कोल्हापुर माझं कोल्हापुर | Majh Kolhapur | Song | Poem

Kolhapur is my hometown, and I am very proud to be Kolhapuri. This article shows the whole nature of Kolhapur and Kolhapurkars... Kolhapur is a city-based near to panch Ganga river at the western Indian state of Maharashtra state and comes. Kolhapur is noted as a Shaktism place in the Devi Gita, Devi Bhagavata Purana.
About Kolhapur, tourism is one of the big historical city and includes lots of interesting places. The Shri. Mahalakshmi Temple is one the oldest temple in India and listed as one of the Shakti Peethas in various Puranas of Hinduism. The statue of the Goddess Mahalakshmi is made of gemstone and is considered to be at least 5000 to 6000 years old. It weighs about 40 kilos. Including the Mahalakshmi Temple, there are lots of points of interests. Get known more about Kolhapur and its Kolhapuri people.

Kolhapur is a city located in the south of Maharashtra. Kolhapur is a very ancient city & renowned for its uniqueness and talents. Also, you may know that the name of the Kolhapur is at the top of per capita income. Kolhapur is always recognized for its tourist destinations, like Rankala lake, New palace, Shri. Mahalaxmi temple, Shalini Palace, Bhavani Mandap, Jotiba temple & yes, the Panhala fort nearby the city. Moreover, food, Kolhapuri chappal, wrestling, footwear, jaggery, and many other things are well known to the people. There is a big market of the jaggery and its production since the large numbers of jaggery makers come from the Kolhapur. The stock of jaggery exports daily to all over India and various countries too.

In this day's people have become quite fashionable and everyone knew about the style, fashion, quality, hospitality, malls, entertainment, like all these things and Kolhapur is not behind that all. So, let's get to know about current trends as well as the history of the Kolhapur.

Kolhapur Tourism

The most interesting spot is Rankala Lake. Rankala Lake is one of the great places of Kolhapur, where a beautiful garden around the lake which entertain you and swing your heart in the whirlpool. We have a wax museum; Siddhagiri Gramjivan Wax Museum (Kaneri Math) at Kaneri, at Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math, near Kolhapur depicting the old village life of India with 80 scenes showcase using around 300 statues.

Other interesting places as Kolhapur palace, Hotel Rajpurush, hotel Pavillon Kolhapur, hotel Maharaja Deluxe Kolhapur, hotel Atithi Kolhapur, and various Kolhapur hotels are the most well-known points to visit when you arrived at Kolhapur. So I highly recommended you to visit Kolhapur...

माझं कोल्हापूर (Maz Kolhapur)

माझं कोल्हापुर (Maz Kolhapur)
माझं कोल्हापुर (Maz Kolhapur)

Historical heritage

There were different stories behind the name of Kolhapur. Since ancient times, the name of Kolhapur is derived from the devil Kolhasoor. It was his wish to give his name to the place where he was going to kill. So, it has then been called to Kolhapur just because to fulfill his wish.

The Kolhapur means the city of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj, who was the king for 28 years. Ch. Shahu Maharaj, who had belonged from the village of Kagal, nearby from Kolhapur, born on 26th June 1874. Ch. Shahu Maharaj always took efforts for providing a good education for the children and society, their role and fame were outstanding. Even he fought against the British who were ruling the nation, he always keeps trying hard for the progress of Kolhapur. And it is the reason the name of Ch. Shahu Maharaj at the top of the history of Kolhapur.

The Radhanagari dam was built underneath Shahu Maharaj on 18 February 1907, and so till today in the city there is sufficient water supply is available. Moreover, it is also used for generating hydroelectricity power.

Another field that the Kolhapur is being proud of itself that is Film production. The hidden figures like Bhalaji Pendharkar, Baburao Painter and V. Shantaram started their career from Kolhapur. So that is because all of them, the Kolhapur city has considered the first film industry of the whole Indian cinema.

The industrial sector of Kolhapur

Today, in the city there has a broad industrial area is ready to serve, it includes Five-star MIDC, Gokulshirgaon MIDC, Shiroli MIDC, and Udyamnagar. Even today, the foundry industry also has manifested a separate identity in the Maharashtra state. Several multinational companies are here and many wanted to establish; the industrial sector has a huge share for the progress of Kolhapur.

