Complete Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters

It can help you get rid of a slow connection by boosting the existing signals and spreading it over a larger area. A signal booster device amplifies the weak mobile signal at home, office or inside the vehicle for a stronger and better reception.. Continue reading...

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At some point or the other, we all have suffered the terrible problem of weak reception leading to dropped calls. Poor connections are a result of obstructions and limitations of distance that interfere with radio waves that transmit the radios waves. Well, a cell phone signal booster is a one-quick-solution to this incredibly annoying problem.
It can help you get rid of a slow connection by boosting the existing signals and spreading it over a larger area. A signal booster device amplifies the weak mobile signal at home, office or inside the vehicle for a stronger and better reception. So if you are completely frustrated with your current quality of mobile reception and are seeking ways to improve the same, a cell phone signal booster is the answer to all your signal troubles. Here is everything you need to know about a cell phone signal booster. Scroll through the guide learn how to get permanently rid of bad reception.
Complete Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Complete Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters
Last time we have seen, how to use the booster to speedup Firefox and how to boost Android smartphones without root and today we are going to see a complete guide about cell phone signal booster and going to see how to fix low weak signals.

What exactly is a cell phone booster?

A signal booster or a cell phone repeater is a device which amplifies a weak signal outside and redistributes it inside. It bypasses any obstructions and ultimately increases the signal strength of the area which was previously experiencing poor reception. Basically, it picks up the weak signals, boosts the signal and broadcasts stronger signals to your desired location. It boosts voice and data signal so that you don’t have to experience breaking up of voice on call or lost connections. It helps you get faster data uploads and downloads for indoors as well as for vehicles.

How does it work?

Our cell phones receive signals from the nearby mobile tower, which uses radio frequency waves to transmit the signal. The antenna inside our phones catches the signal to establish connectivity. Factors like distance from the tower and obstructions like buildings, walls, trees or mountains interfere with the signal causing weak reception. A cell phone signal booster comprises of a tower antenna, which is placed outside and a device located in the space that needs better reception. The booster is mounted on an outdoor antenna located in a place with good reception and minimum obstructions. A cable is attached to the antenna through which the signal passes to a signal amplifier placed in the area lacking reception. The amplifier boosts the weak signal and broadcasts it through an antenna so that the area receives stronger signals. It also works in reverse, ensuring a two-way communication.

Types of cell phone signal boosters

Typically there are two major types of signal boosters; analog signal boosters and Smart signal boosters. Analog signal booster is the most common and uses traditional technology to magnify the signal strength. These are the wide band or broadband and come with an outdoor antenna and cable which requires installation. Smart signal booster, on the other hand, is a modern booster, which utilizes all-digital baseband processors. It cleans the signal before redistributing it. Analog boosters amplify up to 70 dB, whereas Smart boosters can boost the signal strength up to 100dB.

What to consider before buying a signal booster?

If you are considering a cell phone signal booster to solve your network problems, there are two major things which need consideration. First is the compatibility and the second is the coverage area. Since signal boosters only amplify those frequencies which pertain to a specific carrier and network on that carrier; you will first need to determine your carrier and the network on that carrier. The carriers vary from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, whereas the networks are 2G, 3G or 4G. Your cell phone signal booster will depend on its compatibility with your current carrier and network. Although you can use the same signal booster for 2G and 3G networks, you’ll have to consider a different one for 4G LTE network and also if you want to support multiple carriers.

The second important aspect is the coverage area. The combination of the outside signal strength and required coverage area will determine the amplifier best suited for your requirements. This includes the area which needs to be enhanced signal.

Signal Booster for indoor use and vehicles

There different cell phone boosters for indoor use and vehicles like cars, trucks, and RVs. If you need to amplify the signal indoors, a regular cell phone signal booster like a Weboost signal boosters for office and buildings will be required. While if you are looking to get better coverage while traveling you will need a different signal booster because the location keeps on changing as the vehicle moves. You can go with the Weboost signal booster for vehicles to solve your network problems while you are constantly on the move.

We hope this guide answered all your queries about a signal booster, but if you still have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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