5 Android Banggood Projectors Comparision 2021 | Banggood Coupon Codes Inside | AUN F30UP/Vivibright F30/AUN M18UP

As you already know, everyone is interested to have a large screen television at home. Some of us buy more than 55-inch or 65-inch screen size televisions. But, some tend to buy the projector for the same reason. And this is due to obvious reasons, we can adjust any screen-size in the projectors, irrespective of the room size. Moreover, by plugging-in Dolby speakers bring the theater experience at home. Simply turn off the lights, adjust the projector screen size and enjoy the in-house theater effect. Android Projectors
Today I specially presenting the Banggood projectors & their accessories shop review for shopping online with high quality and affordable LED projectors, stand, laser pens, display dongle with amazing price and fast delivery. One of the best international shopping sites for India. Banggood Clearance sale is just started at the start of the year & Up To 90% Off with large trendy Android projectors Sold.

Now we will going to decide a projector that will satisfy all our entertainment needs. Also, that should fit within our budget as well. Anyways, before moving ahead, we must know things to be considered while buying the projectors:
  • Lumens
  • Resolution
  • 4K Support
  • 3D Support
  • Speakers
  • Projector life
  • Screen-size range
If you want to purchase a budget but a quality projector, like the projector from Banggood.com. It intends to provide the products that you require, giving the best offer for your money. Whatever projector types you looking for, can be easily ordered here on Banggood from India too.
Top 5 Android Projectors
Top 5 Android Projectors

Top 5 Android Projectors Comparision AUN F30UP/ Vivibright F30UP/ AUN M18/ AUN M18UP/ Vivibright F30/ AUN F30

These are kind of high-level comparison points to be considered. Now, I've shortlisted a couple of projectors and compared those with each other. I'll also recommend you which one is the best amongst all of the projectors and the reason behind that as well.

How to find the best amongst all?

Lumens is the first part to be looked at since the job of the projector is to throw light. And that light should be bright enough so that we can see the videos in daylight as well. You will see couple of projectors with low lumens which works perfectly in night time but not quite well in daylight. Also, Resolution is the thing which brings detailing into the video. More the resolution more clear the video will be.

On top of this, Android support (which I did not mention above) should also be considered so that we can operate the projector easily. Also, we will have to consider whether it support 4K video so that all of our video files such as MP4, MKV, MPG, TS, AV, MOV, DAT, VOB, etc. are playable. We also need to consider whether it supports 3D as well so that we can enjoy action movies too.

Why lumens is important in projectors?

Like I previously said, the job of a projector is to throw light. And that light should be brighter enough so that projected video can be seen in daylight too. Basically, lumens is the measurement of the brightness of the light. More the lumens, brighter the image will be. So lumens play an important role to bring maximum brightness to the image and to overcome ambient light. Lumens also helps to place the projector far away from the screen. Otherwise, the lower lumens projector only works in dark-rooms.

Instead of explaining all the points in detail, why don't you check-out this video which will clarify all your doubts about why lumens, resolution, clarity, detailing, color-contrast-brightness ratio, etc. points matters a lot.

Top 5 Android Projectors Comparision

Just go through the below table where I've listed all the shortlisted projectors and their comparison points.

Property AUN
Lumens 5500 4200 5500 5500 4200 6500
Resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
4K Support Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
3D Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speakers 5W 5W 5W 5W 10W 5W
Projector life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 30,000 hours 30,000 hours 50,000 hours 30,000 hours
Screen-size range 40-160 inches 60-300 inches 50-300 inches 50-300 inches 60-300 inches 50-200 inches
Banggood Coupon Codes & offer links are provided below.

AUN F30UP Full HD Android projector for Home Cinema Support 4K

After evaluating every single aspect of all the projectors, all our needs can be fulfilled with this projector : AUN F30UP. I've tested it myself and compared the projected videos from all of them on a single screen. And, AUN F30UP Android projector is The Winner..!! amongst all.

Not just the video looks amazing, its a 4k beamer. Suports WiFi as well and since Android is there, I can operate it smoothly. I also loved the speakers, I don't have to plug-in dolby speakers every single time. Rather, the default speakers are also produce sufficient trouble-bass effect with clarity.

