps me motivated.

Selfie Camera - Innovation & Tech Today

So while everybody is addicted & busy to take selfies, the important question is how to take a good selfie? How to master the perfect selfie? You know what, to have a perfect selfie you must have a good selfie camera phone and the features that you required to follow for taking selfies. We always expect that each smartphone should have a high quality ‘selfie camera’ to have improved ‘selfie experience’ the same way it applies to the memories as well.

In opinion, a selfie is a key to attract new mobile users. The next thing that users check after RAM is the selfie camera. It has become an integral part of the mobile experience. So improving the quality of those cameras is very important to increase the demand for smartphones. The most unnoticed thing about the selfie is when we take the selfie, it shows the mirror image in the photo. This means if we take selfies with a right hand, it shows like we have captured it with the left hand & that is been the most unnoticed thing with a selfie so far.

Take Better Family Selfies

Dual Selfie Camera
Dual Selfie Camera

But thanx to Mobiistar. The Mobiistar brand commitment is to ‘Enjoy More’ which is concerned with providing their customers the chance to explore more opportunities. The reason behind ‘Enjoy More’ is made through the functionality of the product and intended providing users a perfect selfie experience provided with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot. This indicates that you can now see more of the picturesque background into the picture frame and not have to bother about adjusting everybody to have them all in a shot!

They have managed to solve the selfies problem.
The smartphone takes a photo & shows it to me straight as it is natural & not like other smartphones which shows the mirror image. I have a mole on the right side of my nose. When I was about to take the selfie, I could see the mole on the left side of my nose just like a mirror image. But after the shot, as it was there in the archive I could see it on the right side of the nose. Mobiistar offers a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. The sensors of 120 degrees help you to capture broader angles of your photo. Along with this it also allows more people to enter your selfie as we can call it a group selfie. Bokeh effect is the best addition to this smartphone. It is just like capturing a portrait on a digital camera with an unfocused background. The biggest part is that you can get more sharpness and HD selfie and clear frontend character with a better focus on the details of the object. It has a powerful long lasting battery and Snapdragon processor.


Enjoy more with #mobiistar. For more details check out the Mobiistar and Mobiistar on Amazon for grabbing this selfie superstar smartphone and extend your selfie experience to the next level.

One more thing about the selfie is, no doubt the pretty people take selfies very confidently but the people who are supposed to be less pretty hesitate to take a selfie so as to avoid themselves from teasing. They have the tendency to focus on what other peoples will say. They don't have to worry anymore. There are some mobile applications that can glow the face in a selfie photo. Take a selfie & use the mobile apps to make your face glow like you are pretty naturally.

Bottom Line
Everyone these days loves to click selfies with the smallest affection or say fascination, no excuse required, unabashedly, we catch and would like to have the selfies whenever we're out, when dressed up well, in the office, out for dinner, birthday parties, traveling, family functions, gathering, office occasions, where not? I think SELFIE has become an essential & insuperable part of our daily lives...

Let me know your favorite selfie and tell me the story behind it in the comment sections shown below. Also, don't forget to like and share this page. And make sure to subscribe to our regular innovative & interesting updates about tech and social media.

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