See Locked/Private Full-size Profile Pictures in Facebook 2016

How to view Full and original size of privacy protected unclickable current profile pic of Facebook [FB] users. Well, it is really interesting that you are so much eager to know HOW TO do this... LOL. It's not a huge task neither needs any kind of software trick to do. You don't need to know programming nor hacking as well. It's really simple as like you surf on any browser, indeed! If you are searching about Facebook profile picture hack -trick to view private profile pic of any Facebook user or How to open or view locked Facebook profile pictures, how to make facebook profile picture full size? how to see Facebook profile picture in full-size? How to get a full-size image of a Facebook profile picture? New ways to hack your Facebook profile photo? Then you are on the right page to learn to View full size private/locked Facebook profile picture of anyone. Even this trick also used to view a blocked Facebook profile picture. Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Do not misuse it!
Facebook profile picture hack
Facebook profile picture hack

Last time we leann that Every Facebook account has 3 Passwords, and today we are going to see something interesting. Yeah.. I know you are in a hurry to know how to view hidden private profile picture on Facebook... don't waste time and follow these steps to See the locked male/female profile picture in full resolution. Here are the simple steps to go through the privacy settings.

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Method II - See Locked Profile Pictures in Facebook

  1. Open any profile page in Facebook.
  2. Right click on profile picture.
  3. Select Open image in new tab.
  4. Remove the sub-link tags [like s160x160 or cxx.xx.xx or s320X320 or any]- see demo picture below.
  5. Hit ENTER.
  6. Uhoo La la.. you have opened full sized picture.

Demo - Facebook profile picture full size

How to See Locked Profile Pictures in Facebook - Problogbooster

If this trick is not working then follow method II

Method I - How to See Facebook Full-size Profile Pictures

Follow these steps:
  1. Open this link in new tab:
  2. Now change USERNAME with respective profile ID. Here you will get the Facebook ID:
  3. That's all!

So this is the only conceivable way to view locked Facebook profile picture easily. If you get successful in this tutorial, don't forget to LIKE & COMMENT. Have the trick and share it with your friends.

Vinayak SP
See Locked/Private Full-size Profile Pictures in Facebook 2016
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