[FIX] CD / DVD ROM Access Denied - Permission - Tutorial

So, your access denied to DVD Drive. In many cases, you face such a kind of problem, when you want to access your CD-ROM but the administrator has not been allowed you to use the disk drive. Or may some software banned permission to deny the use of CD-ROM. The issue of access denied to CD Rom occurred probably by 'No permissions set' or the corrupted reg files - so in that case, the CD/DVD drive is not accessible & your access denied. Another possibility is that the Group Policy setting are not being removed on Windows by a particular user to the group and you get the message "access denied" when accessing the CD drive, although for USB too. Stop searching for windows xp CD-Drive access denied or the CD-Drive not accessible access denied and learn how to grant read / write access to USB or CD-Drive in Windows & fix access denied to DVD Drive & how to get out of this issue.
CD ROM Access Denied - Permission [SOLVED]
CD ROM Access Denied - Permission [SOLVED]
Last time we have seen Turn PC into wireless hotspot to share an Internet in Windows [FREE]
in the subject of Computer Tutorials. But today we are going to see new tutorial about changing and allowing user to access the CD/DVD ROM fully with read/write permission.

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CD DVD ROM Access Denied - Permission [SOLVED]

Its not that much hard to edit registry.  Just follow the instructions as shown below;

1. Run regedit.

2. Navigate to Hkey_local_machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

3. Right clicked, then on right panel click new, then create two new key D-word.
Then rename it to Properties. In Properties create two new dwords

a. Name: DeviceType 
    Type: reg_dword
    Hex Value: 00000002
b. Name: DeviceCharacteristics
    Type: reg_dword
    Hex Value: 00000100

4. Most important: Quickly uninstall the driver of cd/dvd from Device manager.

5. Restart. Scan for New Hardware.

6. Boom!! Problem Solved.

Let me know what you get...
Vinayak SP
data:post.title [FIX] CD / DVD ROM Access Denied - Permission - Tutorial
4 stars - "[FIX] CD / DVD ROM Access Denied - Permission - Tutorial" So, your access denied to DVD Drive. In many cases, you face such a kind of problem, when you want t...

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