Royale Atmos: The First Air Purifying Wall Paint by Asian Paints, India | Carbon Technology

I was believing that the pollution resides outdoor only as you see the smoke comes out from the cars, large factories but it was some scaring results when I came to know about indoor air pollution which I am sharing here for you today. This article will assist you to progress cleaning the air and improving health & encourage a healthy lifestyle by reducing risks from toxic air pollutants.
Air Purifying Wall Paint
You need to know the most neglected indoor pollutants have a severe negative impact on anyone’s health. Indoor Air Pollution relates not only to the physical, chemical, but also the biological components of air in the indoor conditions inside a home. The indoor air can be up to four times more polluted than the air outside of your home. Indoor air pollution can directly affect your health. Somewhat out of the box but I want to share some brief with you about remarkable factors about the indoor air pollutants so that in future you can be aware of them. You can practice various actions that can serve you in improving your indoor air and forming it germ-free.

These tech days, modern technology has made your life easier to help measure indoor pollutants & keep control of indoor air pollution. The wall paint Royal Atmos that dramatically reduces the emissions of hazardous air pollutants and makes the air cleaner. Moreover, it also absorbs several dirty smells like ammonia, smoke & performs the air cleaner.

It is made by one of the most trusted towing & leading paint manufacturing company: Asian Paints. Understanding all this about air pollution and reducing the risk, I was decided personally that I will get my house painted with the Royale Atmos before this coming Diwali festival. From a family perspective, few simple actions you can take to deduce air Pollution that will make you happier. I just want to fill the home with heart & happiness.
Royale Atmos: The First Air Purifying Wall Paint by Asian Paints, India | Carbon Technology
Royale Atmos by Asian Paints India With Carbon Technology

Indoor Air Pollution

The indoor air pollution indicates that the air pollution that can pass inside the building or the premise that can be carried air in from the outside. Active organic compounds causing pollution is drawn considerably from solvents & chemicals.

The pollutant components are originated from both man-made and natural sources like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, the nitrogen dioxide, and lead, there are a number of other components of air pollutants that changes in the climate affect air pollution levels and so climate change in an enclosed space.

Awareness about indoor air pollution and concerns about its health impact

When we think of air pollution mostly it comes as outdoor air pollution but it is a fact that the indoor air can be polluted too. Emissions from vehicles & factories, smoke are examples of outdoor air pollution. Air pollution means contamination in the air so it can be outdoor & indoor as well. The indoor air pollution has increased due to a variety of reasons, including the construction of more tightly sealed buildings, reduced ventilation, the use of synthetic materials for building and furnishing word and the application of artificial chemical products, pesticides, as well as the household care products.

Indoor air pollution affects the developing countries more than developed countries because here most of the people use wood, charcoal, animal dung as a fuel to cook food in the home. Therefore the people living inside such a home have to inhale carbon monoxide coming out after burning such fuels. This can create some hazardous effects on human health like Pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, cancer, etc. Along with this if you look at the death rate due to indoor air pollution in developing countries, it is 1.6 million people every year.

In developed countries, due to the air conditioner systems, most offices & homes are air packed leaving behind no option for ventilation which is the main reason for indoor air pollution. When we breathe we inhale oxygen & exhale carbon dioxide. Due to these air packed systems, the carbon dioxide may saturate there making us inhale it instead of oxygen & if it happens it will be a big loss for the people working/staying indoors.
The even more worst thing when people smoke indoors & that also affects who are not a smoker as they don't take it directly but they also have to inhale the same air & that we generally observe when some cancerous patient says that "I don't smoke then how can I have cancer? The reason is the tobacco smoking people leave behind around 4000 carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals through their smoke. That is called secondhand smoke.

Radon gas is another one air pollutant in developed countries like America. It is the second-largest cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoke in America.

During rainy season all of us face bad smell indoors & to remove this bad smell we prefer to spray air fresheners, perfumes. These air fresheners are mostly chemicals i.e volatile organic compounds. These VOC's are the carbon-containing compounds. Not only air fresheners, perfumes but also the other indoor things that smell good like paints, furniture, carpet papers contain the chemicals that emit a good smell. Someone here can say, we just use a small amount of these perfumes then that will be ok if you are outdoors but if you are indoors that can be like slow poisoning. Dust mites, pet dander are the living factors that can be air pollutants.

The indoor air pollution may cause some seriously bad effects on health unknowingly the source of pollution. Sometimes a bunch of people suffers the symptoms that relate to a time spent in a building. There may be a certain cause of illness but it can't be found & it is called sick building syndrome.

Air pollution prevention methods

  • The best option to diminish indoor air pollution is to have enough ventilation. This allows the indoor polluted air to go out and fresh outdoor air to come inside. That reduces the chances of inhaling the bad indoor air simultaneously reduces the chances of falling ill.

  • In developing countries the food that is cooked by burning wood or charcoal, it can be done in ventilated areas. The wood should be dried properly before burning so as to produce less smoke.

  • Proper exhaustion can be maintained where food is cooked on gas or heater in packed or airtight premises.

How royale atmos clean your polluted air?

The Royale Atmos is a first of its kind paint that not only looks elegant but also cleans the air making it purer than before. It's an innovative product manufactured by Asian Paints. The "Activated Carbon technology" help to reduce toxic pollutants from the air.

Additionally, it is the first product by Asian Paints to have a rich smell, instead of the typical synthetic smell of traditional paints. Thus, it also seems like an air freshener by delivering a soft fragrance weeks after painting.

  • Reduces indoor air pollutant
  • Activated carbon technology
  • Absorbs malodours
  • Releases fragrance
  • Smooth matt finish

The Royale Atmos is recommended innovative new paint designed and manufactured by Asian Paints that fight against indoor pollution by neutralizing toxic pollutants in the air which overcomes pollution levels inside the house.

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