Top 12 Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business | Mobile App Development 2021

It's is always better to find a more sophisticated way to reach out to more customers directly to where they are. In accordance with this, and more than 75% of the people are on the mobile all the time, it is best to have a mobile app for the business. Advantages of mobile apps over websites
Most of the startup need to think about; advantages of mobile web app over the website, what are the benefits of mobile apps in business? Is it better to use an app or the website? Why build an app for your business? What are apps used for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of apps compared with websites for mobile users? And so on...

Though the app transformation began only a few years ago, this kind of digital marketing strategy is spreading its nets. When smartphones first came into the market they were suitable only for large-scale businesses and not for small scale. With the updates, the situation has changed now and it will be even more changing over time.

Smartphones have not remained just a device; now they have become a part of daily routine. The number of people with mobile is greater or more than a number of people with PCs or computer. Almost each and everyone has a mobile in their hands today. And that is it is really good from a business point of view.

No wonder smartphones have created the craze for every people. They do use the phone while watching TV, at the bus stop while waiting for a bus, on the bus, on the train. Even we use it while we walk. With the mobile app development, these smartphones have like become a priority now. People are preferring to spend their free time on mobiles. Previously only large-scale businesses were having a mobile app but nowadays most of the small-scale businesses are using mobile to grow their sales. They are much better serving the customers fetching the best profits and its because of the mobile web app.
Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business | Mobile App Development
Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business
Also, if you haven’t read 'Do’s and Don’ts For Developing A Phone App For Your Business', I highly recommend checking it out after reading this page.

Top 12 Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business

Some of the advantages of mobile app development services are: The easy and comfortable managing and distributing business based as well as handling customer information—from any place and at any time. Fast-moving of traditional & influencing built-for-purpose devices and services, security and high speed.

12 benefits of mobile application development over a website and for your business:

1. More value to customers.

The customer is like a god, once you lose them, they might return to you again. Therefore it is necessary to value them. You can think about various ways to value your customers. The best one is to make use of a smartphone to engage customers with your business.

As everyone knows more people have stuck to mobile phones now. Customers want to buy more quality products and they have many choices these days. Even it is confusing for them also to choose a proper outlet to buy the products they want. So to attract customers or to convert them choose your outlet, you have to think differently and here a mobile app can help you.

Do something like, when the customers are nearby your outlet they receive a notification from your mobile app about inviting them to your outlet. Some serious and curious buyers will think to visit your outlet to know what you for them. You can add more value to your customers by simply sending a 'Thank - you' message after they buy. You can also send them a 'Thank you for visiting our outlet' message even if they don't buy anything. Change yourself digitally by bringing in a loyalty program with your mobile app. You can offer cashback, rewards, etc.

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2. Brand recognition.

Serious buyers always prefer the brand. To get your sales increased, you need to convert your products into the brand. It will be done only when you get more people involved in your products. This can be done by having a mobile app.

An app with more pleasant and engaging features can keep your customers engaging. So instead of wasting money on advertising through big hoardings, it's better to have a useful app as not everyone actually looks carefully at the hoardings.

Concentrate on how you can get customers engaged with your app regularly. How much time they will be in touch with the app, that much they will like the products. Including a 'share' option to your app will add stars to your sales as buyers can share the conversation with their friends. Referrals set a network which is also a good marketing strategy.

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3. Most of the people are on mobile.

People are on mobile
As said earlier almost every single person today has a presence on mobile. No matter what you sell just be there on mobile. That means to have a mobile app. A survey denotes, since the year 2008, the average number of mobile users drop 3 hours of time on mobile. The more interesting thing is they spend these three hours in handling mobile apps.

Just think how effective it will be if they spend a part of these three hours on your app. In 2013, three out of 10 customers began to buy things from mobile. The number of users using mobiles crossed the number of people using a desktop in the year 2014. These things clearly indicate the need for a mobile app for business.

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4. No need to wait.

Each and everyone thinks that they have no time. They are busy all the time. Everyone wants to get things in a hurry, even when they search for something on a Web browser.

