Why You Must Avoid Blog Commenting Just for Getting Backlinks [Matt Cutts Video]

Blog Commenting is dead! Do not agree? I don’t agree either as comments are an essential part of any blog post and necessary for healthy discussions. So let me rephrase it. Commenting on Blogs, “Just to get Backlinks” is dead and dead since long. Hands Down.

Blog Commenting
I'm very sure there are many SEO’s and Bloggers who still do not agree with me and are extensively using it as part of their Link Building Strategy. This is evident from the fact that, some very famous Bloggers still write articles giving out the Lists Of “CommentLuv” enabled websites and other websites which provide do-follow links from comments.

But, believe me, it will not help you improve your SEO. Rather, it will negatively affect your SEO. And I say this for a reason.

Find the weaknesses of depending on blog commenting only for backlinks. Dig the negative result it can have on your SEO efforts and learn more effective SEO strategies to boost your website online visibility.
Find the weaknesses of depending on blog commenting only for backlinks. Dig the negative result it can have on your SEO efforts and learn more effective SEO strategies to boost your website visibility.
Find the weaknesses of depending on blog commenting only for backlinks. Dig the negative result it can have on your SEO efforts and learn more effective SEO strategies to boost your website visibility.

Blog Commenting for Backlinks & SEO

While blog commenting can be a strategy for earning backlinks, it’s required to stop using it only for this purpose. Overuse can make you look spammy, negatively affecting your SEO efforts. Instead, focus on posting meaningful comments that add value to the discussion. This method not only improves your online reputation but also drives organic traffic, and so contributing to a healthier SEO profile. Remember, quality beats quantity in the world of SEO and backlinks.

Google Loves Content, Not Backlinks

To remind you all, Google does not care about how many backlinks you have. All Google wants is to promote the most awesome content, which is useful for its users, at the top of search Results.
Google considers the number of backlinks to your article just as an indication that your article “might” be helpful.

As we have seen from the latest Google search algorithm updates that the more backlinks do not necessarily mean that the content is awesome and so the Google is very much aware of this fact.

Google Is Smarter Than You Think

Let’s take an example. Mr. Good writes well-researched content. He spends 8 hours daily for researching and writing an awesome content. He is able to get 10 backlinks to his article just because it is helpful to others. On the other hand, Mr. Bad writes poor articles in 1 hour. He spends next 7 hours building links by commenting on other blogs. He manages to get 20 dofollow backlinks.

If provided with this information, whose article would you prefer to read if you wanted to get information?
Mr. Good’s article right?

If we can make out that backlinks from comments section do not indicate that the article is good.
Do you really think Google is dumb enough to think otherwise?

Google is much smarter than you think. If Google can search do-follow and CommentLuv enabled blogs for you, it also knows when you get backlinks by commenting on these blogs.

Common Myths About Blog Commenting

  • Myth 1: Blog commenting is only for backlinks.
    Fact 1: While backlinks are useful, blog commenting also allows you to show expertise, gain insights, and build blog authority.

  • Myth 2: Commenting on high-authority blogs within your niche is not spamming.
    Fact 2: Commenting on any blog is spamming if you go overboard.

  • Myth 3: By writing useful blog comments you can get lots of traffic to your Blog.
    Fact 3: Blog commenting gets you negligible traffic no matter how useful your comment is. If you really have the talent to write useful comments, why not use it to write great content for your own blog that people would like to link to?

  • Myth 4: Getting backlinks with Keywords in anchor text from CommentLuv enabled Blogs helps you to pass on the link juice & is good for SEO.
    Fact 4: There are higher chances of Google penalizing you if you get backlinks from comments with keywords in anchor text.

  • Myth 5: Commenting on blogs that give out dofollow links will help your SEO.
    Fact 5: Excessive commenting on blogs that give out dofollow links will rather be considered spam.

  • Myth 6: Blog commenting is the fastest method to get backlinks.
    Fact 6: While blog commenting can help you get backlinks, it's not a quick fix. It requires thoughtful, suitable comments to create relationships and earn backlinks.

  • Myth 7: All blog comments are considered spam.
    Fact 7: Not all blog comments are spam. Genuine, helpful comments are respected and can improve the discussion on the thread.

  • Myth 8: Blog commenting doesn't affect SEO.
    Fact 8: Blog commenting can improve SEO via backlinks and highly interested referral traffic.

  • Myth 9: You can use any name or email when commenting.
    Fact 9: Using a fake name and fake email ID can cause your comment to be marked as spam.

