How ​‌PTE Academic Helps STUDENTS in Immigration, Study Abroad AUS, UK, Canada, NZ

At some point in our life, many of us dream to go abroad whether it is to study, employment or immigration. Going abroad for such reasons includes a bunch of obstacles. Some of them are familiar & some we need to tackle like passport validation, details of country regulations, university regulations, accepted English test, etc.
PTE Academic
Many candidates and users used to search for the common problems that people face while planning to study or Work abroad. We've all dreamed of going abroad to study or to work at some point in our lives. Some of you might have even planned it for your children. Studying or working abroad comes with a whole set of challenges; some of which we are aware and some, we stumble upon along the way - passport validities, visa applications, country regulation details, university acceptances, accepted English tests and so on.

All this stops at one thing which is a basic criterion & that is the inability to speak English. Many people hesitate to speak the corresponding English language of that country where they want to go. I have seen people practicing English pronunciations sitting in front of a mirror. Due to this reason, many people opt to stop dreaming of going abroad. And if you are also one of them who are giving up on your dreams, then please don't do that, as because, the Pearson India has started an awareness program about how PTE Academic can assist people to go abroad for study, work or immigration. PTE is the best English test worldwide that is computer-based, so there is no need for pen & paper. It's flexible and secure too.

Pearson India is taking the initiative to make one of the steps in this journey hassle-free - by creating awareness about how PTE Academic can help you move abroad for study, work or immigration. PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based English test- it’s fast, flexible, fair and secure.

Today here on this page, I'm going to share the thoughts on the hurdles that you face while planning their move abroad. Going to talk about #DefinitelyPTE as an English Test option that is widely accepted by a number of universities of Australia, New Zealand and other universities from the UK, Canada, USA, Singapore, and Europe for studies, immigration and/or work. Just keep reading.

How 'PTE Academic' Helps STUDENTS To Study Abroad, Work, & Immigration
How 'PTE Academic' Helps STUDENTS To Study Abroad, Work, & Immigration

What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English academic and it is actually a 'computer-based language test' which helps the applicants in developing their ability in the English language. The biggest thing is that it has global credibility as there are various PTE centers all over the world.

PTE Academic
PTE Academic
PTE Academic is the best option for students and migrants wishing to show their English language skills for university, professional and immigration purposes. The test is a particular 3-hour test and it covers a lot of separate modules which makes a precise analysis of your English language proficiency.

Why PTE (Pearson Test for English)

It is an online-based English test administered by Pearson. The reason behind PTE's huge success rate is, it tests the skills like summary making, note-taking, info presentation. PTE Academic Official Guide, Practice Tests Plus, Expert coursebooks, online scored practice tests and free test tips guides and videos are also a part of the reason why someone should select PTE Academic.

PTE exam format

PTE is a fully computerized test as it takes place without human intervention & you'll get the results within 5 days. You must try #DefinitelyPTE (English Language Test) carried by PTE Academic, which is broadly accepted globally by many universities for studies and immigration purposes.

Check out the benefits of the scoring system on PTE:

1. It's fast

PTE allows people to book their appointment even just before 24 hours of the test. You should wait for no longer for results as it gives results within five business days which really important as you don't have to wait for too much to apply in a recognized university if you are going abroad for study.

2. Flexible enough to schedule

The most important feature of PTE is, it offers flexibility for candidates to book test throughout 363 days of a year in over 200 centers. These centers are located in 50 countries around the world. So candidates have the choice to choose anyone as per their convenience also candidates can book test according to their own availability & time. PTE offers a secure computer room to give test & a locker also to store your personal property.

3. Worldwide acceptance

PTE Academic is accepted by most of the academic programs across the globe & also the well-known institutions like Harvard INSEAD etc. In case of visas that need a proof of English language like Australian Government (DIBP) & Immigration New Zealand (INZ) accept PTE Academic as evidence for visas. For the purpose of registration & assessment, PTE Academic is accepted by the professional association across the globe. No additional fees will be charged if the test takers send their scores to as many institutions as they like.