By considering the possibility of industries scope & the expansion of manufacturing purposes, the foreigners & investors would like to come and settle their firms in Kolhapur.

Places to visit in Kolhapur

In Kolhapur, because of amazing & beautiful sites; the city is considered as the most favorite spot for the tourist destination ever. It is worth to visit all the sites and variety of sections in Kolhapur and their engaging areas.

There are Rankala lake, Shalini Palace, New palace, Shri. Mahalaxmi temple, Jotiba temple, Panhala fort, and many interesting spots are here to visit.

Shri. Mahalaxmi temple

The Kolhapur is always blessed by Goddess Shri. Mahalaxmi, and the ancient culture. The large numbers of guests and tourists who have come to Kolhapur due to Shri. Mahalaxmi temple every day. Shri. Mahalaxmi temple was constructed in the 7th century when the Chalukya run the governance in the city.

Rankala lake: The Rankala lake was constructed during the reign of Ch. Shahu Maharaj; it is well-known as the best tourist destination ever. Rankala Lake has a depth of 14 meters (38 ft.) and the total area of the lake is about 260 acres (100 hectares). The lake area has an elevation of 580m above sea level & spread up to 4.5 miles.

There are various small temples behind the lake. The surrounding area is transformed with the lovely garden and also served by the variety of food stalls where you can get kolhapuri snack items like bhel, panipuri and much more. Furthermore, I am sure that; the horse riding and boating will make your day more memorable.

The New Palace

The 'New Palace' was constructed in between 1877-1884. It is always been a pleasant destination for visitors. Inside the palace, you can see the collection of royal clothes of the kings from the ancient time, the swords, coins, and other literature, but you can also able to see the old noble glass poster paintings. These glass posters illustrate the memories and life events of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj.

There is a zoo nearby palace, whereas in another section there is a collection of the animal’s fossils, like a wild dog, black panthers, lion, deer, and so on…


The Kolhapur is also well-known for wrestling (Kushti). Wrestling is a very popular game in Kolhapur since here’s a long history of wrestling. There were many wrestlers who trained from the Kolhapur soil.

Special Khasbaug ground was also developed by Ch. Shahu Maharaj. Today, the wrestlers practice the game in that field. The wrestling culture is still alive in Kolhapur and other parts of Maharashtra, and I am pretty sure that this tradition of wrestling from Ch. Shahu Maharaj has made a mighty status of Kolhapur in the world of a wrestling game.

Kolhapuri food

Kolhapur is popular for its spicy food. The hotel business has grown day by day in the city. Basically, Kolhapur is recognized for varieties of non-veg food; you will get numerous kinds of types in the dish of non-veg meals, you will get spicy mutton (meat) and special curry called (Tambda & Pandhra Rassa). Like the Kolhapuri mutton and for veg people, the Kolhapuri Misal is world famous.


Shopping is the best part especially for women who are going to buy jewelry ornaments.

Kolhapur is famous for its unique products like Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri sarees, & the special necklace called Kolhapuri Saaj and many extraordinary things which you will get only in Kolhapur.

The Rajarampuri road is the best for shopping and you will get several things at the most affordable prices. Also, in the area like Mahadwar road and Gandhinagar where you will find the clothes you want and you will get lots of varieties.

Kolhapur is filled with lovely people, fun lifestyle, royal culture, traditional fashions, and pleasant atmosphere. Once you come in Kolhapur, you will definitely fall in love with Kolhapur.

This is all about the KOLHAPUR.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown April 20, 2010 at 3:21 AM

    actully I am proper from Kolhapur, but after marriage i am living with my husband in Mumbai, but I miss my Kolhapur, and I like your poem, because Nad Karayacha Nai amachya Kolhapurcha

  • umesh
    umesh April 20, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    i m from kolhapur, i compeleted my graduation in kop. but for further studies i m away from kop. i miss my kolhapur, karan nad khula koplhapurcha.

