You Will Always Be In My Heart - Love Letter

Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain in the classic love letters. Similarly, I also wrote a letter to her, that is what, how I proposed her. Look into my heart and feel what I am saying...
Nostalgic words
The letter is an absolutely staggering whenever I open and read it, #AHundredLittleFlames , it was a stream of emotions and the beauty of two separate generation that'll make you go through and visualise experience which is not much less than like time travel, the words just takes you back to your love journey days letting the feel the pleasure of being in love way back then.

                             Like thousands of students, I came here in UK with lots of dreams, among those I was dreamed for a professional employer. When I got the admission in our university, it makes me seem my dream is coming true. But surviving here in UK is not that much gone easy for me, after lots of efforts & tries I failed to get at least a single part time job. Whatever I did, I felt it was something wrong happening & I always had question why it’s always with me....
You Will Always Be In My Heart
You Will Always Be In My Heart

                             I was shifted to Derby and you then know all about it. Derby; what can I say about this city no one has told before. In just a few months, I become used to with this city. Looks like; it becomes mine. I always thought, what is the reason behind this? It’s because of that my new special room? My independence? Or the option of living just near to university? What was the reason??? What was that special thing given by this city which makes me feel it’s mine??? And actually, the answer is in front of me for a long time.

                             In Feb. of last year, after reaching to derby, at university, I met someone special, a girl, a friend or you can say more than that. And it’s YOU. I have seen you at the entry of department initially, but in thinking, you would be someone else, I leave that. But till today I never forget that classy glance of your face.
                             I still remember the first day we met, it was my first day as well in university, we were too awkward to say much, & I was talking about to find accommodation for me, at all it’s funny to think back to that time. Now we are in such a stage where we can say that the true friends are rare, and I strongly believe - the true genuine friendship is something special. I am so lucky to have met you. Our bond was special & has something unique in its own way and is the reason that we are irreplaceable. And there after I fallen in love more each day.

You Will Always Be In My Heart

                             You always seems perfectly opposite of my nature; we have lots of differences, you are jolly, I am serious kind of guy; you like funny movies, I like art movies; you like to watch serials & daily soups, I like to play video games. Moreover, you are confused about your completion of your degree but my objectives are clear. It seems there is no ambition or a goal in your life. But still you perfectly know how to enjoy life. Luck is fully in favour of you, and in case of me my luck always f#*ks. I was always thinking how's my life sucks & how it always gives me failure to my efforts. But when at the time, I actually saw you while you were doing job in your caravan, I felt little awkward for me. Even you are a girl you were doing that type of work, without any feeling or hesitation & even in front of me. That was the actual day & time, I get fall in you..

                             I always think; it could be more lonelier if you didn't called me on Christmas day for sharing my loneliness, there could be more chances of getting bored if you didn't allow me to lapping around with you, there could be more chances of getting the feeling of friendlessness if you are not chatting or texting with me.

                             We have been not that much together to share time, but I will never forget all the moments that you have shown me how much we cared each other. In life we meet people, some becomes friends, some leaves, some becomes dears, but someone will definitely possess his own stage to love or more than that. That special person is meeting you only & only for love, and it’s really getting hard to be just friends with them. I don’t know why but I always thought about the bond that you & I possess, it is always there even we fought many times. After one incident, I have decided to move, but I don’t know how we get connected again. I always love your personality of thinking by which you never fail to impress me. In life you met all kinds of people, but I love everything about you, & you are that someone special for me I could never replace.

                             You are everything for me rather more than that. I thought I could never express that much enough to realize you. Rather I strongly believe on feeling & proving the love, instead of expressing it. Love is about sentiments, emotions & all. But the circumstances make me to go to the way of expressing it. One of the big reason is that; I can face the rejection but I can’t tolerate waiting. This waiting sucks more, mostly in case of when you are not doing anything, you are free all the time, when you don’t have any friend around you & especially when the weather is so romantic.

                             Each day, each moment I was thinking of you, story still continue with each passing day, because I trust that, in being with you everything will always be OK. This country not given me any; No job, No money, No friends, but still I wish to live here; it is just because of you only. Whenever I stuck into any situation, I was always thinking if you were there what you would prefer to do, and I follow that. I don’t know but it gives me energy. I don’t know what should I call these feelings, but I love those feelings whenever I was with you. You are so dear to me & I love you so much. I will always be there for you & you will always & forever remain to be dear to me. I am not just telling you all this, but I accepted you as you are. I know all about you, not in details, but whatever I heard from your friend and your relatives. Addition to that, neither your past doesn't matter to me as long as you are with me. I just want YOU as you are; nothing more than that. You may be in different context, but from my point of view, I think we are there for each other. I may be wrong, but it’s my strong feeling. Love is what you mean to me, and you mean everything. You are my theme, my canvas, my shades required to make colorful painting of my life.

                             This is all for you; I always thought you are the person I can open my soul to, who can relate to me like no other, with whom I can laugh with no extents, with whom I can cry while facing tough time, who can help me with the problems of my life. I don’t think that you know what that means to me. At least I hope that you know I was always here to listen you, your laugh and help in all the way that I could. I hope you know this too, I would not be on the way I lived happy till today, without you…

Your well-wisher

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