Best Software To Recover Lost, Deleted, or Formatted Data From Windows | Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional [Offer 2017]

Have you lost or accidentally deleted crucial and confidential data from your Windows system thinking that those are not important? Or, have you lost your Windows partitions or deleted them accidentally? However, knowing the importance of the data you had deleted or lost somehow, you now wish to recover them quickly and easily. But what is the best way to recover Windows data seamlessly? Which is best tool to recover data from hard drive? This blog post answers all your queries. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
I have checked this hard drive disk recovery tool to retrieve deleted files from the external hard drive. The user-friendly interface supported me in picking the correct options easily and with the live preview feature. The disk drive data recovery becomes easy with Stellar; one of the industry leaders offering the best hard drive recovery service. I quickly located the deleted files and ultimately I was able to recover deleted files. It has great GUI better than those hard drive data recovery services. This tool lets me retrieve the deleted partition as well. Before this, I failing hard drive recovery when tried some other cheap recovery tools, and get depressed after seeing their recovery results. The tool architecture works on the strong algorithm that makes it powerful and unique from other recovery software. Even though the recovery procedure requires more time; but it's a good thing that your important data is going to recover back. Such a professional software recovers lost, deleted, or formatted files/partitions from the Windows system. It can also restore data from attached external devices, such as flash drives, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, etc. Now restore your data without altering the original data or formatting of the files. The quick features are; any disk drive recovery, lost partition recovery, optical media recovery, recover photos and multimedia files, provides a pre-recovery preview of files, deep scan for the better result, system startup disc, & also you can image your hard disk too. All-in-all, it is a perfect software for all data loss issues that you may face in your system that runs Windows OS.
THE BEST RECOVERY SOFTWARE Retrieve Lost Deleted Formatted Data From Windows
THE BEST RECOVERY SOFTWARE - Retrieve Lost, Deleted, Formatted Data From Windows
In the previous blog post I was talking about, How to Make Computer Run 10x Faster By Using Virtual Memory | RAM Optimization and here today I want to share one of the best and most popular tools used to recover deleted data/files/folder/photos/videos/songs/movies and many more from your Windows system.

Features and the benefits of the softwarez

  • Recovers lost or deleted files, emails, photos, audio, videos, and formatted partitions
  • Offers advanced scanning modes: Deep Scan and Scan for effective search results
  • Option to save Scan result that can be used in future for Resume Recovery
  • Provides preview of recoverable files before saving
  • Offers Resume Recovery, Raw Recovery, and CD/DVD Recovery options
  • Provides option to Add or Edit Headers, create Disk Image and Advanced Saving options
  • Provides a Bootable Disk for recovery of data in situations when the original hard drive refuses to boot up

Functionality of the Stellar Phoenix Software

Running Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional involves quick and easy steps that are Select, Scan, Recover, and Save —

1. In the first interface - ‘Select What to Recover,’

Select the data that you need to recover:
Select the type of data to be recovered
Figure 1: Selection of type of data to be recovered

2. From the second interface that is ‘Select Location’:

(i) Choose the location from where the files are to be recovered. Use ‘Scan’ or ‘Deep Scan’ feature to scan the selected files from the selected location thoroughly.

Note – The first is a quick Scan while Deep Scan provides an enhanced search option.
Selection of location of files
Figure 2: Selection of location of files

(ii) Select the recoverable file to preview it before saving.
Provides a preview of all the recoverable files
Figure 3: Provides a preview of all the recoverable files

3. Select the files to recover and click on the Recover tab to recover the files.

Recovery of the selected files
Figure 4: Recovery of the selected files

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4. Saving of recovered files

Finally, save the files that you wish to recover at the location of your choice. To do so, click on the Save icon, where the Save dialog box appears. Next, browse to select the destination location and click on the Start Saving tab to save the files.
Saving of recovered files
Figure 5: Saving of recovered files

Update: 31 July 2017

OFFER 1: 71% off on "Back To School" Offer

Glad to inform that you are coming up with highly discounted "Back To School" bundle offer valid from 1st to 15th Aug 2017. You must really excited about it as it comes once in a year and this time they are offering up to 71% discount. For bundle offer, it is going to be 5 utilities at the price of one.

Stellar Data Recovery is offering 5 best-selling utilities at the price of 1. The bundle has 71% discount and is available at $49.99 only.

Tools in this bundle are capable to recover lost Photos/Videos/Music files, repair JPEG/JPG files with original format intact, convert PDF to Image files, repair PDF corrupt files and convert Audio/video files.

Details are:
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional OFFER

OFFER 2: 70% off on Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

Buy link for Windows:

Buy link for Mac:

OFFER 3: 50% off on BitRaser for File

Buy Link for Windows:

Bottom Line
Summing up, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is an advanced Do-it-Yourself software that restores all lost or deleted office documents, emails, pictures, videos, photos, and database files All-in-all, a perfect software for all data loss issues that you may face on your Windows system.

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