4. Secure

The computer-based marking gives assurance of 100 %fair & accurate scores. There is no chance of human intervention, therefore the risk of partiality is zero. Palm-scanning, digital signatures, secure paperless results, randomized test forms, and CCTV make sure that PTE is the most secure tests of English around the world. All these things make PTE transparent & really a reliable Academy.

5. Book the test & prepare

When you have done the booking for this test, you can find the essential material on the website. According to your requirement, you can make use of use the free material or have a look at preparation courses. Before going for the test, you should make use of the test taker handbook.

6. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Along with your communication skills like speaking, reading, writing PTE also checks your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciations, etc. which is I think the best to increase & test your expertise in the language.

7. Help to get the job

The people who have cleared PTE with a high score, are mostly preferred by the organizations to get the job. The PTE scores are taken into consideration by more than 8000 organizations which are really a great thing to get admitted to top universities in the world like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

8. Learn traveling & to live abroad

At the time of the test, candidates have to read, listen & reply to the questions on the computer. There are three sections of the test listening, reading & the third is a combination of speaking and writing. And all this in three hours. As you will see there are almost twenty different formats of the questions ranging from multiple choices to essay writing. Here you will get exposed to different types of real-life features that you may come across when you go abroad.

What to expect in a Pearson VUE test centre

Availability of the PTE Preparation Course:
Using free sample questions and online PTE academic practice test materials you can test your skills the best practice you can get with fast results.

The online scored practice test is timed and scored just like the real PTE Academic test, so you get the best sense of how you will need to perform on the day to achieve your goal.

How do PTE Academic scores compare to other English tests?

PTE Academic scores
PTE Academic scores
Note: This score alignment is recommended by PTE Academic. Test takers should check their preferred institutions’ website for score requirements.

College Recognition list

PTE Academic is allowed by thousands of institutions globally, including top organizations such as Stanford University, Harvard University, and Imperial College London. PTE Academic is also endured for visa purposes by the Australian as well as the New Zealand govt. authorities

It is allowed for the study purposes by a number of institutes all over the world and more than 95% of the UK universities. Some of the top titles include:
  • Cambridge Education Group
  • Cambridge Management College
  • University of Derby
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Sussex
  • London Academy of Management Sciences
  • London International College of Business and Technology (LIBT)
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Australian National University(ANU)
  • AAAR Institute of Business & Technology
  • Academy of Information Technology
  • Australian Academy of Management & Science
  • Australian College of Commerce and Information Technology (ACCIT)
  • Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
  • Capilano University
  • College of the Rockies
  • UNICAMP – University of Campinas
  • University of Guelph
  • Alberta College of Art and Design
  • Mount Royal University
  • NAIT Polytechnic
  • The King's University College
  • University of Alberta
  • Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT)
  • Birmingham College of Business
  • Birmingham Management Training College
  • London College of Finance & Accounting
  • London College of Information Technology
  • London College of International Business Studies
  • University of Applied Sciences
  • Deggendorf University
  • European Business School
  • European School of Management and Technology
  • Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences
  • Metropolitan University College
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT)
  • Curtin University (Singapore) 
  • Heartpower TESOL and Teacher Training Centre
  • INSEAD (Singapore & Fontainebleau)
  • Leadership and Management Institute
  • London School of Business and Finance, Singapore

Bottom Line
With this test, you will come to know your skills in the English language. You can surely avoid language difficulties by partaking in the PTE Academic English Test. Both individual scores and the overall score are possible with this test. You will get to know the listening score, speaking score, reading a score, grammar score, writing score, oral fluency score, vocabulary score, written discourse score, spelling score & also the overall score. To get succeed in PTE, you will need to have a specific type of training & coaching. This coaching can set a special study format which can assure a high score for you.

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