Check out the Banggood offer
Buy AUN F30UP Full HD Android projector for Home Cinema Support 4K video Beamer
(Banggood Coupon Code: BGPBBON30UP)

1. AUN F30UP - Android Projector Body

AUN F30UP Projector
AUN F30UP Projector
High Transmittance glass-coated lens. High-temperature resistance. Sealed design with Pure copper pipe cooling fin. HiFi speakers - 2 pcs of 5W.
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 29 x 24 x 10 cms

2. AUN F30UP - Zoom Focus Tilt Scrolls

AUN F30UP - Zoom Focus Tilt Scrolls
AUN F30UP - Zoom Focus Tilt Scrolls
2 smooth scrolls are provided to focus zoom and tilt the image to adjust the view according to the need.
LED lifetime is 30,000 hours and is 75W.
Aspect Ratio - 16:9/4:3
Throw Ratio - 1.38:1

3. AUN F30UP - Navigation Panel

AUN F30UP - Navigation Panel
AUN F30UP - Navigation Panel
Navigation panel provided at the back of the projector with options like; Enter, Display On/Off switch, Menu, Back, Direction keys, Channel. All functions are working perfectly fine.

4. AUN F30UP - Port Details

AUN F30UP - Port Details
AUN F30UP - Port Details
Various ports are available next to navigation panel in the back side like below:
Input: 1 HDMI port, 1 AV-in port, 2 USB ports, 1 RJ45 port.
Output: 3.5mm Headphone jack port.

5. AUN F30UP - Reduced Noise

AUN F30UP - Reduced Noise
AUN F30UP - Reduced Noise
Approx. 55 dBA noise level. Even after listening carefully to the noise of the projector, it is making little or negligible noise.

6. AUN F30UP - Remote Control

AUN F30UP - Remote Control
AUN F30UP - Remote Control
Smooth and perfect finish remote control provided with sufficient options to operate the projector as well as the projected image. Standard normal AAA batteries needed. Connectivity and response time are through IR and its pretty well.

7. AUN F30UP - Full Specifications

AUN F30UP - Specification
AUN F30UP - Specification

Banggood Coupon Codes 2021

Product Discounts Banggood Cuopon Codes Offer Link
AUN F30UP ₹7000 BGPBBON30UP Buy now..!!
AUN M18UP ₹5400 BGPBBON18UP Buy now..!!
AUN Mini X2 ₹4400 BGPBBONX2 Buy now..!!
VIVIBRIGHT F30 ₹4100 BGPBBONF30 Buy now..!!
AUN AKEY6 ₹5400 BGPBBONAK6 Buy now..!!
AUN M18 ₹4700 BGPBBONM18 Buy now..!!
AUN Mini X3 ₹4800 BGPBBONX3 Buy now..!!

If you are new to Banggood then just click here to view Banggood Shopping Guide. - It only takes you one minute to know how to shop. Also, checkout Exclusive and Super Coupon Benifits.

Is Banggood safe for online shopping?

As I am a long-time customer with Banggood and I can say I have had no reason to ever complain about either their merchandise or service. While I have purchased a LED Projector, and if I needed one more, I would not hesitate to buy the best one from Banggood again.

My only doubt about dealing with Banggood has nothing to do with the business, but with irregular tracking process used by the China Post & here custom duty by India.

Banggod store is a well-known site for shopping for any kind of item especially the Android projectors. It is the largest shopping site for everyone to purchase any type of thing with safety.

Banggood shopping is the most reliable one I ever seen on international sites. And till now I already bought many kinds of things from this Banggod store. You can easily buy all types of your thing from Banggod. You can get more information about Banggood from here - Banggod official site.

Time to decide best Android projectors

You might find this costly between rest of the projectors, but it is a worth buying product. People normally spend more than Rs.50,000 - Rs.60,000 (or more than that too) on large (but fix sized) screen television. But, since if you can adjust projector screen-size according to your need, you will have to choose wisely on a quality product. And even without stretching our budget more than Rs.25,000 which is the half of what people normally spend on televisions.

By paying attention to the specifications of the item offered I must suggest and recommend the AUN F30UP Full HD Android projectors 1920x1080P 6500 Lumens Android 6.0 2G+16G WIFI Mini LED Projector for Home Cinema Support 4K video Beamer for all type of your needs.

Buy AUN F30UP Full HD Android projector for Home Cinema Support 4K video Beamer
(Banggood Coupon Code: BGPBBON30UP)

Bottom Line
Like you mount television screens on the wall, similarly, you will have to set up /hang /mount your projector once it for all. Then, just connect your projector to the WiFi network or attach HDMI cable or insert pen-drive /hard-drive and plug-in Dolby speakers, you are ready to enjoy the in-house theater experience.

I hope the above points must have clarified your doubts. Nope? don't worry, feel free to ask questions, make use of the below comment box. I would love to hear from you and happy to sort out all the questions which you may have. Also, do not forget to share this information with your friend if you find this helpful.

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