Dishwasher Vs Maid | Total Calculations | Advantages | Disadvantages | Guide to Buy Dishwasher in India

This is an interesting topic of discussion. We have to wash all our utensils every single day. We employ a maid for this duty and paying some fixed amount of money on a monthly basis. Finding an economical & affordable local housemaid is itself a challenge. And even if we find economical bai for this task, still we have to worry about whether the maid will come up the next day or not. Also, if she took a day off, we have to do this task on our own anyway. Comparison between the dishwasher and housemaid
People used to search for I am planning to buy a dishwasher & how is the experience with dishwashers in India? Are dishwashers worth buying in India? What are the pros and cons of using a dishwasher in India? How taking the dishwasher into the kitchen worth? And so on...

We are living in smart gadgets world now. Almost all of us are having smartphones, washing machines, floor cleaners, etc., etc. Then, why can’t we have something which can replace the maid now? We are turning our heads towards metro cities. And maid wages are no less than the EMIs which we spend on our smartphones. Also, maids are quite choosy in their timings. Sometimes, we also had to re-schedule all our activities according to their timings.

Let me introduce you to "Dishwasher" now; you can say it is a "smart maid" who is there with you 24x7. You don’t have to wait for it to do the job. Just turn it on, add some detergent, provide water, kick-start it and soon you will have nice, clear, odorless, and hygiene utensils.

No doubt your maid does the same thing as the dishwasher, but there are many factors you need to consider to calculate everything. I'm here to compare tons of points between maid and dishwasher. And I’m sure, this article will jiggle your mind.
Dishwasher Vs Maid | Total Calculations | Advantages | Disadvantages | Guide to Buy Dishwasher in India
Dishwasher Vs Maid
Before moving ahead, need to clear some ground facts:
  • City: Pune
  • Family size: 4
  • Electricity charges: Rs.5 per unit (As per Govt. MSEB rates)
  • Total period for comparison: 10 years

Housemaid Calculations

I’m living in Pune city where maid wages are between 800 to 1000 Rs. per month for just utensils cleaning.

Maid wages: Rs.800 x 12 months x 10 years = Rs.96,000

Bai requires detergents that also we need to calculate as;
1. Vim Bar -
2. Vim Gel -
3. Pril Gel -
By considering the above rates for the Detergents like soap or liquid gel etc., it costs Rs.60 for a month.

Detergent cost: Rs.60 x 12 months x 10 years = Rs.7,200

Total expenses for a bai: 96000 + 7200 = Rs. 1,03,200 for 10 years of service.

Dishwasher Calculations

Here I'm considering a branded dishwasher in the market.

Bosch Dishwasher:
(2 years of comprehensive warranty) + 10% Instant OFF

Its energy consumption is 1.5 Kilowatt Hours, this means, if we use this for an hour it will burn 1.5 units of power which cost approx. Rs.5 per unit consumption.

Let's first calculate how much electricity does a dishwasher uses per hour;
Time required: avg. 1 hour per day on max side.
Electricity/Power consumption: 1(hr.) x 1.5 (per unit) x 5 (unit charges) = Rs.7.5 daily.
Monthly dishwasher electricity usage: 7.5 x 30 = Rs.225

The dishwasher also want detergents that also we required to calculate as;
The brands available in the market specially made for dishwasher use are;
1. Fortune Dishwasher Kit [detergent + salt + rinse aid]:
2. Dishwasher Scent Tablets/Soap:

Daily detergent usage: Rs.10.
Monthly Detergent cost for dishwasher: Rs.300

Total monthly [electricity + detergent] cost: 225 + 300 = Rs.525
Yearly usage = 525 (Monthly) x 12 (months) = Rs.6300

Total dishwasher expenses: 6300 (Yearly) x 10 (years) = Rs.63000 for 10 years of service from Dishwasher.

Dishwasher Vs Bai: Reality

From the above calculations its seen that the dishwasher is much better than a bai.
But you also need to consider the initial cost for a bai is ZERO whereas for the dishwasher you have to pay 30000 as a one-time investment.
So total dishwasher expenses will be 63000 + 30000 = Rs.93000.

Wait, the game is not yet finished.

In a real scenario, once you have a dishwasher in your home, you will not run it daily. According to my own experience, at max. we run it 3 times in a week. So it affects the total calculations as;
12 times per month x 7.5 = Rs.90
So the yearly electricity usage: 90 x 12 = Rs.1080
And 1080 x 10 = Rs.10,800 for 10 years

The detergent use also decreases as; 12 times use x Rs.10 per use x 12 months x 10 years = Rs.14,400

In real-time the actual dishwasher expenses are 10800 + 14400 = Rs 25,200 for 10 years.

Whereas in realtime, housemaid calculations = Rs. 1,03,200 for 10 years.

You also need to check more realtime scenes as shown below in the table.

Realtime scenario comparison: Dishwasher Vs Maid

Check out the below table enlists important comparison points.

Comparison points Housemaid Dishwasher
Total Cost for 10 years Rs.1,03,200 Rs.25,200
Family Size 4 4
Availability Limited to specific hours only 24x7
Water usage Approx. 40 liters every time 10 liters every time
Bonus Rs.5,000 for 10 years
e.g. Rs.500 per year like Diwali Bonus etc.
Sound/Noise No need to say, you know it very well. Silent, does the job with minimal noise.

Bottom Line
On top of that, whenever we instruct the housemaid to do this and that, the time is wasted, & life is disturbed. The discussion with the maid soon became a debate and the maid always wins the war. Also, if we have guests in the house and our maid couldn’t turn up, we had to do this “cleaning” job on our own.

On the other side, the machine never complains, we can use it any time of the day. We don’t have to wait, it is there for us 24x7. It silently works, and we can do all our activities with peace of mind.

Anyways, I hope this is enough information for you to re-think this “Dishwasher Vs Maid” topic. Still, if you would like to suggest or question anything on this, don’t hesitate to use the below comment section. Happy to hear from you.

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