12 Reasons Why Visitor Ignore Your Website and Leave in 3 sec | Fix Bounce Rate

The Internet has filled with billions of websites and social media sites. As a blogger, we always want our website to grow popular on the Internet. But not everyone able to grab huge traffic on their website. Even though if you have good content and blogs on your website, you will not get that much traffic and it is the most basic problem where every blogger facing today in blogging life. Why people ignore visiting your website? Why you will not get traffic on your website? What are the drawbacks of your website? Why people leave your website too early? Why your bounce rate is high? You will get all the answers, in this article.
Fixing poor website traffic
Every blogger always struggles to attract audiences and to grab huge traffic towards their website, but still, only a few bloggers able to achieve that success and the rest of them get demotivated and helpless. Many blogger and content writers unknowingly made mistakes on their website. If you also one of them then you should fix those issues, so that people will start visiting your site asap and you will able to increase traffic on your website in a few days. Other than those quality content, backlinks and promotion, you also have to know more things according to your audiences.

Most popular brands on the Internet understand the power of using a website for marketing. The more visitors you have, the more opportunities you will get to make your brand popular on the Internet. If you also want to make your brand and huge followers, you have to stick with this page till the end. Here I listed the top 12 most common reasons where people ignore visiting your website. So, let's take a look at it.
Why Visitors Ignore Your Website
12 Reasons To Know Why Visitors Tend to Ignore Your Website

12 Reasons Why People Ignore To Visit Your Website

1. Delay loading website

People love surfing websites that open in seconds
People love surfing websites that open in seconds
Not everybody has high-speed Internet so your website must load as fast as possible. Website speed important for the best user experiences and search engine too. Nobody wants your website to open at a slow speed. When your site takes too long to load the page, people will tend to hit the back button and move from your page quickly. Always remember that people love surfing websites that open in seconds. If your site delay loading a page for only one second, you will lose 7% of traffic on your website.

If you take an example of a website like Amazon then a second delay of the website would result in a loss of dollar 1.6 billion. Yes! Amazon bears that much loss. So, you should focus on the page loading time of your website.

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2. Lack of mobile-friendlyness

Web designing is a very good online business to start
Build a website that fits your website properly for any mobile screen
If you want to drive more traffic to your website, then you have to make sure that your website is supportable for every screen. The lack of a mobile-friendly design is one of the mistakes where many bloggers do in their work. The design, layout and templet of your website should supportive for any mobile screen. Build a website that fits your website properly for any mobile screen.

People search on the internet through their smartphone instead of using the desktop screen. Your website should look neat and clean on every device including tablets too. Make a better user experience that they won't zoom in or zoom out while reading your content. Once you did your work on your website, you can check your site with mobile-friendly tools and let make sure it is ready to publish or not.

3. Too many Pop-ups

Nobody ever loves to be experiencing too many popups on your website. Popups on the website are important for conversation with people but too many popups will impact user experience and web traffic too. A subscription letter on the screen and auto-playing video ads can forcefully allow visitors to leave your website and it creates a negative impression. As well as it also disrupts the user’s reading experience.

So make sure to do not use too many popup on your website. If you want to make visitor subscribe and able to contact you quickly then you can use a minimum popup on your website home page. But make sure to add some options like Hiding and Dismiss.

4. Outdated and old content

Make Boring Content Interesting
Make Boring Content Interesting
Outdated and old content will not just people turn away from your website but also turns the search engines away. Most of the blogger and content writers used to upload old and outdated content on their website.

The impact of having outdated content on your website is to decrease the bounce rate in your searched statistics and Google not accept the duplicate and same information on your website. If you want your audiences to keep in touch with your website then make sure that each page has unique content and up-to-date every time.

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5. Auto-playing audio or video

I am sure, many of us love to listen to music. There are some places and particular websites are available and people used to find the music that they want. But auto-playing audio or video on your site can be a reason for ignorance by your audiences. Imagine a user open your website in a public place and suddenly starts music or video automatically, simply they feel uncomfortable and unsafe at the same time. This can be even worse when they have open a lot of tabs on their device, there can be chances to close your website immediately and will not come again.

