Indian General Elections with Social Mobile Apps [SOCIAL]

The social media & app altogether gonna play vital role in making the historic change in upcoming General Elections of India successfully which didn't happen in the history of India till today.. Continue reading...

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At New Delhi, India, on a pleasurable morning in August, over 200 state & national politicians gathered together for a crash-course to discuss about social media & its influence on elections. Amongst those who attended the one-day workshop were famous lawmakers who have 1 billion followers on social network.
Indian General Elections
The members attended to executives from social networking giant Google, Facebook, Twitter and mobile messaging service app like WeChat; on the topic of how social media can be exploited to interact with voters for upcoming general election.

"If we are thinking about long term future, today we need to build a strong platform with social media" concluded on the conference.

Today, India is ready for General Elections which require few months to be complete, but surely this time the form of such elections gonna be different from others.

Report by IAMAI and IMRB International express that; the latest results from five states shows; the motivation of all voters, really they want to modify the traditional model of politics to the more clear & active model with the help of new social media inclinations which represents the involvement as well as increasing voting ratio of youth.
Indian General Elections with Social Mobile Apps [SOCIAL]
Indian General Elections with Social Mobile Apps [SOCIAL]
{tocify} $title={Table of Contents} Just because of social media, more than 10 Crore first time voters from the age group of 18-24 including urban & suburban areas playing significant role - derived in study by IRIS Knowledge Foundation and Internet & Mobile Association of India. This shows strong & healthy future for country and its democracy.

Yeah, it is the time to show your "RIGHT TO VOTE". If you are raising your voice through social media then you are no different than millions of active Indian users who are belongs to different conditions and have several opinion on diverse topics which are mainly concerned around their lives, the role of social media cannot remain disregarded these days.

Indian General Elections 2014 with Social Mobile Apps

Hey youth, yes you, we, the YOUTH of India from SMART generation are now living in the world of smartphones and are getting glued more & more with social mobile apps. Today we have various types of apps from To-Do-Task app to the app automates turn your Wi-Fi ON when you arrived near to home. Such diversity of apps has made our life easy to live. So one of the social app should come front to run such kinds of general elections fairly.


WeChat is one of the app amongst them, social app like WeChat need to become official and responsible for coming Indian General Election where voter is authorised with voting/aadhar card & he may use its official WeChat account to put the vote through app from any point of the world. This will definitely removes the waiting period required to stand in queue.

WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for over one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play fun games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more.
Social apps & media may or may not be a substitute for any of the traditional style but it positively is the rhythm of what nation feels. Our youth needs to do all things easily, hence the social apps have becomes the significant part of their every day’s life. This time by introducing this kind of voting feature instead of old traditional method, we will definitely & completely mobilize our voting procedure in coming General Elections in India.

Why WeChat?

  • MORE WAYS TO CHAT: Message friends using text, photo, voice, video, location sharing, and more. Create group chats with up to 500 members.
  • VOICE & VIDEO CALL: High-quality voice and video calls to anywhere in the world. Make group video calls with up to 9 people.
  • REAL-TIME LOCATION: Not good at explaining directions? Share your real-time location with the press of a button.
  • MOMENTS: Share your favorite moments. Post photos, videos, and more to your Moments stream.

How did Social Media Impact India's General Election?

  1. Social media has transformed the political competition, allowing authorities and newcomers alike to talk directly to voters on everything.
  2. As many as half of around 18-crore first-time voters got political messages through various social media applications, said the report.
  3. Most political parties hired digital media widely for campaigning and voter mobilization.
  4. Political parties use social media platforms because traditional mass media communication mediums were highly controlled by the election commission of India.
  5. The leading parties formed an effective IT wing connected to disinformation and promotion, which it uses to draw electoral interests.

Why do over one billion people use social media?

Social apps like Twitter and Facebook in overall give a platform where a person posts whatever he feels, about his emotion towards party-political people or principles. The only entity which motivates today's youth is its new way or its renovation. It's more like how modern the things look today. Socializing is the best way to share your belief and views.

The current system uses the technology COMET - Communication Plan For Election, in which they send SMS alert regarding the percentage of voting, polling results, scheduled events, instruction related to security & voting stations so on..

Instead of going voting places & using voting machines for voting, why don't we choose new method of usage of social app by putting the vote from anywhere the user want to reach or from his chair only through his app. This execution of new style of voting also inspires native Indian people working in overseas countries to vote through their social apps.

Bottom Line
In conclusion, the social media & app altogether gonna play vital role in making the historic change in upcoming General Elections of India successfully which didn't happen in the history of India till today.

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