Web browser takes more time to browse an URL than a mobile app. It is time-consuming for the customers as first they have to open a browser, then fill in with the URL. If not done yet, they still have to wait for the site to load. But things seem pretty much faster with a mobile app, just like how a customer wants. As most of the information is already stored therein an app, it takes nearly no time (within seconds) to open a mobile app. So they don't have to wait.

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5. Increase customer engagement.

A mobile app doesn't let customers wait and connect quick and fast with the things they are looking for on your app. It is the reason being customers look for the mobile app. Now it's up to you that how you keep them engaged on your app. Try anything to keep them engaged on your app.

Try to create a 'help' option on your app where customers can drop their questions, queries, orders, complaints, reviews, etc. You would receive better engagement if you can comment on them personally. Customers tend to get diverted by long procedures they need to follow while booking or ordering. So don't let them do that, otherwise, they won't hesitate to press the 'back' option instead of 'next' option.

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6. Increase your visibility.

If you want to be more visible to your customers, you have to find out what they prefer the most. The one I know is a smartphone. As in the US, average people give more than two hours for mobile every day. Worldwide, you will find more than a billion smartphones. This figure is more than average PC users. So if you can prepare something according to this change, then that would be more useful for your business.

If you are able to do this, you will get exposed to a billion number of eyes. You can increase your visibility even more by finding the time when people use the phone. Some people use a mobile when they are looking for the bus at the bus stop, some prefer it in the evening after returning home, some use it while watching TV, etc. It would be better for your business if you can manage your notifications according to their respective timings.

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7. Stand out from the market.

Stand out from the market
To stand out tall in the competition you need to do something different and unique. The idea of using a mobile app is still not that much incorporated by most of the businessmen. Therefore this is a chance to stand out different from others and make huge sales.

The time when all your competitors will get to know about the importance of this, you will have acquired most of the market. You will be on top of all till they decide to use the mobile app.

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8. More directly.

Hoardings are limited to certain areas. Only those people will get to know about your advertisement who come there only if they have time to look at your advertisement. But having a mobile can give you more people to reach out for. People tend to see whatever they receive or contact on mobile. Most of the people tap on contact links automatically. So having a mobile app for your business is a more direct way to reach out to your customers. Just you need to make it interesting and engaging.

The mobile app enables you to have more information about your customers. You can know their demographics and locate them geographically. That will actually help you to give more specific information about your products and services to your customers accordingly. You will come to know about their needs and preferences.

9. Personalization.

As the mobile app is able to get information about your customers, you can improve your sales by being more personalized. You have all the info including their location, preferences, etc. Try to be more personalize by staying in touch with them regularly. Show your customers how much you care about them. Remember what they like, their interest, their progress in rewards, culture, etc. By knowing such things about your customers, you can offer your products and services according to their choices.

You can also communicate with them in a language they speak or understand. Such things make their experience delightful. Having a mobile app will allow customers to clearly decide and set their likings. The app will inspect their behavior and filter updates for them. Moreover, it will recommend them according to their location, culture, etc.

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10. Sales booster.

No one starts a business to suffer a loss. Each and everyone starts it with an honest aim to make profits. As it reaches out to more people more directly, obviously it will make a lot of sales and it is a proven marketing strategy. If you look at some big names like Starbucks, Domino's Pizza, etc. you will get what I want to say. They all have a mobile app and it has significantly boosted their sales.

The study shows that mobile app development for business gives an impressive increase in income by 20-60 % or still more.

11. Social.

A study previously has shown that most of the people login into the social network only to see what their friends are up to. Let people see your brand while they chat with their friends just by inducing this idea into a marketing strategy.

Introduce a number of social features into a mobile app. Incorporate features like messaging, likes and shares, comments etc. In addition to this, also allow them to log in to the app through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Such a marketing strategy seems to be more effective in increasing customer engagement, retain them and obviously repeat sales.

12. Complement with Website.

Most of the low budget marketers do have a question that "Is it really necessary to have an app while already having a website in function?" The fact is a mobile app does complement the abilities of a website.

A mobile app creates a bonding with the customers attracted through a website. A website is a great way to showcase your information, photos video's etc but it's a mobile app which allows two-way communication.

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