Always remember that auto-playing audio and video clip can make a bad impact on the people who visit your website. For the first time, the visitor may take it as fun of auto-playing audio and video on your website, but after a time they will start to ignore and not visit your website because of this reason. While design your website makes sure to do not add any auto-playing audio and video clip that bothering to your audiences.

6. More attractive designs

The focus of any website should on the content instead of attractive designs. More attention seeker designs like gif, animations, audio and video will make an impact on the people but the CONTENT play a significant role to attract more audiences to your website. The more attractive design can be a disturbance for the people while reading your content.

People come to your page because they want to read and to gain some knowledge from your blog, if they feel like disturbance while reading your page they will not visit your site anymore. So make your website design and layout neat and clean as well as stand out from another.

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7. Too many Ads

As a blogger, you invest your time, money and efforts on your website to look good and attract your audience, also enable ads posting on site to earn more. But displaying too many ads on your site also one of the reasons for visitors to ignore your website. Make your site design that people will not get bothered with the ads on your website.

Too many ads on your site allow people to think that the website is only for earning and not for the informative anymore. Once they build such a mindset they will start ignoring your site. You should be careful about the placement of ads as it should not stop users from reading your content.

8. Low-quality images

As a blogger, you have to know that a good image is equal to 100 words. Images are the major part and play an important role in content. Images allow people to understand more about your content and the topic. Uploading low-resolution images and horrible stock images on your site makes a bad impact on readers.

If you use high quality and attractive image then your low-quality content also will make an impact and able to stick them with your website. But if you use any boring and unattractive image, even though your content is good people will leave your website. There are thousands of free stock images websites are available, where you can download related and quality images for your website.

9. Unsuitable headlines

When people visit your website they not interested to read the whole text that you have written to understand the purpose of your content. Instead, they see the headlines first and decides whether it is informative or not.

In this case, you have to write a clear headline, so that it will attract and hold the visitor on to the website for a long time. Unsuitable headlines are the reasons that impact on best user experience and it turns cause loss in traffic.

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10. Lack of content on homepage

Content is the key to grab more attention from the people toward your website. Your website need fill not with unwanted content and but all you need to publish enough and proper contents so your audience can understand what you offering to them. When a person visits your website they see the homepage.

It is your responsibility to give them a bunch of informative content in one place easily. The user reviews your site name, tagline, navigation menu, footer content, footer credit link, etc. In such a situation, if you fail to give them enough information from the homepage of your site, then they will leave your site.

11. The website is not secure

In Google Chrome’s 68 version update, the HTTP websites are considered non-secured website by Google chrome. You can easily find this on any HTTP website. If a new user opens your website and finds that it’s not a secure one, then he will leave your site immediately. HTTPS websites are more secure and that means your personal information will get private when anyone sends on the site, such as password and card details.

Almost all the sites are secured and it recognises with HTTPS instead of the only HTTP. For example, you can check my website URL the site has come with HTTPS which means it is secure and trustable from all the way. Secured websites give users more confidence. Mostly those websites that have used for eCommerce businesses and online shopping sites. Eventually, all you have to do is to check your website URL and convert it into a secure one.

12. Lack of trust signals integration

When you go to a shop physically, you pick up what you need and pay the total at the checkout. However on technology and eCommerce websites, the opposite is the case, the user experience is all intangible, so it demands a special credential and more trust to the people online. It is your responsibility to give them trust signals from all the way so that they won't feel like leave or ignore your website.

As per SEO experts, almost 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Bad reviews and ratings are also impact the traffic of your website. So, all you have to do is give trust signals, to your audiences by giving them quality content and best experience.

Bottom Line
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Nowadays you can see how Internet specifications and technology are constantly changing. So, why not your website! To keep stay your audience with your website you need to change your website specifications as per their need and requirements.

Now you are able to find why someone left website? Got to know top reasons why visitors leave website and how to grab attention back. Now you can also able to convert more website visitors into leads.

I hope above all the reasons are helps you to grab the attention of the people toward your website and to make changes.

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