  • Vinayak SP
    Vinayak SP July 18, 2010 at 5:34 AM

    @Ashvini and Umesh..
    Thanks Guys...

  • Unknown
    Unknown September 30, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    bhawa hadacha kolhapuri ahe, graduatin complete zala tithe, pan pg sathi punyat yawa lagla, khup mis kartoi kolhapur, nad karaicha nai, lai bhari, jagat bhari, amhi kolhapuri

  • Vinayak SP
    Vinayak SP November 27, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    @digvijay thanks for ur kolhapuri words...

  • yashwant
    yashwant December 28, 2010 at 5:45 AM

    marathi manasacha Uoor abhimanane Phugawa ase kolhapur Aaheeee.

    Rajbinde manse ani rajeshahi thaaat are the true contents of kolhapur.

    Recently i heard that kolhapur city is becoming Nice as the anti- raching campiagn has taken place....

    great kolhapur ....three cheers to the history and its leaders....

  • Unknown
    Unknown January 9, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    hi vinayak....as u know i am also from Kolhapur....the city of joy, happiness n everything that u want....nw i am studying at London but m missing kolhapur so much.....cus m proud to be kolhapuri.....kuthe hi gelo tari kolhapur cha nad nahi bhava.......divasatun ekada tari bhava mhantalya shivat chain padat nahi....n kolhapur sarakh jevan tar sata samudra par aalo tari bhetat nahi.....misssing tambada pandhara, rajarampuritale lap.......kolhapur cha kashatach nad nahi....car che numbers, kolhapuri shivya, rankala, panhala, kolhapuri matan n main mhanaje manusaki.... nusata rubab re....vad tu.....nadya bad....zikalyas...

  • Vinayak SP
    Vinayak SP January 10, 2011 at 2:34 AM

    Hey Ketan..thanx yaar for these such wonderful, fascinating, awesome, incredible, marvelous कोल्हापुरी words...
    Bhawaa always...
    लई भारी कोल्हापुरी

  • Sagar
    Sagar May 17, 2012 at 2:43 AM

    My native place is proper Kolhapur near to mahalakshmi temple, so i know wht kolhapur is? Aai amba bai che kolhpur.... tech mazhe kolhapur mhantana sudha i feel proud!

    Now i'm settled in mumbai, bt ofcourse kop is always my
    deam city :)

    Sagar Bhat

  • Jyoti
    Jyoti June 10, 2013 at 3:40 AM

    पुरेपूर भरपूर अस आमचा कोल्हापूर ….
    कोल्हापूर हे महाराष्ट्राच्या दक्षिण भागातील मोठे शहर आहे. कोल्हापूरची लोकसंख्या 39,515,415 आहे येथील मुख्य भाषा मराठी असून हिंदी, आणि इंग्रजी भाषाही येथे बोलल्या जातात. येथील महालक्ष्मी अंबाबाई मंदिर प्रसिद्ध आहे. पंचगंगा इथली प्रमुख नदी आहे. शहराच्या आसपास पन्हाळा, गगनबावडा, ही ठिकाणे आहेत. छत्रपती शाहूमहाराजांच्या साचा:नेमकेपण हवे काळात शहराचा मोठा विकास झाला. कोल्हापूर पैलवानांसाठीही प्रसिद्ध आहे.राष्ट्रीय ख्यातीचे खासबाग कुस्ती मैदान या शहरात आहे. तसेच कोल्हापूरच्या चपला जगविख्यात आहेत.

  • Namdev Chavan
    Namdev Chavan July 1, 2013 at 8:21 AM

    दक्षिण भागातील मोठे शहर आहे. कोल्हापूरची लोकसंख्या 39,515,415 आहे येथील मुख्य भाषा मराठी असून हिंदी, आणि इंग्रजी भाषाही येथे बोलल्या जातात. येथील महालक्ष्मी अंबाबाई मंदिर प्रसिद्ध आहे. पंचगंगा इथली प्रमुख नदी आहे. maza kolhapur ..garv aahe mala mi kolhapurkar aslyacha......aamch nadch khula...kay bhava...

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