  • Myth 10: Blog commenting is outdated.
    Fact 10: Blog commenting is still a useful practice to engage with content and build relationships.

  • Myth 11: You can leave a comment without reading the entire post.
    Fact 11: It's essential to read the full post first before commenting so as to make sure your thoughts and comments are relevant and add value.

  • Myth 12: Self-promotion is acceptable in blog comments.
    Fact 12: Overuse of self-promotional comments can be marked as spam. It's better to add something productive and valuable to the discussion.

  • Myth 13: Blog commenting doesn't contribute to your online visibility.
    Fact 13: Useful and meaningful comments can boost your online visibility and show your credibility and command on the topic of discussion.

Video: Matt Cutts On Blog Comments

To prove my point, let us see what Matt Cutts has to say about Blog Commenting:
Are all comments with links spam?Google's Webmaster Guidelines discourage forum signature links but what about links from comments? Is link building by commenting against Google Webmaster Guidelines? What if it's a topically relevant site and the comment is meaningful?
Let us analyze his statements and what it mean for us as Bloggers.
Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Discourage Forum Signature Links But What About Links From Comments? Is Link Building By Commenting Against Google Webmaster Guidelines? What If It’s A Topically Relevant Site And The Comment Is Meaningful?
Answer by Matt Cutts
I leave topically relevant comments on topically relevant sites all the time. So somebody posts an SEO conspiracy theory And I’m like, “No, that’s not right,” I’ll show up and a leave a comment that says, “Here is the pointer that shows this is not correct,” Or, “Here’s the official word,” Or something like that. And I’ll just leave a comment with my name, and often even point to my blog rather than Google’s Webmaster Blog, because I’m just representing myself. So lots of people do that all the time and it is completely fine.
From the above statement, it clearly means that;
blog commenting is not dead. In Fact, it is necessary to have healthy discussions. You also do not have to worry about linking back to your Blog.
But now comes the tricky part... Matt Cutts continues:
The sorts of things that I would start to worry about is it’s better to often leave your name so someone Knows who they are dealing with, rather than “Cheap Study Tutorials” Or “Fake Driver’s License”, Or whatever the name of your business is, often that will get a chillier reception than if you show up with your name.
This is what I said earlier.
Using CommentLuv enabled blogs can get you in trouble unless you uncheck “CommentLuv” option. This is because even if you use your real name you will still be getting a backlink to your latest article with your “Post Title” as anchor text which may be classified as spam by Google as per Matt Cutts.
He further warns the people who use blog commenting as their primary link building strategy:
If your primary link building strategy is to leave comments all over the web, to the degree that you have a huge fraction of your link portfolio comments, and no real people linking to you, then at some point that can be considered a link scheme. At a very high level we reserve the right to take action on any sort of deceptive or manipulative link schemes that we consider to be distorting our rankings.
In the end, he clarifies that you should not worry about your regular comments as far as you do not go overboard with it.
But If you just doing regular organic comments and not doing it as a “OK, I have to leave this many comments a day every single day because that’s what i’m doing to build links to my sites,” You should be completely fine and it’s not the sort of thing you should be worried about it all.
The above video should be an eye opener for people who recommend using blog comments to build links. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google gets stricter about comment spam in the future.

Is Blog Commenting Waste Of Time?

NO, blog commenting is not a waste of time. As discussed earlier, blog commenting is necessary for healthy discussions. It also allows you to interact with fellow bloggers and get noticed in the blogging fraternity. Apart from this, if you share your knowledge through comments, you will develop a sense of trust among fellow bloggers.
By taking part in relevant blog discussions, you can surely build quality backlinks. This method is safe and practical when done precisely. It’s necessary to add helpful comments that guide and add value to the discussion. This not only helps in building backlinks but also proves your authority in the niche.
If you are posting 15-20 comments per month, that too useful ones, it will surely turn out to be positive for you. But if you go on posting 10 comments each to make sure you get many backlinks to your blog, you are not only wasting your time, you are also raising the red flags for Google.

Bottom Line

While blog commenting is still a good way for clearing your doubts or expressing your opinions of the articles or taking part in healthy discussions, you should avoid using it as part of link building strategy. While I do not discourage commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs, you must, however, make sure to uncheck CommentLuv option.

If traffic is the main reason you use blog comments, you should rather start spending more time at Reddit and Quora. For more information you can read my article about Using Quora To Get Highly Targeted Blog Traffic

What are your views on using blog comments as link building strategy? Are you still using it?

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