Top 108 Hey Google Assistant Commands, Voice Searches, and Actions

Find new OK Google voice commands for voice control, say OK Google, and do things by simply commanding with your voice! Check OK Google Assistant commands and voice actions.
Google voice commands to make life easy
Time has been changed, many things have become so easy, only because of turning by ok google on voice search. Here I am giving list of voice google assistant commands. It may also help for easy mobile computing. It plays major role in our day to day life. Even simple common man use this in a simple manner.

There are many key features of assistant commands i.e. google voice commands too by which we can go through in contact with our friends, relatives in this busy life. It can be used for developing our knowledge. Google Voice Actions allows users to complete tasks in an app using voice commands fast. Google Assistant is activated using user voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, allowing you complete several tasks, and for that you just need to say "ok Google"

Once google voice activated on your android or any phone, that AI bot ok google voice assistant gives you the recent updates of everything happening in the world about new research everything by using voice access commands.

You will get each and everything what you need to know with the help of ok google assistant. What you have to do is simple download the "okay google" voice search. After you set up ok google on Android, you may get to know all the information whatever you want. Here I am giving the top 51 interesting google commands for easy mobile computing as well as for better daily life activities.
Google Assistant Commands
Google Assistant Commands
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How to Download Ok Google Voice Search?

Okay google voice search is a virtual assistant that gives you whatever you want to know. Basically it is based on Android experience. You get to know all the information’s like anything in the world wide.

If you want use this interesting applications. It’s a very easy process. Just go to your app menu then select the google settings after that search now voice and next step is okay google detection. This app will be display on your scree now you can search anything whatever you wish to know. Just go ahead no one stop you. You may enjoy your own space.

How to make Ok Google on?

You can activate the Google Assistant voice commands by saying:
  • Hey Google
  • Ok Google
  • Okay Google

Top 51 Interesting Google Now Commands That For Easy Mobile Computing

General Information Commands

  • Search for [How to love someone truly]?
  • Say [where is the hotel] in [French]?
  • How do you say [hello] in [German]?
  • What is [Android]?
  • Who invented [ mobile]?
  • Define [smile]?
  • What is the meaning of [universe]?
  • Who is married to [Tom Cruise]?
  • Stock price of [Apple]
  • What is [Facebook] trading at?
  • Author of [Secret]
  • How old is [john sen]?
  • Where was [Narendra modi] born?
  • Show me pictures of [Eiffel Tower]
  • Post to Google+ [Feeling happy]
  • Post to Twitter [Google Now is Adorable]


  • Open [Alarm]
  • Launch [What’s app]
  • Take a [picture / photo / selfie]
  • Record voice call

Notes, Alarms, Timers, Reminders for Hey Google:

  • Remind me to [buy Chocolates] at [6 PM]
  • Remind me [when I get / next time I’m at] [home / work / other location] [to call mom]
  • Note to self [My password for is 123456]

Alarms & Calendar

  • Set an alarm for [8 AM]
  • Set a timer for [50 minutes]
  • Wake me up in [4 AM]
  • Create a calendar event: [Party with friends] [Saturday at 9 PM]
  • When’s my [next visiting]?
  • What is my schedule for [today]?

Time & Date

  • What time is it in [India]?
  • When is the sunset [in London]
  • What is the time zone of [USA]
  • Time at home
  • Create a calendar event: [Dinner in pairs] [Sunday at 8 PM]


  • Call[Grand mother]
  • Call [the fashion school]
  • Call [mother, father, sister, brother,uncle,grand father,grand mother]
  • Send [email] to likhitha, [Subject: Meeting], [Message: i will call you later]
  • Send [SMS] to [Apple mobile], [don’t forget to buy chocolates]
  • [Contact name]
  • Find [Sister’s phone number / email / address]
  • Listen to voicemail
  • When is [mother’s] birthday?
  • Send [What’sApp/Viber/We Chat] message to [sunny], [hey, how have you been ]


  • Do I really need an umbrella today?
  • What’s the weather situation?
  • Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Sunday]
  • What’s the weather in [Singapore]?
  • How’s the weather in [London] on [Friday] going to be?

Conversions & Calculations

  • What is the tip for [50] dollars?
  • Convert [currency / length India ] to [currency / length USA]
  • How much is [20] times [90]?
  • What is [15] percent of [550]?
  • Square root of [25]
  • [Geometric expression] equals


  • How are[The Indian cricketers] doing?
  • When is the next [Los Angeles Lakers] game?
  • Show me the [Test Series] table
  • Did [India ] win their last match ?

Flight Information

  • Flight [AA 115]?
  • Flight status of [AA 115]
  • Has [LH 210] landed?”
  • When will [AA 140] land / depart?
  • Show me my flights

Web Browsing

  • Go to [Techno search]
  • Open []
  • Show me []
  • Browse to []

Entertainment Commands

  • Listen to / play [Enrique Iglesias] by [Heart Attack]?
  • YouTube [how to make a short film]?
  • Who acted in [Bired man]?
  • Who is the producer of [x men]?
  • When was [boyhood] released?
  • Runtime of [Unbreakable]
  • Listen to Radio
  • What’s this song?
  • What songs does [Madonna] sing?
  • Play some music
  • Watch [First love]
  • Read [Atonement]
  • What movies are playing [tonight]?
  • Where is [a walk to remember] playing?

Easter Eggs

  • Who are you ?
  • When am i ?
  • Do a barrel roll
  • What’s the loneliest number?
  • Make me a chicken
  • Okay Sharmaji … (Instead of Ok Google, …)
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  • Who are you ?
  • Beam me up, Scott y
  • how to make coffee
  • What is your favorite car?
  • What is the nature of the universe ?
  • How can entropy be reversed?
  • Who’s on first ?
  • What is the meaning of life ?
  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
  • Do you ever see the air ?
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow
  • What is the best smartphone
  • What is mean by God?
  • What is mean by love?

I wish you may get to know more and more in a simple way by using these google now commands.

Make it life simple and easy.

I have listed almost all ok google commands. I hope you enjoy the above article.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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