15 IMP Things You Must Check While Buying A New DSLR Camera | Buying Guide

Nowadays, everyone seems to click the number of pictures daily. Recently, smartphone cameras are enhanced and now come up with large numbers of features that DSLR camera usually holds. But DSLR is the specially made camera designed by its native features and with the lots of differences, DSLR is much better than your smartphone camera. Even if the pictures were taken from your smartphone might look similar to that of DLSR; when you view on your computer you will able to see the actual differences. And this is why wise people are used to buying a DSLR camera for capturing quality pictures especially to store quality moments. DSLR camera buying guide
Buyers used to search; what should we check before buying a DSLR camera? How do I choose a good DSLR camera? Which DSLR to buy for beginners? What are the features of a DSLR camera? And so on...

Say if you don’t have much photography experience and still wanted to capture your life, record your family moments, etc., you should go with the basic level of DSLR camera instead of clicking-capturing the pictures-videos on your smartphones.

You should consider your camera needs, features, accessories, lenses and much more instead of looking at DSLR camera price only. The best DSLR camera is value for money. There are now many DSLR manufacturers from you may select the best brands like Nikon DSLR camera, Canon DSLR camera, Sony DSLR camera, etc. These are best DSLR cameras for beginners as well as for professionals. But while choosing, you should consider many things.

I also love photography and I suggest that one should buy at least one DSLR camera as it helps you capture all the beautiful and special moments of your life and to share with the next generations.

Maybe, a DSLR camera if you are a photography freak? But buying your NEW DSLR can be a difficult job. With so many options out there, many things you need to think like a brand, cost, technical specs & features, accessories to buy, and so on because buying a DSLR is a big investment. In this post, I will discuss more what to consider when buying a NEW DSLR camera.
15 IMP Things You Must Check While Buying A New DSLR Camera | Buying Guide
15 Things to consider when buying a DSLR camera
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What to consider when buying a DSLR camera?

Things you need to know to choose the right DSLR for your needs: When you are clear about the most important things what you required to do after you purchase a NEW DSLR camera then you'll be able to find more specific devices that fit with your style.

Check out the most important things to be looked on before buying a DSLR camera:

1. Long-term investment.

Since buying DSLR is a big investment(1) and you want to grow yourself with the camera, you should think about what type of lenses(2) are compatible with your camera. Also what kind of style or category of photography(3) you wanted to do as a hobby or as a profession, and also to enhance in the future.

You should also think of selecting any one DSLR from the latest range of the cameras(4) which are available on the market.

Nikon Vs Canon(5): Nikon cameras are best for capturing pics, it clicks very colorful images and is good for shooting faces, people and subjects, whereas Canons cameras are great for shooting sports and fashion. Both the brands have their own pros and cons, but you should think of the true purpose of your camera.

2. ISO & resolution.

ISO factor(6) of the camera allows you to capture images in different situations or environments. So, try to check the various ISO modes & parameter which your camera will support so that you can click pictures in any light or dark places.

Resolution/Megapixel(7) is also an important feature of the camera, if you are occasionally printing your pictures, you should select higher megapixel range cameras so that you will get precision or more clarity in your prints.

But to be honest, any DSLR that you buy today will have more than enough megapixels. If two DSLRs are compared by the number of megapixels (Say 10MP and 12MP), you certainly won’t find the difference. But still, if you can see the difference, it’s most likely due to the lens or sensor quality than the resolution. In short, do not overthink about megapixels. You’ll be getting more than enough anyway from any latest DLSR camera.

3. Comparative study on brand research.

Nikon Vs Canon
Nikon Vs Canon
What camera brand is the best? Selecting a brand(8) is a crucial step. There are tons of cameras are out in the DSLR market with tremendous features. Those features make it hard to really focus on your needs and finding the best tool against the budget too. You even take a second opinion from a photography expert friend who will suggest a few options about brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. as per your requirements.

Consulting with the camera experts(9) definitely help you make the right choice and it's always good to get some advice from such people who are already using the camera equipment, its accessories for their profession and even in day-to-day lives.

Here I would like to suggest the best budget DSLRs: (Price <50k)
Nikon D5600 24MP with 2 Lenses: https://amzn.to/2K77RbM
Canon EOS 200D 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera: https://amzn.to/2z69uCc

4. Wide range of lenses types.

Wide range of lenses types
Wide range of lenses types
Lenses are the most important parts of any DSLR camera. Most of the times, lenses play a major role in photography than the camera itself.

Lenses(10) are really the major factor in adding momentum, depth, uniqueness, clarity, and strength in your photography. The camera body is the only foundation, but you should focus on the quality of lenses that you get while purchasing a DLSR camera.

You don't have to spend more money on an attractive camera with more settings that you or any photography expert don't need in the real world. There are loads of lenses are available in the market with different ranges for macro lenses, zoom levels, wide angles, auto-motor, etc. So invest your thoughts while selecting features of the lenses.

Here I would like to suggest the most suitable lenses: (Price <12k)
Default 18-55mm lense comes free with the camera body.
Buy the budget lense Tamron 70-300mm: https://amzn.to/2QJoPzg

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5. Decide DSLR for photos or videos?

DLSR is enhanced rapidly these days, so they record HD/FHD/4K videos as well. But, do we really need this video option? Video option(11) is good for those who have a profession in shooting or as a YouTuber. Even the YouTuber are also choose for HD shooting cameras instead of 4K.

There are many who pick cameras having high-end video option like 4K recording feature(12), without thinking whether or not they will actually use it and end up with high expenses spent.

Higher video feature adds cost to the overall price of the camera. Lots of steady photographers don't even touch this video option. So you should think about the actual purpose of buying a DSLR camera, are you really looking for clicking pictures or looking for recording videos?

If you are interested more on clicking pictures, you may get a camera and an amazing lens for the same price as a DSLR with a video option.

Nikon D5600 (https://amzn.to/2K77RbM) and Canon EOS 200D (https://amzn.to/2z69uCc) are the bese choice if you are looking for All-In-One camera. Both have best features and ability to shoot in FHD (1920x1080) resolutions.

6. Added modes and features.

All DSLRs come with a standard set of modes(13) like Action, Custom, Night, Portrait, Landscape, and many more. But, there are some entry-level cameras that might come up with other unique modes like Panorama(14), Depth, Running, etc. which you will explore through the use of the camera.

Manual mode is mostly preferred by professional photographers, this is because standard modes do not capture true images in different environments with the same settings. Hence, custom settings will allow you to adjust the camera according to the place or situation.

There is the number of cameras come up with quick editing tools(15) where you can edit camera settings from LED or display. You can adjust ISO, shutter speed, resolution, etc. as per your need and environment.

Bottom Line
I hope the above points will help you make a firm decision and you’ll be satisfied with your shopping for growing your photography skills.

One small suggestion, go to the store and know the cameras in hand just to see what actually it clicks. The system, options, menu, and grip can appeal to you initially, but the overall camera might not suit you when you test it out in person.

Anyways, choosing to buy a new DSLR is a big move, and you will need to make sure that you’re buying the best camera for your needs or profession. By analyzing all the above factors and many other tech specifications on every camera model, you’ll have a clear idea to get value for money product.

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